Peshawar Student Arrested For Refusing To Accept Degree From KPK Governor

During the convocation of Peshawar University, an interesting event occurred.

The Governor of KPK, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra (PMLN), was awarding degrees for all the graduates. A journalism student’s turn came up, he walked to the stage but instead of getting the degree he refused to take it from the Governor.

He said that he will not accept the degree from someone who himself is corrupt. He literally said,

“Main corruption zadaa governor say degree naheen loon ga”

He proceeded to request the Vice Chancellor to award him a certificate instead. When the Vice Chancellor refused he walked off the stage and went out of the hall.

Student Faces Arrest

Following that the student was arrested (!) and was not given a degree or certificate of any sort. When the governor was informed of his arrest he said that he might have a difference of opinion with the me but that doesn’t mean that he should be arrested or not given a degree.

Governor asked for the immediate release of the student.

Still Not Released

Despite these orders the student still hasn’t been released from prison as of yet and instead has been transferred somewhere else for now.

It is surprising to see someone being arrested for committing no crime at all. This goes on to show the level of freedom of speech we have in Pakistan.

Whether the student receives a degree or is released from prison later on is yet to be seen. For now he will have to spend time behind the bars for no apparent crime at all until an inquiry is called on his arrest.

Feature Image Credits: Samaa TV

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    • whats strange in that ? New generations have always been more open, flexible, technologically advanced as compared to previous generation. Science calls it evolution.

      • The new youth only knew how to make girlfriends and boyfriends… They don’t know ethics. People in pent shirt don’t even know how to speak, that’s reality… Accept or not!

        • This shows how you see world. And how your perceive ‘new generation’ term. For me new generation includes huge work force in IT industry earning billions for Pakistan. Young blood recruited in armed forces. Police trainees who died in Quetta were also from this new generation. Schools kids murdered in Peshawar were also from new generation. But apki “aala aur musbat” soch ko 1000 topo ki salami. Cheetah lgay ho ;)

          • Strange Hi Hai Duniya Dekhi Nahi Abhi Aur Abhi Se Judge Kar Lety Hain Yeh Banda Corrupt Hai Aur Pata Kuch Hota Nahi Bas Jo Dusron Kehty Hain Foran Maan Lety Hain Aur Agay Pehla Bhi Dety Hain… Young Generation Us Bande Ko Pasand Karti Hai Jo Unhein Acha Lagay Phir Bhaly Wo Corrupt Ho Ya Na Ho… Koi Bhi Banda Perfect Nahi Hota Kisi Main Achayi Zaida Hoti Hai Aur Kisi Main Kam… Young Generation Imran Khan Ko Pasand Karti Hai Ab Bhaly Wo Curropt Ho Ya Na Ho Wo Nahi Dekhna Unhon Ne Bas Cricketer Hai,Handsome Hai,Baal Hain Sar Per Bas Baqi Baatein Gayi Bhaar Main Hum To Imran Khan Ko Support Karty Hain Nawaz Sharif Jo Marzi Karle Usko Support Nahi Karna Kyun Ke Wo Ganja Hai Personality Nahi Hai Koi Mota Hai Iss Liye Wo Corrupt Hai…. Lakin Imran Khan Cricketer Reh Chuka Hai Handsome Hai Ganja nahi Hai Apne Matlab Ka Banda Hai Wo Doodh Ki Tarha Saaf Banda Hai………

            • how do you define “duniya dekhna”? how do you “judge” that all “young generation” judges without knowing anything??

              Ap jis weakness ko point kr rahay hein kya wo sirf “new generation” tk mehdood h? Kya previous ya older generations es behavior se pak hein :)

              Kya ap jo “young generation” k lie judgement pass kr rahay hein to kya ap ne pakistan ki sari young generation ko jaan lia h ya ap ka b wohi tor tareeka use kr rahay hein :) yaani general perception pa judgement pass krna :D

              Ap ki logics jo k Imran khan k hair, aur khoobsorti se mutaliq hein.. MashaaAllah itni umda hein k en ka jawab dena b time zaya krnay k mutraadif h. Wese mjhy smjh nahi ayi yaha Imran khan kaha se aya beech ma. America ma islam phobia h aur pakistan ki older generation ko imran phobia h.

              “Technical” Usama sahab, Ap k saray coomment k lie 1 hi “technical” word h. jo ma ap se hi udhaar la raha hu. STRANGE :)

              on a side note, ap engineer to nahi ? :p

                  • If you believe in democracy then start supporting any party MQM, PPP, PMLN, PTI, JI, JUI. Anyone. If you don’t believe in democracy then start supporting whatever ideology you believe in. Khilafat, army, anything.

                    And If you don’t believe in anything then I can only say that it is worst than being animals. Have believes and learn to stand for them.

                    I personally like JI, PTI and PPP-Punjab.

  • Now why would anyone go for theatrical play during the acceptance ceremony? Take the damn piece of paper and get out.

      • Yeah, pitting yourself in a position where the university can deny you your degree really does sound the logical thing to do.

        Working hard for four years and then endangering the final fruit is not the sign of a sane person, and neither does it stand for your pitiful suggestion of “it’s his hardship, he can do whatever he pleases”.

        • This is the ONLY way to show those low life corrupted people that people KNEW your crimes.
          I hope that he’ll be free soon with his degree.

        • CAN university deny the degree one deserved and achieved after four years, on this base?? I do not think so….

    • It is pretty good decision to bid farewell to these corrupt criminals, rather you put 10000’s of students multiply by four years on stake.

      Theatrical Drama of these corrupt bastards should come to end instead !!!!

  • Smart move from the student of Journalism!! He’ll be famous right from the very start of his career.


      He will be famous???

      Read the article again, NO MENTION OF HIS NAME


      The Unknown Journalist.

      • He is covered by all national media. “MEDIA” is always on a look out for bold people. Agree it was a smart move.

  • True conscience won’t let you accept your achievements from someone you dislike. And yet people are talking about freedom of speech and democracy… lol.. shame on you students who are still silent on their fellow arrest.. GOD Bless Pakistan..!

    • Strongly agree with your last sentence.
      No sense of humor in our people, their friends should have supported him.

  • Young generation in Pakistan becoming more active against lawless personalities.
    Thanks to KP for being more patriot to Pakistan.

  • Kudos to the Student and glad to see Younger generation is standing against Corrupt People.
    Corruption is eating Pakistan and this country has no future if it’s gonna keep going this way.

  • Pakistan and freedom, don’t go hand in n hand. Every person in Pakistan is corrupt, even the student, or his father that paid for his education.

    • You are corrrupt. And your father too.. We are not corrupt, mind your language. And how could you say these words for every one..

    • Here I see a revolutionist mentality. Agitation. Resistance, Rejection of existing setup. Although little misdirected. But keep it up. You ll get there :)

  • btw accusing someone without proof is indeed a crime in Islam. but then again this is no IslamicLaw abiding land. its the rule of AngloSaxon + post1947ManMadeSpaghettiLaws.

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