India’s Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile Test Launch Fails for the 4th Time

On Wednesday, India’s Nirbhay land-attack cruise missile failed a testing attempt yet again.

The Failure was not the First of its Kind

This is the fourth time that the Nirbhay cruise missile has a failed a test attempt since its first test dating back to March 2013.

The first one was tested back in March 2013. It was done the second time in October, and for the third time in October 2015 while the latest one was tested just yesterday.

The missile was launched from the Integrated Test Range at Balasore off the Odisha coast around noon on Wednesday. It started to go off-course by veering to the right within only two minutes to take-off, thus it was pretty clear that the missile is a failure and had to be destroyed mid-air along the coast in Bay of Bengal.

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DDRO) has actually been quite successful in the past when it came to a variety of different missiles which ranged from 700km to 5,000km, but the same cannot be said for their luck with cruise missiles.

Details about Nirbhay Cruise Missile

The Nirbhay is a land-attack, low cost and long range cruise missile, which would be capable of carrying nuclear warheads after a successful test. The missile weights around 1,500kg, is 6 meters long, and has a range of more than 1,000km. The missile is capable of flying at a speed of Mach 0.6-0.7.

The Nirbhay missile is designed to be a stealth missile. When it’s launched, its designed to fly at low altitudes, “virtually hugging the terrain” as they call it, to avoid being detected by enemy radars and missile defense systems.

The launch is done with the help of a solid propellant booster rocket engine to gain speed and altitude, and once it has enough altitude, it is supposed to fly like an aircraft after deploying small fins which act like wings.

This Nirbhay cruise missile had been under development for almost ten years now. It was meant to help the armed forces of India counter Pakistan’s Babur LACM, a similar cruise missile with the same attributes.

However, it seems, Nirbhay isn’t going to see the light of the sun anytime soon.

Via TimesofIndia

  • Thanks Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for brings Atomic technology in Pakistan…..we proud of you.warna nawaz aur zardari hotay tu yeh sab hona tha jo india ma ab ho raha haa.

  • There is no shame in test failure. We get such news frequently because India is launching these missiles using there own technology. Pakistan is using all Chinese technology therefore, almost all the tests are successful.

  • I wonder if you had made an effort to write an article if the tests were successful. Please stop spreading hate.

    p.s. For the trolls and retards: Yes I am a traitor.

    • We are facing hate….we are facing terrorism….we are facing torture by them…..they want to destabilize our country..& they are making these WAR weapons for us…..If we aren’t the victims right now, the day is not far when we will be the victims of their hate….In this situation….How can you spread Love???

    • This Hate is eternal from both side….& the so called love story between Indo-Pak is nothing except the bullshit.

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