This App Will Help You Organize Personal and Work Life Online!

Ask a tech person, how organized is your email? More often than not, you’ll be inclined to say messy.

Not everyone can manage their mail meticulously. There may hundreds of advertisements or newsletters from sites you didn’t even bother visiting a second time. Some companies may also get your phone number leading to a lot of junk SMS coming in as well.

Managing all that, unsubscribing from websites you don’t visit or services you do not use is hard. Getting your phone number out of the advertisement loop is harder still. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this problem.

Is this mess fixable? An app by Anonyome Labs seems to think it can help you make better sense of your digital clutter. And easily.

Enter Sudo

A company called Anonyome Labs have created an app known as Sudo which lets you manage your digital footprint. You can unclutter your inboxes, unsubscribe safely and easily from things you don’t want and sort out the mess in general.


It also lets you create personas (read: identities). Each of these personas can be deleted temporarily or permanently, depending on your choice. These personas will each have their own email accounts and their own SMS threads.

The app also has an in-built web browser which also allows for incognito browsing if you worry about privacy.

Overall its a comprehensive solution to sort out your digital mess. You can create up to 9 personas for free using Sudo. The free identities include free calls, sms and 1 GB of email storage. After that you will need to recharge using a virual prepaid card.

Sudo is Perfect for Two Kinds of Customers

Steve Shillingford, founder and CEO of Anonyome Labs says that they are targetting two types of customers. The first type being a tech person which values their privacy. They look for solutions to simplify uncluttering the mess.

The second customer is your average mother or father who needs to categorize different parts of their life. They can make personas for:

  • their work routine (work mail, work number),
  • family (personal number, mail) etc.

The company, Anonymous Labs is self funded for now but will adopt the crowdsource model to raise funding in 2017.

Sudo is available on iOS only for now.

Via TechCrunch

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