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Top 20 Most Valuable Automobile Brands Ranking Released

The competition in the world of automobiles has always been a tough one. Which car maker offers the best build quality and reliable cars and which brand is the most valuable one in the world? These questions are  now answered by Brand Finance’s recent annual league table for the top 20 automobile brands in the world.

The brand values are rather shocking and so are the reliability ratings. Toyota, the world’s biggest car producer, leads the pack in 2016 as the most valuable car brand in the world while Ferrari, a world renowned sports car brand, sits at the 19th spot in the list this year. Volkswagen seems to be hurt quite badly by the diesel scandal this year.

Brand Finance is one of the leading brand valuation and strategy agencies. It calculates the brand values by estimating how much these companies’ names are worth based on their image among the general public and yearly revenues.

Here’s a descriptive look at the brands, their ranking, worth and reliability factor.

  1. Toyota

    • Net-worth: £33 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 4th.
    • Additional Information: Their value increased 23 percent since last year. Along with the best brand, Toyota also holds the top rank as the biggest manufacturer (by volume) in the world. The company shipped 6.69 million units in first eight months of this year alone.
  2. BMW

    • Net-worth: £27 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 5th.
    • Additional Information: The company holds its 2nd position with Mercedes Benz edging closer and closer in overtaking them. BMW’s 3-Series proved to be just enough to ensure their 2nd place in the pecking order, which has been the best selling model for them.
  3. Mercedes Benz

    • Net-worth: £24.88billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 14th.
    • Additional Information: Mercedes Benz has improved in all departments in recent times. They have jumped a position to take hold of the 3rd place. C-class and E-class series has been their eye catching releases which has gathered plenty of attention.
  4. Ford

    • Net-worth: £15.3 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 9th.
    • Additional Information: Ford has seen vast improvement in terms of their ranking, jumping from sixth. The company’s Ford F-series has seen huge success in America whereas Ford Focus was a global success – fourth bestselling car in the first half of the year 2016.
  5. Honda

    • Net-worth: £14.9 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 22nd.
    • Additional Information: Honda remains standstill. Company’s CR-V sports utility vehicle ranked ninth bestselling car across the world in first half of the year. Additional series i.e. HR-V (Vezel) has been doing extremely well too in terms of sales. All-new Civic has been launched this year too.
  6. Volkswagen

    • Net-worth: £14.6 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 12th.
    • Additional Information: Falling from third place to sixth; safe to claim that the diesel emission scandal has dearly cost the company. This is the first time VW has fallen out of top five since 2010. However, it hasn’t affected rest of the brands which led Lamborghini growing by 22 percent and Bentley 16 percent.
  7. Nissan

    • Net-worth: £13.7 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 8th.
    • Additional Information: Nissan’s launch of Qashqai and X-trail has improved their sales massively. The two SUVs are said to be the company’s best selling cars in 2016. It has climbed seven places in Brand Finance’s latest league table of most valuable auto brands.
  8. Audi

    • Net-worth: £7.5 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 13th.
    • Additional Information: Audi’s car series have always made solid sales across the world. This year, it was A3 and A4 which made a global impact. The sales helped Audi climb one rank up in the list.
  9. Chevrolet

    • Net-worth: £6.88 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 6th.
    • Additional Information: Remarkably, Chevrolet has outshined Nissan, VW and Honda in the quality department. It has climbed two places in Brand Finance’s 2016 league table of most valuable car brands. This year was also the company’s 50th anniversary which saw the launch of the legendary Camaro.
  10. Hyndai

    • Net-worth: £6.5 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 3rd.
    • Additional Information: Behind only Kia and Porche, Hyundai has surpassed every other brand in terms of quality. However, the South Korean company has dropped three places in overall ranking. Regardless of the drop, their best selling car, Elantra, has been the fifth best selling car across the world this year.
  11. Land Rover

    • Net-worth: £6 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 26th.
    • Additional Information: Improved one place in Brand Finance’s 2016 league table of most valuable car brands, Land Rover’s success in year 2016 has been dominant. The release of most powerful and most technology advanced Range Rover brought them wel-deserved deserved media coverage.
  12. Renault

    • Net-worth: £5.88 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: N/A.
    • Additional Information: The progress of the company has been at a standstill in recent times. No real breakthroughs have been made. The best selling car for the company has been Renault Clio which was joined by the new Megane this year.
  13. Fiat

    • Net-worth: 3.92 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 28th.
    • Additional Information: Fiat has maintained its position at 13th spot. It has been a productive year for the company which has seen the launch of 124 Spider and Tipo Family Hatchback. Their best selling cars in the calendar year are 500 and Panda.
  14. Harley-Davidson

    • Net-worth: £3.89 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: N/A.
    • Additional Information: Motorcycles are also featured in Brand Finance’s league table of most valuable automotive vehicles. However, Harley-Davidson is the only one included in the list. Latest launches include Iron 883 and Forty-Eight Dark Custom Sportsters.
  15. Lexus

    • Net-worth: £3.81 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 7th.
    • Additional Information: The luxury ride has made its way into top 20 from 21st spot. Lexus SUVs have attracted a lot of attention but regardless of that fact, their sales have dropped 3.8% in USA alone. Lexus RX has been the best selling vehicle for the company in US market.
  16. Kia

    • Net-worth: £3.77 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 1st.
    • Additional Information: Ranked lower in the list and down two places in Brand Finance’s 2016 league table of most valuable automotive brands, Kia is still the top quality manufacturer in the market with 83 points. The company progressed well this year and released the new Sportage, Niro hybrid crossover and Optima PHEV.
  17. Mazda

    • Net-worth: £3.456 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 25th.
    • Additional Information: Losing one place in the Brand Finance’s list is mainly down due to lack of design versatility by Mazda. MX-5 won the World Car of the Year for Mazda which proved essential for their lost credibility. Mazda3, however, remains their best selling car globally in the first half of the year.
  18. Porshe

    • Net-worth: £3.452 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 2th.
    • Additional Information: Porche has moved five places to break into Porsche Top 20 of Brand Finance’s league table of most valuable car brands for 2016. Macan and Cayenne SUV proved to be the best sellers for the company.
  19. Ferrari

    • Net-worth: £3.41 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: N/A.
    • Additional Information: Ferrari has lost its reputation in the market. Failing to make the cut in top 30 top quality manufacturers and also, dropping in overall coefficient rankings. The year turned out to be disastrous for the company which went public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in October 2015.
  20. Mini

    • Net-worth: £14.9 billion.
    • Reliability Rank: 25th.
    • Additional Information: Tied with Mazda and Jaguar in quality with 127 points, MINI’s sales are up. The company reported that their new Clubman with 36,687 sold worldwide in the first eight months of the year.

  • If ranking is made based on public opinion than this ranking shouldn’t be relied on as majority doesn’t even know even features of vehicles they drive.

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