Auction on Nov 23rd: PEMRA Shortlists 12 Companies for DTH License Bidding

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) did not bow down to Cable Operators’ pressure and gave a go ahead for open bidding of Direct to Home (DTH) license auction on November 23, 2016.

Cable operators for the last few days ran a media campaign by holding press conferences in all major cities while demanding to cancel the DTH licence and postpone launch of the service for three years.

The Authority in its 121st meeting held here on Monday approved short listing of the following 12 companies out of 16 for participation in the bidding process for DTH licenses:

  1. M/s. Orient Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore
  2. M/s. Mag Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore.
  3. M/s. Skyflix (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  4. M/s. Startimes Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  5. M/s. Sardar Builders (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  6. M/s. Smart Sky (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  7. M/s. Parus Media & Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  8. M/s. Naya Tel (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
  9. M/s. Mastro Media Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad.
  10. M/s. Shahzad Sky (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad (formerly M/s Shahzad CGG (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad).
  11. M/s. HB DTH (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad.
  12. M/s IQ Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi.

Following four companies were not shortlisted for the final bidding:

  1. Vision Broadcast
  2. Link Dot Net Pakistan,
  3. World Call Telecom
  4. Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited

PEMRA has said that it will auction three (3) licences for Direct-To-Home distribution service, provided that there are enough eligible applicants present in the auction.

The aforementioned companies will be called for bidding process to be held on November 23, 2016, however, short listing of companies shall not guarantee the grant of DTH license.

DTH licenses will be granted to the successful bidders only after fulfillment of all legal requirements, approval of Authority and payment of requisite fees and taxes.

  • A big “Fitay Moon” to all those who were accusing PEMRA for pre bid rigging to award license to M/s Sharif Feed Mills.
    Koi baat Patwari ya Youthiya banay baghair b kar liya karo.

    • Look up Subsidiary! Do you see PTCL in the list? Probably not but they are cleared for bidding via a Subsidiary Company!

      M/s. Smart Sky (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad. is PTCL

    • If a foreign company came, it would be a multinational monopolist, the money would flow out of the country etc.

      If someone like Sky (part of 21st Century Fox, also owners of Star TV) came they would do what the did in the UK and europe.

      Buy all the cricket, football rights with no provision for free to view rights on PTV, after a few years hike the prices way above inflation.

      They are like drug dealers get the user used to low intial prices, when you are hooked push prices up.

      I am not saying it will not happen with local companies also, but, let me tell you you cannot have your cake and eat it in regards to Pay TV anywhere in the world.

      The viewer always pays.

    • There are at least 3 foreign companies participating indirectly:

      1. Sardar Builders (Partner/part of Al Tamimi Group, Saudi Arabia)
      2. Parus Media (owned by a Russian company)
      3. Shahzad Sky (a part of CGG group, a French company)

      • 4. Smart Sky (PTCL, partially owned by Etisalat)
        5. Startimes (100% owned by Chinese company of same name)

        Mastro Media, Mag Entertainment, Skyflix seem to be fronts for unknown companies. Money will still go out of the country.

  • the USA had its first dth in 1994. 22 years later, the republic of sharifistan thinks Pakistan should come in the 21st century

    • Atleast they thought :P
      They left Govt in 1999 and at that time DTH was rare around the world but after that 9 years Marshall Law and 5 years PPP Govt didn’t even bother to think about Auction of 3G/4G and DTH.
      We don’t exactly know they did it for commission or for own business expansion but give credit where its due.

          • and back in 99 there was no cable was a dictator who allowed it
            give credit where its due.. just saying :P

        • The point Zafar Abbas made was that for the past 20 years, the PPP or Musharraf did not think about it either. So the PML-N is actually doing something.

          • PPP and Musharraf were idiots…it is a way to earn money for the govt and the betterment of the people…bcz people deserve whats best out there in the market….plus indian DTH is illegally available in pakistan and they are earning 300,000 billions per year from pakistan…and these cable operators also use indian DTH…That’s why this time PEMRA is not taking a step back

            • Cable network Far more batter than earning money for peoples of second class. Problem is there who will earn money by this DTH. Those Companies already rich. What happens to them who will loss their earnings. Although DTH also come with new opportunity of jobs. & its good for country too. Butt What we will do with those Unskilled peoples. Do we have any Plan B for peoples kicking out from their employments…..

    • Chalen dair aye durust aye
      Log chahe kuch bhi kahen but jab bhi baat 3G/4G and DTH ki hogi to naam Nawaz Sharif ka he aye ga
      Aur jab baat Mulk dushman anasar aur har kaam mein rorhe atkaane wale logon ki aye gi to Imran Khan ka naam Sunheri lafzon se likha jaye ga ?

      • Aur jab baat Airports, Motor Ways, Trains, Railway tracks and multinational Companies ki hon gi to bhi name Nawaz Sharif ka hi aye ga……

        Nawaz Sharif Zindabad….

        • Aur jab baat foreign countries se behtar taaluqat ki aye gi tab bhi baat Nawaz sharif ki aye gi

          • Pakistan ki tareek mein pehli baar Pakistan ka apna railway track banane jaraha hai jis se rail ki speed 80 Kmps se barh kr 160 Kmps ho jaye gi.

      • Aur jab baat london mein flats khareed k dumb act kernay ki ayi gi to tb bhi nawaz sharif ka naam ayay ga ?

        • Corrupt to sab he hain including Imran Khan us ki bhi to offshore company nikli na, politics ek business hai , campaign mein karoron rupay kharch karte power mein aane k liye to wasool karna un ka haq hai but khaane k sath deliver b karna hai, and in my opinion federal government ne kaam kiya hai

        • Exactly. Aur jab Jahangir Tareen ka Helicopter use kar ke aur jalson ke liye pese le kar KPK ke saray minerals ke contracts Jahangir Tareen ki companies ko dene ki baat aaye gi tab naam Nawas Ganjay ka aaye ga ya Imran Pagal khan ka?

            • How?
              BTW i am supporter on none. They all are corrupt and looters Nawas, Imran and Zardari all are same. #SayNoToPolitics

              • why say no to politics?is gutter ki safai kon kary ga?sub inko galiyan dety hain but gutter k andr utter kar usy saaf karny ko koi b tayyar ni…hum b ni

                • I believe on voting system. So I vote and want change througj vote. But can’t be a supporter of anyone.

  • nayatel will give quality, smart sky would give shit services with lesser price. lo! I told you two of the companies. the third will run cheap ads of sharif mills.

  • I am rooting for Orient Electronics! A technology company will have the best chance at creating a viable product (with after sales plan). Most of the other companies will look to get boxes manufactured in China and will lose out on hardware support (which is imperative for DTH).

  • sardar builders, orient and mag will clinch the 3 licenses. 200m base price and will probably go over 1 billion. these 3 companies are best contenders after exit of sharif feed

  • and the protest begins! cable operators are behaving like gangsters! stopping technology advancement.

  • What are doing by cable opertor? Have they working for Indian DTH? So concern able for all patriots. Unreasonable demands. Up and look forward PEMRA.

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