Pakistani Hackers Force Airborne Indian Pilots to Listen to “Dil Dil Pakistan”

Indian pilots landing jets at airports close to the Line of Control in Jammu are being forced by Pakistani Hackers to listen to ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, Times of India reported.

As the pilots approach for a landing, the hackers tap into the frequency that’s usually reserved for communication between the Indian fighter jets and the Air Traffic Control. The result? Blocked communications and patriotic Pakistani music being played in the cockpit.

To solve the issue, pilots get in touch with the Northern Control in Udhampur, who call the Jammu tower via a landline and ask for alternative frequencies.

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Only then can they stop the songs from playing. According to reports, hacking of frequencies is the reason behind Jammu ATC’s default frequency being changed so often.

One Indian pilot said, “We are made to hear songs like ‘Dil, dil Pakistan, jaan jaan Pakistan. This is a big irritant as we are in final stage of landing.”

via Times of India

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  • Omg this is hilarious and gives indians a hint of thr capabilties our side has on all fronts

  • We export softwares and Pakistan export terrorists :p well said modi chu…. ATC scoure hoti nae tm logo sy

  • There is nothing to hack here,anybody with rudimentary knowledge,can tinker with a ham radio set,the frequency is blocked by Manufacturer,a simple cutting of a diode will allow u to transmit on VHF…The VHF airband uses the frequencies between 108 and 137 MHz. The lowest 10 MHz of the band, from 108–117.95 MHz, is split into 200 narrow-band channels of 50 kHz. These are reserved for navigational aids such as VOR beacons.all you need is to plug an Ipod,with the song,press the ptt..and u can transmit….vu2ZI

    • Oooo you were itching to tell us this bla bla here on pakistani website..
      so you made a new account… hahahahahah
      can you please tell us how much rudimentary knowledge does a person need to use a toilet, rather than pooping in the streets???
      baby you just need to POO In The Loo.

  • Indian Army and Airforce is pathatic… Pakistani Hackers are way too advance to handle by Indian Army ;)

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