Domestic Consumers in Punjab To Remain Out of Gas From 10pm to 5am This Winters

The government of Pakistan has announced that domestic consumers of Punjab will be subjected to long duration of gas outages.

The unpleasant news was delivered by Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi during National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources meeting on Monday. He said that gas supply will be suspended across entire Punjab between 10:00pm and 05:00am at least during the winters.

Not to mention, some areas see extended outage and get Gas for less than four hours per day only.

Pakistan currently faces multiple challenges, and gas shortage is one of them. According to Khaqan Abbasi, the increasing shortfall is the main reason due to which this decision has been taken. He further elaborated that the shortfall for the domestic consumers has reached 40% on the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) system, which is on the increase as well.

“Although the government is importing LNG, it could not be used by domestic consumers,” he said.

Bilal Virk headed the meeting, where the use of social welfare funds by oil and gas exploration companies was also discussed.

PSO Uprise

The managing Director of PSO, Sheikh Imranul Haque, revealed that the organization has recorded a hefty profit of Rs 10.2 billion, this year. He also stated the previous yearly profit figures; Rs 21 billion in in 2014, which declined to Rs 6.9 billion last year.

The most significant profitable year, 2014, saw independent power producers (IPPs) pay mark-up on outstanding dues to PSO. He said, due to which, the numbers saw a positive change.

Abbasi claims that, “PSO’s financial health is improving.” It seems evident if we look at the petroleum products import in the past few years; Rs876 billion in 2013, Rs567 billion in 2014 and Rs349 billion in 2015.

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    • shahid Khaqan Abbasi remain intoxicated 20 hours in a day. He doesn’t now anything about current National Situation. Only 1.5 years remaining in election, all parties are gearing up for election and PTI is giving very tough time to Govt. It will not be a wise decision to shut down gas for home consumers and Nawaz Sharif setting all conflicts aside is a champion of fighting election. He will never approve this shut down.
      So gas is not going anywhere, Relax guys :D

      • Mark your words because we will revisit in a few months. I have no hope of gas situation getting better without Iran pipeline.

        • I have also not any hope for the betterment of gas situation. It will remain as it was during last winter or slightly wors but not complete shut down like Mr. Abbasi said.
          And I second you on Pak-Iran gas pipeline. Govt has to do something of gas because Winter Is Coming

    • That truly reflects on our system in general
      Ones who follow rules(dont use compressors) are deprived off their rightful “share” when they are easily bypassed and even mocked at by the rule breakers (compressors users) and the system supports it when the line men from gas dept take bribes for the deed. Very sad state of affairs.

      • Exactly. We learned it the hard way last winter. There are quarters upstream of our pipeline that had compressors attached to their meters. Consequently, the houses in our streets barely received any gas until March. So we had to modify our whole household system to run on LPG cylinders come the loadshedding. Can’t ever rely on the government’s word.

  • At least people from other provinces should acknowledge sacrifice of Punjabis in sparing the resources in favor of others…
    In return Punjabis should acknowledge other provinces regarding electricity and gasoline….

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