This CCTV Documentary on CPEC is a Must Watch!

The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is under-construction and partly completed economic corridor project to facilitate trade along a route that connects Kashgar and Gwadar through construction of network of highways, railways, and pipelines.

The project is worth nearly $51 billion including several sub-projects for technical, industrial and economic growth of both countries together.

Popular documentary channel, CCTV Documentary has created a documentary to highlight CPEC and several included sub-projects in Pakistan. The documentary looks at these projects from an individual’s point of view and how it could help anyone.

It starts with the electric load shedding issue in Pakistan, how much it costs and how it is affecting the country’s population.

The documentary than slowly moves on to the Chinese industry developing transformers for girds and how they will be shipped through the Karakoram Highway, the central route connecting China and Pakistan. The documentary then talks about the Neelum Jhelum Dam Project and how it is the largest hydro-electric powerplant in Pakistan at 962,000 KW.

The video then talks about the longest underground tunnel in Asia and how it acts as a diversion underneath the dam structure. It then mentions about another 10km tunnel under construction under the mountain. The dam is being developed by the Chinese and Pakistani engineers and is the largest ever overseas project undertaken by China.

After the Neelum Jhelum, the coal power project, Port Qasim Coal Power Plant, aimed at supplying one-sixth of Pakistan’s electricity is mentioned. The project is being developed under CPEC and costs $2 billion and will start operating in 2017.

Similarly, the documentary then mentions the stats and details regarding other electric projects being developed under the CPEC, namely, Karachi-Chashma Nuclear Power Plant and Jhimpi Wind Farm.

Following that, the development on the Karakoram Highway and Gwadar Port are mentioned. These two projects are also being co-developed by Pakistan and China and hold major importance for the CPEC and Pak-China friendship. While the first shipments have already taken place, the central connecting road and other infrastructure development is still under process.

Documentary on CPEC

Complete Series

While above part was extracted from following series of documentaries, you can watch full series below:

Note: A previous version of the story incorrectly attributed the documentary to National Geographic, which is actually prepared and produced by CCTV News

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    دوسرے محنت کریں اور ہم اس میں سے بچا ہوا کھائیں
    کبھی امریکا سے امیدیں کبھی سعودی سے
    اور کبھی نظر چین پر
    خود سے کچھ بھی نہیں کرنا ہم نے

    • ناچ ناچ کر ترقی کرنے والے لیڈر اور چیلوں کے لئے ٢١ توپوں کی سلامی

    • chal bata teri kia contribution ha es Country kay lye. I bet tu aik “Loser” say ziada kuch be nai hoa ga

    • hum log bachpan se suntay huwey arahy hain “har maal China” aur ab jakey maloom huwa hai iska matlab.

    • Aur aap ki soch ko bhe salam ha, na khud karna aur agar kuch acha ho with collaboration of some countries tab aap ko Urdu ki kitab ka sabaq yaad aa jata ha

    • Our leaders are incompetent so what do you really expect ? This could have been an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to revive its steel mills but its impossible because most of the resources are owned by our politicians. We are a nation of corrupt people so there’s really nothing you can do about it unless we all seek change on an individual level that is to change oneself but we want others to change while we remain ignorant, and arrogant. We will continue to have corrupt leaders because the people voting for them are corrupt. It’s not about education its about what we want and clearly everyone cares about their own personal gains rather than for the country as a whole. Almost all projects in Pakistan are developed for short term gains with poor planning which results in higher losses in the long run.

  • Pyaray bhai this is a beautiful documentary and has a very positive message but sadly it’s not from Nat geo, rather it’s from CCTV china’s national broadcaster. The uploaded has added Nat geo intro and water mark on his own. Please verify your sources before posting. Thank you

    • If that is true, ProPakistani has been doing the same what it has criticized in many of its posts citing how the electronic and print media in Pakistani was publishing and broadcasting fake news before verifying it. ProPakistani is no different after all. .

      • I really like this site. Have been coming here for a long time. This is the first lapse I’ve seen on their part . Hope theyre more careful in the future.

  • at 962MW, Neelum Jehlum Hydropower Project isn’t the largest hydroelectric Power plant of Pakistan. Terbela & Mangla are much bigger than NJ Hydroelectric Project.

  • Get ready to become the state of Peoples Republic of China.
    after 09 Years 2025. That name is Vision 2025. In 2025. There in no Pakistan an individual country. Its a state of Peoples Republic of China.

  • This documentary is about the silk road and not about CPEC, heck the entire documentary doesnt talk about Pakistan or CPEC. Maybe watch before you share so you actually know wjat your sharing rather than what you belive what your sharing.

    • It is definitely about the silk road but Pakistan is part of the greater plan and hence it does mention Pakistan but you are right its not about Pakistan!

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