This is The Perfect Tool for Resolving Parent-Kids Smartphone Arguments

Everyone has a Smartphone these days. Adults have it, teenagers do, and even kids these days.

It can be hard for parents sometimes to watch over their kids with these things, and to make sure they’re safe from all the harm it can cause them. Parents are also worried about how they should not let their kids get addicted to smartphones.

To help parents with this matter and keep phone usage by kids under control, a tool was developed called the Smart Talk.

Smart Talk Makes It Easy For You To Have a Conversation With Your Kids Regarding Phone Use

This tool helps you come to an agreement with your child about their use of smartphones. The good thing is about it is that it is not a simple checklist, but as an aid that is meant to start conversations with your child about the matter.


You can have a fruitful conversation with your kids about:

  • Limiting the amount of texts they send each day and who they can text,
  • Making sure they have a secure password for all their accounts,
  • Disallowing the sharing of certain media over the internet,
  • Deciding which social network is the safest for them,
  • Setting time limits for their use of smartphones.

In the agreement you can set basic rules for your children about how to better use their smartphone, to keep them safe and secure.

The whole process takes only a few minutes. When you’re done, you can print out the agreement and stick it to the fridge or somewhere for you and your kid to see.

Basically, any rule you can think of to keep your child safe can be done easily with this tool without having to go through the trouble of giving long lectures to your child. This tool seems like a simple way to agree on common rules without much of a fuss.

Via LifeHacker