Lahore Smog: It’s Man Made and Here’s How to Combat It

You must have heard about it by now. A huge fog has engulfed Lahore, affecting visibility and forcing people to stay indoors.

However, its not just fog, but a man-made smog that’s caused by pollution and other man made circumstances.

This smog is a highly toxic and can cause serious respiratory problems for people who may find it difficult to breath all of a sudden. Smog can also hurt eyes and nose by causing irritation.

How Does a Smog Happen?

In Lahore, over the last past years, a smog descends every December. It is so thick that even airplane flights to Lahore are canceled as a result.

In the last 5 years, this smog has grown way worse, owing to poor air quality and high amount of pollution caused by vehicles and factories. The cutting down of trees and rapid industrialization has not helped matters as well, something that the development-focused authorities should do well to heed as well.

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Lahore is now considered as one of the most polluted cities in Asia. In winter months, all the pollutants tend to collect in the lower level of the atmosphere due to rains, cold spells and dry condition.

Experts state that factories in India across Eastern Punjab are to be blame as well, given their reliance on coal use. The emissions and pollutants from there carry over to this side of the border and make things worse.

How to Combat Smog in Lahore?

If you are in Lahore or any adjoining areas, please be sure to keep these things in mind:

– Keep your windows closed. Be it your vehicle, office, home, etc. please ensure that the smog is not getting inside an enclosed room or space. Its a great idea to stay indoors until the smog dissipates.

– For those who need to travel from point A to B in this situation, here’s how they can minimize their exposure to smog – car owners and bikers should avoid congested areas where traffic jams happen i.e. road junctions. Car windows should be kept closed at all times. Bikers can take a route which has the least traffic obstructions.

– For people with asthma and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have your inhaler with you at all times. Keep your doctor on speed dial if your condition has the potential to worsen.

– Are you a fitness-conscious person? Well then you will have to avoid doing strenuous physical activity that results in increasing breathing patterns. Having smog means the ground levels contain more ozone than usual.

An appeal to all Lahorites who are plying their vehicles on the road. They should not keep their engines running and be considerate of the environment and other people.

And last but not the least, as your civic duty as a citizen of Pakistan, please file a complaint with the Environmental Protection Agency here.

It must be mentioned here that Pakistan Meteorological Department has said that Smog will persist for another five days at least.

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Image via Newsweek Pakistan

  • Why is it irritating to eyes? could it be caused by those 20,000+ tear gas shells fired in last couple of days? winds can carry that stuff for hundreds of miles. Anybody contacted meteorological office?

  • My daughter faced eye burns today and my brother is facing shortness of breath due to this SMOG. So, be respectful for a factual post.

  • I sent my email at provided url:

    My name is Waqas. I live in Lahore city. I’m submitting this complaint on the behalf of myself and my fellow citizens. Since last few years government of punjab has cut down thousands of tree from my city Lahore. And there have been several projects affecting atmosphere of this city. Unfortunately no precaution for dust and pollution were taken in planning for such mega projects. Expired vehicles on the roads aren’t even exempted from this disastrous situation.

    Government has not run any campaign for new trees. Even if they do their center of concentration remains limited to mall road, canal road, cantt and DHA.

    I and my fellow citizens who pay taxes to federal government and provincial governments demand clean air. Removal of air, noise and visual pollution throughout the city of Lahore.

    Please let me know what step will be taken after receiving this email.

    Thank you.
    Muhammad Waqas

        • Friends i report the smog issue to Pak-EPA one month ago today they send me the letter to my office for site inspection and they want report back for clear recommendation i m worried i dont know about this and in office i cant tell to my boss about this what i can do plz tell me they take any action

  • I don’t think planting trees will help this problem at all. Even if you plant 1,00,000 trees it will take 15+ years for them to have any affect.

    Also do note the Pakistan Metiorological office has ONLY ONE monitoring station in Lahore. Whole city, 1 CRORE residents and workers, just one station. Pathetic. PITB should make and give out 100s of small weather monitoring stations (cost under $50 each) for people to place on their buildings and gardens to have better measurement. On instructables site there is even a full details for building a pollution sensor for Arduino and Shinyei PPD42 detector, price not given but I checked Ali Baba and detector is only $10.

    • $10 before corruption. Yahi cheez khanay k baad $50 ki hojaegi. $40 profit to haq hai in logoun ka.

  • Smog is an ultimate result of our unhealthy activities we do for damaging the environment and contaminating the oxygen so that we could kill maximum number of people and involve them in major diseases to enrich the doctors and sell their prescription to make the pharmaceutical companies billionaire. It is a planed strategy of the concerned institutions that eating up billion of rupees in the name of environment protection.

  • Never saw this smog in November before. It was so dense yesterday morning it made breathing difficult. My entire house was filled with smog. Only rain can clear this smog now.

  • Dear staff!!
    I am stunned. How is it man made?
    Since when have you become a meteorological expert?
    Yes I agree that smog combined with pollution is bad, but who told you that it’s man made???
    Sir jee, we encounter smog every year all around the world. It’s very important for us to know it’s hazards to Navigation as it’s very tricky to differentiate it from Fog.
    I have been watching it for 16 years, all year around and all around the world.
    It’s there for centuries. It’s nothing new.
    I really wonder why it’s an issue this year only.
    It happens in Pakistan every year too.
    It’s bad for allergic and asthmatic patients. And in some it may cause nasal and bronchial irritation.
    But it’s common and natural.
    I first studied abut it in 1998 while doing my bachelor in meteorology in a book written by “Kemp & Young ” in 18th century.
    So please calm down dears.
    While you must take precautions be rest assured that it’s a common phenomena and it will happen next year too.

  • change Website title from “ProPakistani – Latest Technology News and Startups Information”
    to “Propakistani – House of rumors and chay news”

  • Crop residue burning is off course a one of the other factors incl. industrial exhaust; vehicle’s exhaust and various other source. World has already exploited the environment; now is the time to suffer if not mitigated the problem on technical basis. However it is possible to control smog and haze but the governments in India and Pakistan have other priorities.
    If there was some wisdom prevailed at both sides; all regional problems are solvable; the problem is that both sides are indulged in war since our partition in 1947; world community is another hurdle which dont allow us to settle our aged disputes

  • Friends i report the smog issue to Pak-EPA one month ago today they send me the letter to my office for site inspection and they want report back for clear recommendation i m worried i dont know about this and in office i cant tell to my boss about this what i can do

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