Pakistan Railway Makes Rs. 100 Million in Two Months Through E-Ticketing System

Pakistan Railway (PR) is on its way towards a comeback it seems. The national railway department announced that it has earned Rs. 100 million through selling e-tickets.

The news comes from the Minister of Railway, Khawaja Saad Rafique, who says that PR sold e-tickets worth Rs. 100 million within 2 months of the e-ticketing system’s launch.

Sources from PR indicate that the department sold 8,500 e-tickets. They were sold through different means including credit cards, debit cards, UBL Omni and mobile accounts. You can book a train online in 51 cities across Pakistan for 24 trains.

The data from PR shows that people from remote and small areas actually benefited the most through this system. The Railway Minister congratulated the employees of PR and described this achievement as the ushering in of a new era of modernization and development for the department.

E-Ticketing Coming to Quetta Within 1 Month

He directed the IT department of PR to introduce the e-ticketing system in the city of Quetta as well. Particularly Akbar Bugti Express, Jaffer Express and Bolan Mail. He ordered them to do this within one month as Quetta is one of the most important cities in Pakistan.

Rumblings about the launch of an e-ticketing system started back in June this year. The system will help reduce corruption and will ensure that the staff booking tickets does not charge a premium for a particular seat or for booking a train from a far off area. The new system also minimizes the waiting time to get a ticket, as you may not need to actually go to a railway station and stand in the queue so that you can buy a ticket.

Nevertheless it is hoped that the success of the e-ticketing will help Pakistan Railways to eventually earn a positive balance sheet. Pakistan Railways had been going into loss just like the national airline PIA. Furthermore, CPEC projects are also expected to help Pakistan Railways get back on track as well.

Via Daily Pakistan

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  • Wait a minute. PKR 100,000,000 divided by 8,500 tickets is PKR 11,764 per ticket!!

    And if I check, the most expensive ticket is PKR 1,220 between Rawalpindi and Karachi.

    So either, Pak Railways operating between Islamabad and Dubai now, or somebody in Pak Railways made a really stupid calculation mistake!

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