Mosanto Pakistan Introduces New Bio-tech Corn Seed for Farmers

More than 500 corn-farmers attended the field trial and demonstration event organized by Monsanto Pakistan at their field research facility, located at Manga Mandi near Lahore. The event showcased Monsanto’s latest bio-tech corn seed technology together with high performance hybrid seed products. The event drew farmers from across Punjab, with several media outlets covering the event.

The major objective of the event was to educate farmers on Monsanto’s latest products and technology. The occasion also included an exhibition space for various vendors and businesses related to the agriculture sector, including agriculture implements manufacturers, on-farm solar energy solution providers, fertilizers, silage and agri finance institutions.

While briefing the visitors, Shariq Bokhari, Sales Effectiveness Lead – Asia & Africa at Monsanto Pakistan, explained that the new bio-tech seed had the potential to increase the yield of corn crop by an additional 05-10 percent through mitigation of yield losses incurred on account of weed and insect attacks.

He highlighted that to date, Monsanto Pakistan has showcased the bio-tech technology to over 20,000 farmers, the academia, scientists, students and the media at learning centers established at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, National Agriculture Research Centre, Islamabad, and Monsanto R&D Stations in Manga Mandi and Depalpur.

Farmers attending the event received detailed briefings and practical demonstrations of the new seed technology.

Explaining the features of the to-be-launched bio-tech corn products, Monsanto’s Regulatory Affairs Lead Muhammad Asim said “the bio-tech seed has special features that enable better yield assurance through protection against weeds and pests, resulting in enhanced livelihood of farming communities.”

Mr. Asim confirmed that the new bio-tech corn received approval in February 2016 for commercialization from the Federal Ministry of Climate Change and currently permissions of hybrids with the modern technology is awaited for commercial import from the Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

He explained that all other regulatory requirements had been fulfilled after having initiated the very first trials in 2009 and subsequent submission of commercialization application in 2011. It is expected that the new product will be commercially available soon.

Progressive Farmers from the corn area stressed upon the need to grant hybrid approvals by Ministry of National Food Security & Research immediately so that these technologies become available to farmers.

  • Propakistani either you have no idea what Monsanto is or you’ve sold your souls. You should be helping people know about one of the most evil businesses on the planet instead of publishing their press release.

    Monsanto destroys everyone. Farmers, people who consume the farmer’s produce and nature.

    • I am not aware. I am trying to find it out. Can you pls help me investigate this further, that how is it most evil business?

      • Salaams Aamir:

        I know very well what Monsanto is and everyone in the world who is an activist also does — I would highly recommend you to research them — they are worse than cigarette companies — a couple of my friends got attracted to their huge salary packages and went to work for them — then seeing what they do, left — they are a company that basically wants to ruin Pakistani agriculture (or any countries where they operate) — their own staff do not consume the products that they sell, because they are so unsafe — and yet have no morals to sell these cancerous abominations to others.

        What is worse is that once you grow crops from their GMO seeds, you can never go back because the seeds permanently not only alter the biodiversity of the cropping field but ALL FIELDS IN THAT AREA

        So a country like Pakistan which is fully independent in agriculture will become a slave of Monsanto’s seeds within a short time of just a few seasons of seed cropping.

        Please see the attached videos:
        Aamir, I strongly recommend you, as a Pakistani to use your forum to highlight this as much as possible — any decent and honest patriotic Pakistani would do that — innocent and poor Pakistanis farmers are being fooled by Monsanto to surrender their livelihhod to this extremely devious multinational monster!

    • Even in India they have destroyed farmers. People there are suiciding. And its no news anymore. Because its usual. This company is evil.

      And their genetically modified seeds cause abnormal crops. And are bad for health as well.

  • Check how they have destroyed farmers in their home country US. They are hidious. May Allah have mercy on Pakistan

  • Well I will never like to eat Genetically Modified food… They will be a cause of major problems for our future generations. Banned in many countries
    I hope GOVT gets them banned.

  • Mosanto is Pakistan enemies Secret project to destroy Pakistan fertile land Pakistan government should take immediate steps and ban them asap.Also propakistani you should be ashamed of yourself you are promoting this destructive seeds.

      • you keep asking for sources !!! there are somethings which you cant see on tv or newspapers !!!!!!!! because you not understand how the system works !!!!!!!!!! if you had understanding of the system you would have silently researched on it instead of asking for source as you will not find such information against GMO , vaccination , aid , ebola , top class illuminati projects on bbc , ccn wikiedia etc

      • i was seeing Mosanto research facility in agriculture university from previous 4 years and i was fearing this day …tomorrow i will share a few pics of the facility and you will instantly know something is wrong with it as they have fenced all the area no one can enter there.

      • Amir, you want sources? Do you have the guts to say no to money and spend time on some real research?

        Then stop teaming up with anyone who pays you.

        Would you consider banning Monsanto on Pro Pakistani if I or someone else pays a lot more than they did to you? You should not ban them because of money.

        You should ban them and the likes of them on truth.

        So, stop asking for proof from your readers and spend time on reading up on this topic. You will not need to go far to know the truth about Monsanto.

  • our farmers are now fked …. damn who give the permission to enter pakistan , damn this is extremely bad news ………. bill gates the Devils .. hold 23 million monsanto shares … @aamir7:disqus Please spread the message you people have big site and a lot of viewers , spread the message GMO foods will bring disaster to Pakistan …its extremely bad news …

  • Monsanto is all about population control and its backed by bill gates the 3rd , microsoft founder .. bill gate is in top row of illuminati , bill gate is head of population control in illuminati new world charter … its gates foundation fund vaccination too , which is also also about population control and create various disease in kids ………. GMO foods are banned in white house cafeteria too ………. Nawaz Gov is now playing with lives of 22 crore … F our army and ISI they are fking blind not see such issue , …. fighting on borders while internally we are fked up in every possible way, before it was corruption , inflation rate it peak … now its food ……….. FFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • funny aamir atta (admin “aamir7”) you keep asking for sources and proof(s), while the internet, news and media is full of research n evidence. China and Russia along with other sane countries and governments have banned Monsanto specifically for their activities. i think a simple google search will result in 1000s of credible articles and proof(s).

    • admin “aamir7” is a nice person ab press release ka nam sa paisay jo kha lia ab hilal b tu kerna ha

    • @tayyab_0007:disqus Its not about score settling. And FYI even if its PPP, JI, JIF, PTI, XYZ or any other DemocRatic, Communist or any other fascist system, all are sinking boats which never floated to start with.

      One exception
      no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O
      Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among
      themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you
      have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission.”4:65

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