PEMRA Could Put You in Jail for Four Years with Rs.10 Million Fine for Owning Indian DTH

In case you haven’t heard, PEMRA, the electronic media watchdog, has banned Indian DTH services in Pakistan. It is now illegal to own an Indian DTH service and anyone found selling or using it will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The deadline for banning Indian DTH is 15th October 2016.

PEMRA has now specified how stringent the punishment for those using Indian DTH for commercial and personal purposes will be. The electronic media watchdog will:

  • Slap a Fine of upto Rs. 10 Million
  • Send the offender to jail for up to 4 years

The previous announcement by PEMRA that outlawed the sale and use of Indian DTH services in Pakistan didn’t mention the specific details about the punishment to be meted out. However, in a bid to make the public aware about the illegality of owning an Indian dish to get superior quality channels, the authority has made it clear about how it intends to prosecute lawbreakers. It has also asked federal and provincial bodies to help it curb the use of Indian DTH.

It should be mentioned that Pakistan is losing millions of dollars in revenue because of the lack of certified and authorized DTH services in Pakistan. The launch of DTH services in Pakistan is the need of the hour and it is hoped that the government and the private sector come together and make this a reality.

To find out more about PEMRA and report the use of Indian DTH services, you can dial 0800-73672 for additional queries.

  • Why don’t n they launch their own service instead of bending upon banning everything???

  • Great! Let’s now shoot any pakistani who eats or sells tomatoes that are imported from India! That will teach us Pakistanis!

    Again the government will just start arrested poor people who use this in remote areas who have no alternatives! If they have guts they should go and arrest all of the soldiers in Murree where entire base uses DishTV. Then they should goto Governor house and arrest all the staff there as well!

    Bloddy idiots!

    • You are idiot.
      Importing tomatoes or potatoes (wtf) via legal channel is a other story and owning or selling illegal dth service is causing harm. Why you always bash govt even when they are doing something right.

      • Because There is no legal alternative to DISHTV currently in Pakistan! Just returned from Naran yesterday and without DISHTV they won’t have any tv there. So you expect them to not watch TV? Sports?

        Start by providing an alternative! This is like banning Non-Pakistani made cars and not providing any Pakistani made cars!

          • Itnay seedhay Pakistani hotay tu kia baat hoti! Go and ask who’s the biggest purchaser of DTH equipment from the sellers in Pakstan.

    • Sir ap bhari wali dish khareedain na, 5000 ki aati ha aur 25 channels free hotey hain lifetime.
      Ap jesay log har waqt government pe tankeed kartay hain. Saara paisa india jata ha.
      India jisne apke mulk ke artist wapas bejwadeya, jisne apke mulk ko isolate karney ki kosis ki, Jisne apke mulk ko terrorist state declare karney ka liya har kadam uthaya. Aur pata nahi kya kya.
      Ap unko business kar ke de rahay hain. Shame on you, Ap apney mulk ka leya entertainment qurban nahi kar saktay???!!!
      Aur tomatoes aur potatoes wali baat, Apki isi baat se apki sooch ka pata chal raha ha apko mulk se kya apko to bus kathrina ke thumkey dekhney hain.

  • Funny thing is smuggling Indian DTH equipment from Afghan border is openly done by politicians….

  • ہال روڈ بھرا پڑا ہے۔ خریدو بھی اور ریچارج بھی کروایں۔ کیا پیمرا ادھر کا بھی رخ کرے گا؟

    • Just to force people towards high priced Pakistani DTH. Dwn also failed due to its high price.

          • Sir i am using DWN koi 700-800 nahi hain..
            Please idhar udhar se baatain na suna karain.
            450/m charges hain. 10 HD channels hain, total 100 channels hain. Abi DWN walon ne indian channels ban keya hain. Pehlay attay thay sony, star plus, star gold HD, colors.

        • I don’t have indian dth. Just had one year dishtv cline with a new dish receiver of 1500. Just ask shopkeeper abt cline for more info.

          • I am using the same ? Is it illegal as well ? Just bought Starsat Hyper 2000 HD with DishTV Cline for 600rs. (3 months)..

        • Pakistani DTH will be much more expensive than Indian one. Reason is Pakistani DTH license base price is even higher than Indian one according to market. That’s why nobody is coming forward for the auction and pemra is delaying it again and again. Secondly most of movies channels and sports channels are India owned or foreign owned so money will still go abroad…. Govt is trying to make money to show IMF that despite sucking money off metro drama we still are generating revenue.

  • Hahaha……Funny… as far as revenue is concerned it makes sense but without alternative its funny. Now watch local cable with Uzwa tanasal main izafa, mazeed lamba karain, mota karain, timing main izafa karain. Niswani husn main izafa. Boobs motay aur sakht karain. Ye content family k sath dekhain magar indian DTH nahi dekhain kion k hum zinda qoum hain.

  • As per the pemra ordinance, only commercial operators (cable operators, resellers) can be punished with this. Individual consumers who are not rebroadcasting don’t fall under the pemra ordinance.

    • what these ganjas did to their own brothers and their families should be enough to know abt their character…

  • PAKISTANI govt or PEMRA kis zamanay main rehtay hain. Bloody ignorants. Aaj kal Android TV ka time hai almost saray channel internet pe stream ho rahay hain. Full HD movies pari hoyee hain. The best response is to provide such a service that people stop using other alternatives.

  • Regardless of working on Pakistan DTH System to launch, PEMRA blocking Indian DTH on the name of Nationalism/ Revenue.
    What in actual PEMRA giving to nation?why is PEMRA? Start DTH in Pakistan, be active on this issue, start competition. We r fed up of these craps cable wala whose cable depend on local poles electricity from any meter.
    PEMRA should act wise, regardless to be a toy in hands of some bureaucrats. who know nothing but take away everything from this nation.

  • Pakistan TV cahnnels are airing Indian content despite Pak India rift. Well this action will cost a huge damage to DTH businessman. On the other hand upcoming Pakistani DTH comanies might get a lot of audience. They are going to get handsome profits.

    • What bothers me the most is no body wants to say anything about price of renting a transponder. It will be much much higher. Pakistan much be might better if they had launched a decent IPTV service instead……..

  • Ye koi hub ul watni nahi. Sirf shariff mils jo DTH launch krnay ja rahi hai vo fail na ho jaye iss liye kiya hai. 6 saal se ye bussiness chal raha hai tb soye thy kya.?

  • right thing, but what about the Pakistani Channels like Urdu1. Express. Geo. etc. who show mostly Indian contents. Should stop them too.

  • Good step by Pemra, ban all Indian DTH, Indian content on Pakistani channels and cable operators. Alternate options will emerge by themself, all pemra needs to do is give industry proper guideline.

  • Doesn’t make sense…

    First launch your own DTH services then it makes sense to ban the others :-(

  • The pemra should have talked about the wage board,goo salaries of the media working,safety and security of the workers and making these all things conditional to the media ads released to these minting factories.

  • What about those Cable Operators who are providing DTH channels to subscribers via Analog/Digital Cable????

  • is mulk ke government chahati hai. nojawan karobari ya apne pairon pe khare na hoon… katoora leke hum se beekh mangain.. jese ke benazeer ke nam se bikh milta hai.. is pakistan mulk me….

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