This Pakistani Designer’s 25 Page CV Has Made Him an Internet Sensation

One day you wake up to the news of Malala Yousafzai winning the Noble Peace Prize and the next, you see a simple Chai Waala becoming an Internet sensation. Its unreal how people can become stars in this social media age.

In a similar fashion, there is Muhammad Saleem, a Pakistani who has become famous over social media, thanks to his CV.

Typically, you keep hearing how a ‘CV must not be more than two pages’  from various experts. But Saleem, to his credit, has defied all odds to prove them wrong. Muhammad Saleem, a 27-year old from Lahore, has created a rather unique resume to stand out for job applications.

Saleem, a photographer and an avid game artist, has created a whopping 25-pages CV. The magazine-style resume has attracted a lot of attention, not only locally but also internationally.

The Bar Stool Sport, an international blog, came across his resume on LinkendIn and decided to feature it as main story on their blog.

Their blog statement read,

“Backstory of how I got the greatest resume ever written in my possession–I’m a recruiter and had posted a position on LinkedIn. Normally, I weed out international applicants. There was a higher power looking out for me on this one. It was late Friday afternoon, and I was clicking through some of the resumes when I stumbled upon the greatest piece of literature ever created. Please make sure to scroll through all 25 (twenty-five!) pages of this resume.”

Here are some of the pictures of the resume:




This is just a taste of his designing acumen. You can go and view his entire resume over at BarStoolSports Website.

This goes to show that sometimes it pays to be unconventional and do what you do when it comes to showcasing your skills and talents. Who knows, you might even land your dream job because of it. It certainly helped Saleem get noticed.

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  • nevermind…it looks like some school kid got enough time in summer vacation and came up with such CV, it looks pathetic

  • Bhai mere kuch bhi chaap dete ho, mujhe tu aisa lagta hai ke becharay par tanz horaha hai. Something like Tahir Shah of designers.

    • Yes I was thinking the same …back then this Indian Guy’s CV became infamous for the same reason

  • Creativity cant be understood by all. BTW he doesn’t need a job, he can create an employment for himslef!

  • Not taking anything away from the guy who made the CV, but
    1) The design shown are very, does not really need much PS skills
    2) The site that featured him has more Ads than content, can you take such a site seriously ?

  • Or we can say the BarStoolSports became an internet sensation for propakistanis .. Lol … no one knew that they existed before the featured Muhammad Saleem

  • He copied from the guy whose cv the mirror newspaper highlighted.

    Wording is same , picture is same. Vehari guy thinks rest of pakistan does not have internet.Cmon atta this s a new low for your blog that some one can so easily dupe you. Remove this post and be a propakistani , not make a joke of pakistan.

  • Recruiters dont have enough time to waste on such kind of CV. The time is precious. The main thing is to impress by short pages CV with enough information to attract recruiters but not such kind of dramatic kinds of CV’s

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