Double Your Productivity with Pakistan-based EfroTech Business Automation Solutions

With startups and new companies popping up here and there, businesses are taking center stage in powering economic growth throughout the world. Most of the business revenues belong to companies listed in Fortune 500, thanks to their use of advanced data analytics and highly efficient management systems.

Most of the new startups, however, still rely on the old-fashioned management techniques, despite being born in the 21st century. Fortunately for them, there are a few solutions which can help a new business reach their potential, enhance their profits, increase efficiency and help in management through data analytics.

One such solution is BizzTrax from Karachi based EfroTech. It is a comprehensive set of software tools which can aid the Business Intelligence, ERP and CRM needs of all types of enterprises and organizations.

About EfroTech

EfroTech is a Pakistani company which was founded in 1997. Since then it has groomed itself as a leader in Human Capital, Supply Chain and Big Data Consultancy. It has become a global software solutions supplier for several Fortune 500 companies and has customers in 32 countries across five continents.

By focusing on its specialties, EfroTech has developed its own Business Intelligence, ERP and HR Software solutions, hence the tagline Intelligent.Business.People. Its 3 core products, orBItrax, BizzTrax and TimeTrax target general efficiency issues faced by most businesses. The company has also won consecutive [email protected] Awards.

About BizzTrax

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions cater to an enterprise’s needs by completely automating and streamlining workflow.

EfroTech’s solution is available as both, On-Premise and On-Cloud versions and serves equally well the needs of retail, manufacturing, distribution and services industries.

BizzTrax is a combination of multiple modular tools which integrate together to form a single end-to-end solution. It makes use of tools specifically targeted at inventory, warehousing, procurement, finance, sales, distribution, manufacturing, fixed assets, CRM, payroll and costing.

Potential of an ERP like BizzTrax is improved when it is integrated with a Business Intelligence tool like orBItrax which can improve decision-making and helps in taking efficiency-increasing steps.

BizzTrax Toolset

BizzTrax makes use of multiple tools, and most of them are applicable to all organizations and startups out there. A modular approach to BizzTrax allows companies to pick and choose the modules which apply to their business.

Take a look at BizzTrax offerings to better understand what is more appropriate for your company:

  • eAssets provides the tools to completely manage a company’s Fixed Assets and helps keep a tab on the CAPEX. It assists with effectively recording the entire life-cycle of the depreciating and non-depreciating assets. From creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal; tightly integrated with eFinancials, this module can track physical attributes, record tax, calculate depreciation & budget for future acquisitions of assets and this exhaustive information can be made readily available, on-Cloud.
  • eInventory, as the name suggests, is a detailed inventory management system which assists companies in controlling inventory and costs. Users can maintain stock levels, process inventory receipts, stock returns, transfers between logical and physical warehouses, or any other adjustments via customer support and supplier management interfaces.
  • eSales is a tool to monitor all sales activities efficiently. Users can manage sales territories, customers, distributors, discounts and free goods. Creation of sales orders, dispatches, invoice processing, recovery, advances, sales, debit/credit notes and detailed reports. eSales performance is optimized when linked with the eOrder order-booking App.
  • eBuyer is a procurement solution which generates and tracks purchase orders for suppliers and bills. It can help reduce redundancies and allow for real-time reporting. With an advanced workflow, it allows for setting up of multiple approvers for purchase transactions, depending on quantities, monetary value, department, etc.
  • eFinancials provides comprehensive controls by integrating all finance related sections into a single simple interface. General ledger, Accounts receivables and Accounts payables can all be managed through individual sub-modules.
  • eProduction is a must have for a manufacturing company. It includes a powerful MRP process which automatically generates gross and net requirements. Work orders for departments and purchase orders for suppliers are also handled automatically. It can assist with material requirements and date of completion estimates. eProduction is tightly knit with the eQuality module.
  • eQuality maintains records for QA and QC of incoming raw materials, in-process assemblies and outgoing finished product batches. It makes quality assurance a much simpler process.
  • eCosting works alongside eFinancials, eBuyer and eProduction to manage product costing and helps accurately calculate the  profitability of your operations whether you have discrete, process or mixed mode manufacturing.
  • eCRM manages all customer related activities including sales leads, opportunities, customer contacts and relation periods with contacts. It captures customer data for seamless access to a customer’s relationship life-cycle. Sales and customer relationship automation results in increased profitability and cost reduction.
  • eOrder is an independent order booking system. It makes use of an Android app letting distributors receive orders through the use of smartphones. Its online interface features such as Sale, Sale Order, Sale Return, Receipt, Purchase, Purchase order, Purchase Return, and more in one place. eOrder comes in both, online and offline, versions.

About orBITrax

If you have a business which involves dated databases or any other legacy solutions, by integrating online reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities of orBItrax, your business can improve its efficiency and management. OT works at its best when integrated with BizzTrax, and all its modules complementing each of the departments.

By making use of the advanced reporting tools available, a business can create custom and dynamic reports without any technical knowledge. The reports can also be shared and scheduled, all done through the same web interface.

Some prominent features of orBItrax are:

  • Multiple Report types supported including tabular, summary, pivot tables and charts.
  • Clear and to-the-point reports can be published thanks to the built-in inclusive and exclusive filter options.
  • Sorting is non-issue thanks to group-wise and column-wise (multiple) sort support. It can be used for report summaries in dynamic report pages.
  • Drill Down feature allows users to retrieve the complete list of records which were used to calculate a particular summary.
  • Reports can be exported onto any platform whether it’s MS Excel, PDF, RTF or HTML.
  • Just like Excel pivots, you can drag and drop data, allowing you more flexibility.
  • Reports can be created using one or more table using the database view. These can be easily modified too.
  • Users can add new report groups or new reports to existing groups.
  • Reports can be set to have restricted access, available to only certain individuals.
  • Reports can be scheduled to automatically produced and delivered to certain email address. Schedule can be configured on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • A User configurable dashboard displays several reports on one page for frequent access.
  • Businesses can use multiple reports on their homepage or set some as favorites for quick access whenever required.

How BizzTrax Helped Soya Supreme Streamline its Operations

Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt) Ltd., makers of Soya Supreme, recently employed EfroTech’s solutions for most of their departments including buying, inventory and financials management.

Soya Supreme’s previous solution, while digital, was only usable for data entry and organization. It could not be used to retrieve any kind of information for decision making, just like most other IT solutions for businesses.

Muhammad Kashif Iqbal, Chief Financial Officer, Soya Supreme, told ProPakistani that their senior management used to rely on data analysts who used to get information from all the different departments and then use it in Excel and other report producing software to display the numbers in an easy to understand format.

“Since deploying the orBItrax, however, the senior management can now get instant information on their daily progress from all relevant BizzTrax modules”, added Mr. Kashif.

EfroTech helped Soya Supreme in better management of clients’ orders, i.e. whether or not they were on target to be achieved successfully.

“What used to take a month to check, now takes mere minutes”, exclaimed the CFO.


The company staff can view the real time data dashboards to ascertain which regions are under-performing and immediately act to resolve the issue, thereby saving weeks of precious time, and improving sales.

Some features which proved increasingly useful for the company were the configurable dashboard allowing instant access to important info, up-to-date records of accurate data, valuable insights on company performance helping in leading the competition, built-in reporting features and comparative data assistance, which result in strategic future predictions ahead of time.

Soya Supreme benefited not only by using BizzTrax but by integrating with other EfroTech solutions like orBItrax. The company has also been internet-enabled (as the systems also work offline locally), thanks to the cloud-based core of the products. It can work on age-old PCs or the new portables without issues, resulting in cheap initial hardware costs.

EfroTech also constantly updates their products and assists their clients in understanding the system and making proper use of it. APAG’s employees are now well trained in using data to analyze progress, increasing their skills and work capacity.

Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases is saving huge amounts ever since they upgraded to BizzTrax and other technical EfroTech products. When comparing the upgrade with offline methods, it is leaps and bounds above what was possible before for the company.

Importance of Data Analytics Globally

Basically what BizzTrax and orBItrax offer EfroTech’s clients is data analytics and information retrieval from loads of data. This helps in making crucial decisions even before large scale events occur by simply noticing the trends through real-time data analysis.

Gartner says that 90% of information is collected in an unstructured manner. But with the improvements in IT, internet and cloud technology, more and more big companies are moving towards data analytics. Almost 90% of the data around the world has been created within the past two years. Companies are spending huge amounts on data analytics in all types of organizations all around the world.

A study from HRBoss suggests that companies which use data analytics are twice as likely to have top quarterly financial performance and use data when making decisions. Companies which opt for advanced data analytics are 5 times faster in taking decisions and 3 times better at implementing them.

In short, the 21st century has brought data analytics to improve business performances several-fold without spending much or changing much of the existing processes. EfroTech’s BizzTrax 377 ERP/BI/CRM is one such locally made solution which can cater to the local demands and help in increasing profits and efficiency.

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