Careem to Expand Its Services to 5 More Cities

Careem, the Dubai-based ride-hailing service that started its operations in Pakistan last year, announced its plans to bring its services to 5 more Pakistani cities.

Careem currently operates in Lahore , Karachi and Islamabad.

A company statement, issued moments ago, confirmed the plans.

Careem’s expansion is also hinted by new recruitments that the company is advertising for Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar and Multan.

The 5 new cities that Careem is planning to launch in are home to 6.5 million people, according to the 1998 census.

Careem has stated that it will be bringing its services to these cities in a manner of weeks, not giving out a specific date for its start of operations.

With this news, Careem’s competitor in Pakistan, Uber, faces a challenge in catering to the transportation needs of Pakistanis who prefer the convenience of booking their rides at the touch of a few buttons.

The ride-hailing market is expected to heat up in the coming times for sure.

  • If such big companies will come in our big cities and will launch the business, then those poor taxi owners will horribly be affected. They are already facing hardships, having no facilities from the government or caught one or the other day by the traffic police. When such huge corporate type companies will enter in these cities, the unemployment will surely increase and thousands of poor taxi drivers and owners will be unemployed. We should not forget, the unemployment in our youth is already at horrible situation. It is the reason youth have no jobs and are committing heinous crimes. It is my humble request the government careem, uber or likewise corporates may be discouraged and opportunities for the local taxi owners may be opened.

    • Well, if you are talking about opportunities, Careem expansion is a good thing for taxi drivers to enroll themself with Careem and get rid of local taxi. As they know there way around only thing which needs to be take care would be they won’t charge extra, like taking long routes to hike their fares using Careem platform.

      In a nutshell, it will be great opportunity for local taxi driver to convert in professional taxi driver while using Careem and/or Uber platform.So, I don’t really thing that Careem expansion will minimize opportunities in other cities, infact they are opening doors to more opportunities for all.

    • Agree with Omer. And one more thing is that local taxi drivers mostly hired for out of city tours like for some Baraat etc. Which will not get affected by these companies because you cannot go from Fsd to Sargodha or Multan to Rahim Yar Khan on Careem or Uber. Local taxi drivers don’t travel within city tours most of the time which Careem and Uber do.

    • Brother competition is good and it exists everywhere in all departments. If you talk of those poor who will face unemployment because of these companies then you should also consider many qualified people getting jobs with sound professionalism via these taxi systems. This is all meant to facilitate people… A common man

    • We should all respect those taxi n rickshaw walas but don’t you know how they rip off poor customers? They charge way too much price having no meter n per km charges. Their charges are double then these ride-hailing services. At least with these services rates are fixed. A simple rikshaw wala asks more than their premium service. So other middle class people earn a livelihood too bro. They ain’t doing smuggling to give hefty charges to rikshaw n taxi wala. These traditional taxi n rickshaw walas exploit customers if you take any rikshaw in front of hospitals they will charge you double then normal places. Because they know hospital means emergency. So yes we should protect theirs rights but not at the cost of public rights. It’s a right of public to have good n economical way of transportation.

    • I am not agree with the statement you wrote above. Pakistanis also need for the good services. due to these companies families are very configurable and feeling more secure than before. we should encourage competition

  • Well on the hand of their unemployment I believe they way they are behaving with their customers, as most of them I have found dishonest and rude stupid people especially in Islamabad, Careem will bring a positive change so they can also change their behavior.

    Trying to give you false information by majority Rawalpindi Islamabd Taxi drivers, asking you more money for the exact destination while they understand that you are not from the same city they will start their tactics and will try to get more money from you in this case Careem will help people who are visiting these cities some time for any of the official work.

  • Writer of blog, kindly do promote that Pakstani own this company… It is Dubai based but started by Pakistani and an other guy… so lets promote our people and spread awareness among masses.

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