Google To Provide Real-Time Info On How Busy A Place Is

Last year, Google launched a feature called Popular Times. It was capable of showing peak-hours for a particular place, to help you decide whether to visit it or not. Now, Google has decided to provide real-time information instead.


In other words, before making plans with your friends or family, you can now easily assess how crowded a particular place is and exactly how long you will have to wait.

Updated Features

Google has also decided to add another feature which will show how long people normally spend at a place.


Moreover, Google has introduced a different look to the business information with hours for various departments and services. For example, a Shell petrol station might have a tuck-shop which operates at a different timing than the petrol station itself. These off-timings inter-department will also be handled by Popular Times.

It was reported that Google uses anonymized location data from our Smartphones to estimate how many people might be there at any given time.

Change in Interface

The interface has been changed slightly to accommodate new features. Instead of the normal search, you will now be able to see the “Live” look at how busy the places are.

Future Advancements

Google have been making advancements by thriving on gathering information. The users are prompted with queries regarding a place they recently visited after the company detects it. It also asks some questions about the places you visit in order to build a profile for them.

This sort of information can prove extremely useful in sorting different people in terms of their liking, their taste and their preferences. The information can then used to suggest them the most ideal places to visit and so on.

The updates are said to be made sooner than expected, around next week, according to a source.

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