How to Block Unwanted SMS & Calls in Pakistan [Guide]

A phone is a personal device and your number is your identity. When some unknown individual disturbs you with a call or SMS you feel like somebody has barged in on your privacy.

As phone usage has increased in the country, so has the volume of spam messages and unneeded calls as well. Marketers send bulk SMS messages to forward advertisements and promotions. People who make prank calls or tease people over the phone have also increased with time.

The best way to deal with this is to block these callers and spammers. Thankfully all operators offer SMS and call blocking services.

We have listed them all below for your convenience.

Note: ‘0333xxxxxxx’ at the below packages refers to any mobile phone number you need to block/unblock.

Mobilink Jazz Call & SMS Block Service

Jazz has a pretty simple SMS & Call blocking service and you only need to dial a USSD code to block or whitelist a number. Using the code, you can either block blacklisted numbers or only receive call and SMS from contacts in your whitelist.

You also get the option to change the caller tunes for the blocked numbers.

The Menu gives you the following options:

  • Add number to Blacklist
  • Check numbers in Blacklist
  • Remove Number
  • Unsubscribe
  • Change Blacklist Caller Tune
  • Call Blacklist History
  • View Blacklist

Subscription: Dial *420# or send SMS “Help” to 420

Unsubscribe: Dial *420#

Subscription Charges: Rs. 0.99/Day (Prepaid), Rs. 20+Tax.Month (Postpaid)

Limit: 50 numbers per list

Help Command: Send “Help” to 420

You can also block Jazz’s promotional messages for free by sending “BLOCK” to 3627.

Telenor Call and SMS Blocker

Telenor’s unwanted call blocker service works in pretty much the same way. You can get rid of unwanted SMS and callers by simply dialing the USSD code or sending an SMS.

Similar to Jazz you get both blacklist and a whitelist. Enabling each works the same way too.

Subscription: Dial *420# or send “sub” to 420

Unsubscribe: Dial *420# or send “unsub” to 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 20+Tax/Month (Postpaid & Prepaid)

Editing Blacklist Charges: Rs. 2/SMS to 420


  • To block: SMS B 0333xxxxxxxx to 420
  • To unblock: SMS UB 0333xxxxxxx to 420

To view more SMS commands, click here.

Ufone U-Block SMS & Call

Ufone’s SMS and call blocking service works in pretty much the same way though the service needs an update to make it work as seamlessly as the others. There is no whitelist option with Ufone as well.

Subscription: Send “sub” to 420

Unsubscribe: Send “unsub” to 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 3.75+Tax/Week (Prepaid), Rs. 15+Tax/Month (Postpaid)

Editing Blacklist Charges: Rs. 1+Tax/SMS to 420, 0.10/min on 420 IVR

Help Command: Send “H” to 420

Limit: 20 On-net, 20 Off-net


  • To block: SMS block 0333xxxxxxxx block 0300xxxxxxx to 420
  • To unblock: SMS unblock 0333xxxxxxx unblock 0300xxxxxxx to 420

To view SMS commands, click here.

Note: The service doesn’t work during busy days like Eid, Independence Day. etc.

Warid Call & SMS Block 420

With Warid’s SMS and call blocking service, you can block all local and international phone numbers. There aren’t any restrictions though you cannot use the Whitelist feature with Warid.

You can also choose your own call blocking ring-back tone. Warid even lets users record their own messages for those lousy callers who just done give up.

Warid also provides an option to be alerted whenever you an obnoxious caller attempts to call or SMS you.

Subscription: Send “Sub” to 420 or call 420

Unsubscribe: Send “Stop” to 420 or call 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 19+Tax/Month (Prepaid and Postpaid)

Editing Blacklist Charges: Rs. 2+Tax/SMS to 420, 2+Tax/min on 420 IVR

Limit: Unlimited


  • To block: SMS block 0321xxxxxxxx to 420
  • To unblock: SMS unblock 0321xxxxxxx to 420

To view SMS commands and hear some funny yet obnoxious caller announcements, click here.

Zong Call & SMS Block Service

Zong’s call and SMS blocking service also allows to block local numbers as well as international numbers without any extra charges. The IVR service is available in multiple languages.

The service does not offer the whitelist feature which lets you block all calls except certain numbers.

Subscription: Send “sub” to 420 or Call 420

Unsubscribe: Send “unsub” to 420 or Call 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 15+Tax/Month (Postpaid)

Editing Blacklist Charges: 1+Tax/call on 420 IVR, SMS are charged at normal package rate

Limit: Unlimited


  • To block: SMS Block 0314xxxxxxxx to 420
  • To unblock: SMS Unblock 0314xxxxxxx to 420

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  • Why pay a price to block contacts? why even a penny, I believe every smartphone (or even the new feature phones) have the option to block or blacklist a contact. if not, there is always an app on the app stores to download free of coast and block any contact.

  • Propakistani u better know their is another best option for block call and sms. in playstore there are lots off apps which providing this free,

  • Four years back when I was a user of Nokia 5230, a stranger used to tease me every day through dozens of missed calls. I subscribed to the call blocking service of Ufone mentioned above. I remain subscribed to this service for 3 months. After three months, I stopped further subscription. But that bad guy started disturbing me again as soon as I stopped paying for call blocking service of Ufone.

    I was really disturbed at that time. That guy would miss call me 150+ times a day. He forced me to keep my mobile silent all the time. When I received his call, he would just remain silent. Probably he had some free package from Ufone to Ufone.

    At that time, I thought that mobile networks must provide blocking services for free. Why pay only to block people! I really cannot afford just blocking people like that. And that also has limits to number of people I can block, etc.

    Fortunately I soon switched to Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. I was really really really excited to discover that I can block unlimited number of people from calling me or texting me or both absolutely free of cost. So, with due respect, I seriously hate all these services mentioned in this article. Better make a post describing how to block calls/messages for free in different types of smartphones.

    • True, and if you don’t have Smart Phone, some phones offer the option to select customized ringtone for your contacts, just select a silent audio file, and you won’t be bothered again.

      • Yes bro, you are right. I tried that method too. But I was not relieved. The reason was that he used to call me every 2 to 3 minutes. The phone ringing tone was silent but it kept on ringing for 1 minute. In that 1 minute, my phone remained engaged for other people and they were unable to call me. I was also unable to properly use my phone because of continuous bombardment of missed calls.

        One day after I checked my phone after a few hours, there were 178 calls from that person. I was wondering how a person can be so free to do only this job all the day.

        A few months back a number was teasing me. I messaged that number saying “Miss Call me one more time and I will put your number in blocking list forever. Then you are free to miss call me as much as you can”. I sent him this message in English as well as in Urdu. I never received any miss call from that number after that message.

  • I received call from IMO name NCB NCB 00923014557325 and he was trying to ask my bank accounts detail. I am posting this to aware others from this fake caller.

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