Cyber War Between Pakistan and India Starts!

After the escalation of the situation on working boundary between India and Pakistan, the cyber warriors on both side of borders have prepped for a possibly long-running and likely to be horrific cyber war that’s nearing with every passing day now.

Conventionally, cyber warriors from Pakistan and India have fought some major wars in past as the situation between nuclear neighbors has been precarious for past two decades.

It is considered as a norm that cyber warriors get into action as soon as the armed forced — from both sides — advance to borders.

First large scale cyber war between India and Pakistan was fought in 1998, then another round was played in 2004. Cyber war between both the countries during 2008 was somewhat massive but ended peacefully when senior hackers from both sides intervened.

Some small scale incidents occurred in 2014 as well.

What’s a Cyber War

For more advanced markets, a cyber war usually consists of cyber attacks on sensitive government or commercial infrastructure; leaving millions or even billions of dollars at stake. In other incidents, the private records of individuals are leaked online.

For Pakistan and India, however, cyber wars are website hacks that usually don’t pose serious threats, at least on on critical infrastructure.

However, as one may imagine, several hundred thousands or even millions of websites are defaced, hacked, infected or are deleted during the process, causing major nuisance for brands, companies, individuals, government departments and so on.

Cyber war between India and Pakistan is usually contributed by beginners who empty their silos on random websites and defaced them alongside deleting files. Naturally the data on servers is stolen and ultimately used (reused or sold) on black markets.

Not to be mentioned, in some situations, senior hackers also launch targeted attacks on government websites that cause embarrassment for the other side of the border.

Pakistani senior hackers have this track record of targeting websites by issuing advance notice to Indian counterparts.

During the process, in some cases, banks, stock exchanges, government departments, high traffic websites and news outlets are targeted.

Cyber War 2016

Reportedly the defacement of websites is already in play. Indians somehow defaced some Pakistani websites and in response tens of thousands of Indian Websites are already down with Pakistani flags on their home pages.

Major Pakistani website defacement include Indian defaced websites include government, semi government and commercial websites.

We will keep an eye on events that will unfold during days to come and will keep updating our readers accordingly.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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