KPK Deploys Fool Proof, Automated Attendance Management System for School Teachers

Education is one of the benchmarks which directly affects a country’s development and prosperity. Eliminating the illiterate population by educating them not only equips them with knowledge but also proves as an engine which helps in accelerating the economic growth.

However, in Pakistan, under different rulers, the Pakistan’s education system has not improved drastically. As we reported earlier, State Bank of Pakistan’s report on education highlighted that since governments do not find education area as a profitable sector, they don’t invest in it.

However, improvements at the microscopic level are being made, such as the deployment of the Automated Management System (AMS) that tracks teacher attendance in schools automatically. The system is biometric and tamper-proof, meaning that teachers cannot rely on traditionally dishonest practices to mark their attendance.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa announced that they will also be automating the system for teacher attendance with AMS.

It was revealed that 5936 teachers in various schools were found absent whereas the Education Ministry decided to hold the wages of 1085 teachers who are being considered as fugitives, back in the month May.

It highlights the need for a better system which holds teachers accountable for their actions. The biometric automation system cannot be altered or bluffed.

“Automated Management System (AMS), is a completely automated, transparent and impartial tool to track absenteeism.”

Curbing teacher absenteeism in schools  can go a long way in combating corruption in the education sector. It is a much needed initiative which will go a long way in helping the youth of the country. Education is in desperate need for attention, especially in Pakistan.

We’ve asked the comcerned officials at @EducationKP for more information regarding this, and will update the story subsequently.

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  • Needs to be implemented on all schools, nationwide.
    If required, it should also be extended to other government offices/departments.

  • Wow but the are only stick to the attendance of the teachers, new education is still far behind which was promised while getting the oath and in all dharnas. Shame on them. not a single project is remarkable.

    if attendance made compulsory then a good sign of education level be seen in delivery of education. Par kithoon, Gallaan Yawa laao inna koloon.

    • G bhai. Panama mai company shompany koi banay tabi development ho gi. Ye kia education pe twaju de ray hain pagal dharnay walay :(

  • The reason why teachers become culprit or guilty should also be considered on serious note. How it is possible if teachers violate some basic rules due to flaw in the system like low salary, less incentives and society expecting best results from this respectable profession?? Especially primary teachers should be respected and paid well so that they can groom and educate our kids to become useful and sensible citizen of Pakistan…. (dream could be dream in my life at least)

  • Excellent initiative. All government departments are plagued with absenteeism and lack of punctuality. Those who bother to attend, arrive late and leave early. Such AMSs should be extended across Pakistan.

  • What happened to such system which was made for doctors kpk before… disused now, stopped working after one month. Our problem is not that we don’t have system, we lack in implementation and continuity.

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