These 16 Companies will Bid for 3 DTH Licenses on November 23rd

After repeated delays, Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) is finally set to hold open bidding for Direct to Home (DTH) license auction on November 23, 2016, we have checked officially.

The Authority has received seven fresh applications for participation in the auction, bringing to total number of companies participating in DTH auction to sixteen. Previously nine companies had applied for DTH license auction.

PEMRA has said that it will auction three (3) licences for Direct-To-Home distribution service, provided that there are enough eligible applicants present in the auction.

PEMRA’s DTH Committee has already started to scrutinize applications received for DTH Licenses.

Seven new companies that applied for DTH auction include:

  1.  Orient Electronics
  2. Mag Entertainment
  3. Skyfkix
  4. Start Times Communications Pakistan
  5. Vision Broadcast
  6. Link Dot Net Pakistan
  7. World Call Telecom

Earlier PEMRA had shortlisted 8 applicants companies for participation in the bidding for DTH Licensing include;

  1. Sardar Builders (Pvt.) Limited.
  2. Parus Media & Broadcast (Pvt.) Limited.
  3. Mastro Media Distribution (Pvt.) Limited.
  4. HB DTH (Pvt.) Limited.
  5. IQ Communications (Pvt.) Limited.
  6. Nayatel (Pvt.) Limited.
  7. Shahzad CGG (Pvt.) Limited.
  8. Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited.

However, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) later accepted the plea of “SMART SKY”, a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), to be allowed to participate in the DTH Licenses bidding. Thus a total of 9 applicants were shortlisted earlier.

  1. Smart Sky

PEMRA said that the second phase of scrutiny of new applications will be completed soon.

PEMRA had previously planned to auction DTH licenses late last year, but whole process was scrapped when new PEMRA chairman was appointed just one week ahead of the auction.

    • Its an open bid and any one can get license by going for bigger bid, things you need to understand before making foolish comment. Yes Nawas Sharif & Co is currupt but there is thing called open bid system.

          • well that is not so simple as mentioned. if you already know other competitors biddings then very easy to get it..hahaha

            • Do you have any idea about open bidding? Its not a secret bidding. All companies will submit bidding with base price. Due to more demand than number of licenses there will be open bidding. All companies will have equal opportunity to bid more than others so that they can get license. End of the day companies with highest bidding will get license. So simple.

      • there are 1000001 methods to manipulate things and auctions is just a tiny process , corrupt people find a way to get things in their way

              • Bhai, I work in a large scale govt org. Procurement falls under my domain. We do it all the time. We select such a criteria that only one or two vendors can meet. Its not a malpractice in our case as we want some specific products but as per PPRA regulations we can’t make the IB brand specific. So, yes, if you want to manipulate, you can. Criteria is always set in advance, only then invitation to bid is floated but let say I want to procure cars for my org and I set that only sedans with i-vtec engine technology will be accepted, what do you think Toyota will be able to bid? No. This is how it works. Its just one example. I am not judging PEMRA here, just explaining the procedure. Btw, Pakistan needs to get over with it, we proposed and sold DTH licenses way almost a decade and half back but where are we with it right now? India started later but now have almost 5-7 operators. Though, have no good hopes from politically appointed cronies. That’s how institutions are destroyed.

      • Agr 5 companies bid jeet gaye to phr 5 license milain gain k ni.
        Ya 3 he license hen pemra k pas.
        Zafar bhai do u know

      • Perhaps you have not been a part of any such bidding. There are 100 ways to award tender to your favorite contender.
        PS I know a lot about PPRA rules and open bidding.

  • Mr. Amin Yousafzai
    World call is partially or wholly owned by Dunya media group. And no media group is allowed to participate in DTH auction as per memorandom. How PEMRA shortlist bidders? Or this list is of applicants only and PTA have yet to finalize qualified bidders?

  • Doesn’t matter which three companies get license at least Pakistani rural areas people will be able to watch league DTH services. It is really amazing to ban Indian DTH only. You can watch about 140 FTA channels on insat 93.5 which include top entertainment channels of India. Most of the people use Indian DTH for sports channels. We pay 35 rupees fee to ptv and pemra but we get nothing out of them. On the other hand India has on aired dd free dish which telecast 140 channels. It is a reality that our departments and ministries have no long termplanning at all.
    As for bidding is concern there are thousands of games and tricks which a normal man can’t understand. I observe a bidding where professional and tout bidders jointly bid so huge amount which was absolute loss for others so if there is open bidding there is a complete chance. It’s Pakistan and expect anything can happen.
    Hopefully PTCL company Chinese company and sharif will be given license.

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