Following Note 7, iPhones Are Also Exploding

Right on the heels of the Note 7 battery fiasco, the iPhone is also seeing explosion reports.

The most recent report of an iPhone exploding was from New Jersey, United States. A student from Rowan College in Burlington County, New Jersey had his iPhone 6 Plus explode in the middle of the class.

Darin Hlavaty, the student says,

I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg. Right as class was starting, my phone started smoking in my pocket. It was a fire.

Darin fished the phone out of his pocket and threw it on the ground, where it caught fire. He kicked the phone to stop the fire, by the time public safety officials arrived the fire was already out.

He explains that the phone’s battery was drained and it wasn’t plugged in when it caught fire. Apple declined to comment on the situation, but they will be investigating the problem.

Another iPhone user from New Zealand had his phone explode just a few inches away from his baby. Jackie Liang from Mission Bay, Auckland says that he left his phone charging on the sidetable at night and was woken up at 4am because of the smell.

The phone caught fire and exploded shortly after that. He warned other iPhone users to be wary of not charging their phones overnight.

iPhone 7 explosion?

Meanwhile a reddit user going by the handle of kroopthesnoop shared pictures of an iPhone 7 that arrived faulty. They said that their coworker ordered the iPhone 7 plus and was very excited to get the new phone. But the condition of the phone on its arrival was best described as miserable. You can see for it yourself below:




The person who received it says that this is the condition it arrived in. Meaning this accident happened during transit from factory to their house. Reports suggest that the phone’s battery caught fire during transit while the phone wasn’t even being used. Apple reached out to the phone owner and will replace the phone for them. Thankfully the situation is resolved for now.

More explosions in the future?

Are we going to see exploding iPhone 7’s in the future? Who knows, this looks like an isolated incident and not exactly a battery explosion (bursting into flames). This probably looks like something was inserted into the box which probably damaged the phone. For now get your pending Note 7’s replaced and hope that the iPhone 7 does not follow suit.

Images from kroopthesnoop’s reddit post

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  • Batteries exploding is not a rare occurrence. It’s just that it wasn’t news before it happened to Samsung at a larger scale/

  • How can the courier company, which is usually FedEx, allows a burned package to be delivered to a customer, and that delivery guy had the audacity to delivery it, and none of the packages in that delivery truck catches fire, news should be ” delivery truck catches fire…. reason unknown, investigation in process”

    I dont buy this …………

  • haha , silly stunt by samsung probably. the package has been pierced so bad and yet was delivered, that kind of pressure on any battery would make it prone to bursting/exploding.

    and what a coincidence, an iphone 6 plus (sold 2 years ago) exploded now in the wake of samsungs nightmare. gonna take all this with a pinch of salt.

    samsung sold 2.5 million phones and 36 complaints were lodged regarding exploding batteries within hours. Apple has sold approximately 4 times that figure (iphone 7’s) and you hear of two alleged instances, one of the new model and one that was sold 2 years ago.

  • CrApple’s iJUNK is been exploding and catching on fire for years. So many people gotten burned and their cars or bed has caught on fire in many occasion all around the world. However, since CrApple owns the media and pays them BIG MONEY $$$$$$$ to ALWAYS talk about them, they never mention how many of them has caused problems from millions of people. We only hear about Samsung, which all done by CrApple telling news media to coastally talk about Note 7, to make them look bad, and so iSHEEP feel good, and bring Samsung owners to buy their iJUNK7 trash, which also has MANY issues beside exploding and catching on fire. CrApple iJUNK is the WORST trash phone ever.

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