SHC Restores Nickelodeon License in Pakistan

Sindh High Court restored Nickelodeon’s operating license in Pakistan through a restraining order and asked PEMRA to submit its response on next hearing on November 10th, 2016.

Court was hearing a petition that said that PEMRA cancelled Nickelodeon’s license without any warning or without a chance of explanation.

Petitioner further said that its client was taken off-air with-in no time and that too without any prior notice, which — according to the applicant — is against the law.

Sindh High Court, while restoring the license of Nickelodeon, asked PEMRA to present its position during next hearing on Nov 10th.

It maybe recalled that PEMRA had cancelled Nickelodeon’s license for showing Indian content.

PEMRA had earlier directed all satellite TV channels in Pakistan to not to show any sort of Indian content. PEMRA, in its notice, had said that licenses for TV channels will be immediately suspended without any warning.

TV channels were asked to stop airing Indian content from Oct 21st, 2016.

In its suspension order for Nickelodeon’s license, PEMRA had said that channel had violated regulator’s orders for several days before its license was finally suspended.

Nickelodeon, that’s operated by ARY Group in Pakistan, maintained in court that PEMRA has been victimizing ARY group channels due to Chairman PEMRA’s alleged association with ruling party.

  • This is the biggest problem with Pakistan. Criminals get caught by police… and then they are freed because police (or government prosecutors) did not use proper procedure. Companies are fined or banned by PTA and PEMRA… and then they get stay order because government organisations did not use proper procedure. In this case they did not follow their own law and give Nick time to respond.

    Really, how hard is it to follow procedures? Only seth/wadera mentality people head of these organisations???

  • Yehi tu sab gorakh dhanda hai, maze ki baat ke baki cases SHC main saala saal chaltay hain. Aur in case ka faisla 2 din main ho bhi gaya.

    Wah rey mere mulk ka kanoon Wah!
    Wah rey media Wah rey Mafia!

    Pakistan Zindabad

    • in Ramdan aamir liaqat Hussain prog got banned by pemra. and SHC over ruled pemra. same thing happened again now. if a govt. office is doing its duty (in this case its PEMRA) than why SHC is bull—
      saray kaam SHC ne kernay hain to baqi sab idaray khatam ker denay chyen

      • Don’t know that the license should be cancelled or not however…
        When someone goes to court, court has the duty to listen the petitioner and make justice after hearing both parties.

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