Uber Introduces Reward Program for Top Riders in Pakistan

The recently-launched ride hailing service, Uber, has now unveiled a VIP program for Pakistani users. The program will reward the top riders with premium service along with monthly perks, giveaways and more.

Uber launched in Pakistan earlier this year, much to the delight of the people tired of the pathetic condition of public transport. Since then, they have been aggressively fighting with Careem to be the top ride-hailing service in the country.

Now, they have unveiled a new VIP program for anyone that takes more than 10 rides per month in Uber.

Uber VIP Perks

  • Premium Service: Uber VIP users will be automatically paired with the highest-rated driver-partners along with the top cars on the road.
  • Exclusive Giveaways: You will get monthly perks including exclusive giveaways and early access to Uber promotions.
  • Priority Support: Your feedback/complaints will be given the top priority.

How to avail Uber VIP’s service?

All you need to do to get into Uber’s VIP program is take 10 or more rides in Lahore or Karachi by the end of the month. Uber will keep a track of it and notify you when you have reached the desired target.

Once you have completed 10 rides in a month, it will automatically add VIP to your account at the end of the month.

Do note that Uber’s VIP service has no extra cost and the rates will be exactly the same as uberGo. As of yet, the number of VIP vehicles in the two cities where this service is available is quite small, so wait times may be longer.

In barely a few months after launch, Uber is already proving to be a tough rival for Careem— the UAE-owned ride hailing service which launched in Pakistan last year. Both of them, however, come with their own share of pros and cons.

To have a more detailed look, you can read this comparison of ride hailing services in Pakistan.

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