Punjab University To Provide Free Education To Kashmiri Students

Punjab University has taken the initiative to provide free education to students belonging to Kashmir. Moreover, they are also providing free accommodation to 10 students from Jammu and Kashmir region.

This initiative has been taken in reference to the tense situation between the neighboring countries, Pakistan and India. The attack on July 8th saw the demise of Burhan Wani, a commander of the Kashmir-based Hizbul Mujahideen. The protest has seen a fair number of civilian casualties which has enraged all the peace loving residents across both borders.

Free education, a stipend and accommodation will be offered to 10 Kashmiri students in 2017

Prof Mujahid Kamran, Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, has also taken it upon himself to contribute to the cause and improve the situation. His official statement was, “We have decided to give admission initially to 10 students of the Kashmir Valley in the session of 2017. The university will bear their study and residential expenses.”

The university has been known for providing free education to students from neglected areas. Last year, fifteen students from Gilgit-Baltistan region were also facilitated. In coming years, Prof. Kamran has promised to increase the quota of Kashmir-based students. “We are going to allocate special funds to carry out a thorough research on Kashmir dispute,” he explained.

Punjab University already offers scholarships to 15 Gilgit-Baltistan students

Along with education, a stipend and hostel facilities will also to be provided to the students.

Both, Pakistan and India, need to understand the issues and help Kashmir. Since Kashmir has been a disputed region, it has not seen peace for long which has led to unhealthy lifestyle for the people. The progress of Kashmir has been completely hindered since neither Pakistan nor India can fully support the region due to the dispute.

The initiative is to be carried out from September and October of next year.

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  • punjab univeristy give only four seats to kashmiri’s for which they still have to pay. this hypocrisy is unbelievable. can’t provide education to the kashmiri who are under your army occupation and are talking about the one who are under indian army occupation

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