DTH Bidding in Pakistan Conclude at 4.898 Billion Per License

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority held bidding for auction of three DTH licenses today.


After fierce bid-war of over 15 hours, PEMRA announced three winners as following:

  • Mag Entertainment
  • Shahzad Sky
  • Startimes Communication

Successful bid was announced at Rs. 4.898 billion for single license. All three winners will get DTH license for this same amount.

PEMRA, as a whole, will bag Rs. 14.694 billion as a result of this bidding.

Process had started DTH bidding after Supreme Court issued a short order allowing it to hold the auction. Apex Court, however, said that outcome of bidding will be conditional with High Court’s detailed order.

Final bids were as following:


You can check below ProPakistani’s Live coverage on the entire bidding process:


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  • Congratulations to all winners. Great efforts by PEMRA for not stopping bid. This continue bidders momentum and faith on Pakistani DTH.
    BTW I will go with Startimes DTH and will check their internet as well.

    • ji bhai bikul zabardarst but I fear ke jitna mehnga sale hoga license utna hi expensive hoga DTH for end-user. Itne paise koi bekar main invest thodi karega, yeh sab clients ke jaib se hi nikalna hai.

        • Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan has announced in favour of PEMRA. Historic DTH Bidding will start shortly in Islamabad Marriott.

          • Pba said they will not allow to broadcast their channels on pakistani dth. Indian money speaks. If an indian dth starts broadcasting PBA channels they will be more than happy .

            Mark my word in two years time PBA will beg to allow them to be part of pakistani dth. PBA and cable operators are working against the tide (technolgy). Dth and iptv is future. You cannt go against it.

  • zabardast yahaan cable walon ki monoply khatry main par gai hay in jahilo nay kabhi bhi na khud aagay jana hay na kisi ko kuch karnay dena hay

    • aik line ka jawab hai ap ki cable opar jo channel number 1 or 132 may faraq kitnah ai yani picture quality … par DTH may start or end waly sary channel ala quality k hon gay

    • very simple DTH means small dish on your roof and cable is cable DTH can be deployed in remote and hilly area where cable is difficult to deploy as far as quality is consider both can be same now HD boxes in market……finally DTH coverage is entire pakistan …….good buisness

  • Please clear what will happen to cable operators will they still work and what is the procedure to install DTH at home or office. Thank you.

    • cable will work though dth operators will force pemra to strictly regulate it regrading illegal channels especially sports channel whom dth operators will be paying to subscribe, so no. of channels on cable may come down, also dth will be operational from nov 2017 if pemra honors earlier agreement with cable operators so they will have plenty of time to advertise about options and purchase etc

  • Love Nayatel Service, but would be nice to have new players in the game as well. So, I am biased against Nayatel, PTCL and any other provider, which is already serving in Pakistan.

  • The only time one would unconditionally support Absar Alam for going ahead with auction. And for God’s good sake, PTCL? Again? Really? Oh God!

  • LIVE on #Periscope: DTH Bidding second round in progress. The amount has exceeded 700 million Rs.

  • Bhaiyo Cable Operators Association k liye Ek Minute k liye khamoshi ikhteyar karen.

  • Though I am happy, this is going to bring in so much revenue for the Govt., but at the same time, if someone is going to pay about a Billion Rs. just for the License, it ain’t gonna be cheap for Subscribers…

    • Thats where competition is :D Pemra has already said STB should cost not more than 5K and monthly charges cannot exceed 550Rs. :D

  • Whats the difference between round 1 and round 2? Why round 1 amount was so low and how come PTCL have won that?

  • Current toppers are:

    Mag Entertainment
    Sardar Builders
    Smart Sky

    So These three are in the race .. everyone has stopped bidding :(

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