Kinetic & LifeBuoy Celebrate Global Handwashing Day with Inter-City #Hi5 Campaign

In a part of the world where the common man needs to be more aware of basic hygiene needs, Lifebuoy, the Pakistani soap maker wanted an outdoor activity that could accomplish just that.

With the Global Handwashing Day approaching fast, the local soap manufacturer tasked Kinetic Pakistan to design an activity that could raise awareness about the importance of maintaining one’s hygiene. The challenge before Kinetic – to design an activity that not only educates, but connects people from one corner of the map to another.

To this end, Kinetic went to the drawing board, brainstorming ideas for an OOH (out-of-home) advertising-cum-activity that could drive home the point of keeping your hands clean, especially keeping in mind the theme of Global Handwashing Day and Lifebuoy’s mission – to keep Pakistanis healthy and germ-free.

1 High5 has the Power to Save 5 Lives

Kinetic decided on a OOH activity at Karachi’s Dolmen Mall and in Lahore, coming up with the #hi5 campaign to connect people from two cities.

The activity made use of curiosity, as a stationary Red door was installed and placed at a strategic point in the malls in the two cities. Mall goers’ interest was piqued with a bright red door just laying there. Some curious onlookers gathered at it, and opened it, revealing a screen and a spot where one could place their hand.

As the screen sprung to life, people in the mall were pleasantly surprised to discover that the door connected people from two cities via video chat. Connections were made between strangers, and to wrap up their interactions, they had to give a high-five to each other.

Kinetic’s outdoor activity just didn’t succeed in positioning Lifebuoy brand as one of the most hygiene-focused brands in Pakistan, but it also delivered a relevant social message and contributed towards saving lives by helping collect donations every time an inter-city high-five happened.

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