Best Deals for TVs on Black Friday 2016 in Pakistan

TVs are one of the things that have become an important necessity  in our lives be it at home, a shop, or a restaurant, or any other place you can think of. And on this Black Friday, a lot of online stores are offering amazing deals on TVs.

Here’s a list of online stores you can check out if you’re looking for TVs.

Yayvo is offering a lot of amazing deals on their TV sets, offering mostly around 20 to 30% and even upto 50% on some of their items.

Some decent ones are:

Daraz is also offering heavy discount deals on their items. Even though the discount on TVs at Daraz is not as much as the discount on their items, it’s still good enough and worth checking out. The discount on their TVs reaches upto 40% off.

Some of the few worth mentioning are:

  • Samsung 50 Inch – 50J5100 -1920 x 1080 – Full HD TV – Black (29% Off)
  • Eco Star CX-19U521 – HD LED TV – 19” Black (26% Off)

It seems that Homeshopping didn’t stay behind in the matter of discounts and their TVs either. They’re also offering a reasonable discount on their TVs. Just as Daraz, their discount rate is also reaching upto 40%.

Not many good deals left on Homeshopping, but one of the very few good ones is:

  • Samsung 48” 48JU6000 4K UHD SMART LED TV Rs 83,999 Rs 98,000 (14% Off)

Just like the rest, Shophive also falls on the list of online stores offering discounts on TVs with discount rates upto 30% off on their offers for TVs.

Lots of good deals on Shophive, some are:

If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments, and if you are looking for something else, here’s a complete list of all the online stores offering Black Friday deals.


Kaymu, due to a lot of vendors onboard with it, is one of the few store with a wide list TV brands, reaching up to 40% off on a few of their TVs.

However, since this website solely depends on third-party vendors for products there, be sure that what you are buying is indeed a legit product.

Here are a few good deals from Kaymu:

  • Samsung LED TV 6200, 32 Inch Malaysia Made Rs 26,000 Rs 34,374 (24% Off)
  • Sony Bravia 32” LED TV Rs 19,000 Rs 25,000 (24% Off)
  • Edge LED TV 22” Rs 7,999 Rs 12,000 (33% Off)

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Seen any good deals on Black Friday on TVs? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned above are provided by respective retailers. Customers are advised to check market rates to make sure the claimed discounts are valid.

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  • Do you even know that Kamyu sells fake products infact the people sells fake product their? and these malaysian made LEDs are actually made in saddar coperative market with local/chinese parts then stamped with fake brand logo ?

    • صیح کہا میں ایک مہینے سے ٹی وی پرائس دیکھ رہا ھوں پر آج بھی کوئی فرق نہیں ھے بیوقوف بناتے ھیں

        • Just because it seems good to you doesn’t mean it is. Try putting it next to a Samsung or Sony. The difference in picture quality will blow your mind.

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