Teams Deployed At Islamabad Airport to Curb Currency, Gold Smuggling

To counter the smuggling of currency from Pakistan, the authorities have deployed vigilance teams at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad.

They have deputed vigilance teams to monitor flights to Dubai, China and Bangkok, along with special checking at the VVIP lounge.

Steps Taken to Control the Situation

After receiving numerous reports of currency/gold smuggling, Dr Arsalan Subuctageen, Collector of Customs, Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Islamabad has immediately enforced measures at the airport on Wednesday.

The smuggling of Mobile Phones has already been taken care of and eliminated, and as for the matter of currency and gold, new measures are going to be put in place.

A full-fledged plan has been enforced, covering all aspects to control any possible attempt of currency or gold smuggling outside the country.

All flights scheduled for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China and Bangkok will be thoroughly rummaged by the vigilance staff. For example, at Rawal Lounge International Departure Side, one inspector is going to remain there at the scanners and carry out body and baggage search.

If needed, a lady searcher is going to be there for the job as well.

The Vigilance Wing will also be keeping watch over the waiting area of the International Departure Hall, washrooms and cafeteria to look out for any suspicious activity.

The body search of other agency members is going to be done too. Food trolleys and stocks of the shops at the departure area may be examined and searched as well.

The inspection of various services, catering, engineering and others, will be done at the gate, especially at the time of sensitive flights.

The vigilance wing is going to do an awareness drive as well. They will be announcing and displaying instructions and rules for taking currency and gold in and out of the premises. They believe that this is essential for ensuring better security as well.

Random inspection of luggage might also be undertaken through ASF scanners at the departure sides.

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