PM Nawaz Inaugurates 340MW Chashma III Nuclear Power Plant

The new Chashma-III, 340 MW power plant was inaugurated today at Mianwali by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

PM Nawaz Sharif was present on the occasion alongside Minister for Water and Power Khwaja Asif and Advisor on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz.

The power plant was built by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in collaboration with China National Nuclear Corporation. The project was executed by the PAEC under the guidelines of International Atomic Energy Agency.

PM Nawaz congratulated PAEC on completing this project within the appointed timeframe and appreciated the efforts of China Atomic Energy Authority and the Export-Import Bank of China for providing their technical expertise and financial support for this project.

He reiterated the government’s promise to end loadshedding from Pakistan by the end of their term in 2018.

Nuclear Power Plants to Add 8,800 MW by 2030

This is the third project following Chashma-I and Chashma-II. The next power plant, Chashma-IV will be completed during 2017. The Chashma power plants and the Karachi Nuclear Power Projects K-2 and K-3 will add a total of 8,800 MW of power to the national grid. Completing these projects by 2030 is the mid-term target set by the PAEC.

All of the nuclear power plants, including the one inaugurated today have been approved by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority. These power plants also follow the safety guidelines provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency and follow international safety standards.

More CPEC Power Projects Underway

This is just one of the many power projects undertaken by the government in collaboration with China under the CPEC agreement. Most are expected to start operating by late 2018. All of the CPEC power projects will collectively add close to 7,000 MW of power to the national grid.

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  • He is inaugurating such projects since he got out of his mother’s womb but you know what, such projects fail to make any difference. Yes its the CPEC (under Nawaz regime)
    Please control your expectations guys..

    • Dumb like you will never appreciate, acknowledge. Who brought an end to monopoly in telecom sector? Whose projects are these of hydel energy? Improvement in energy crises? Improvement of confidence of businessmen? There is lot more but people like you will always get inspiration from Bilawal or Imran like “leaders”.

      • Appreciating for doing what? this;
        > Increasing unemployment
        > Untethered increasing in national debts
        > Decreasing per capita income
        > Continuously increase in tax (which is of course the primary duty of damn parliament) and cutting education budget
        > Drowning national institutions
        > Making regulatory authorities their bitches
        > Defaming military whenever possible

        But wait.. you dont give a shit because you are a blind and deaf Patwari or probably the one who is living a life without load shedding and three times meal which 70% of the country-fellows can’t have.
        A layman doesn’t give a shit about govt stats and all that useless and corrupt inaugurations. All these politicians are doing shame shit since the independence.

        • daily news papers have lots of ads of electricity generation projects with pm and cm picture
          but the fact is we have the worst ever loadsheding experience in last Ramadan.

        • Last line shows you are one damn praiser of holy cow in Pakistan. Blaming politicians is easy but blaming those who ruled this country more than half the time is what a common man can’t afford.

          Read statistics, in current regime Pakistan debt increased by 5 billion $ while Zardari regime took 19 billion $ , Musharraf took 23 billion $ development in those regimes and now, but you will ask me to define development I guess.

          Defaming military? Their history (1958, 1971, 1979, 1998, 1999) and ex-chiefs are shame for themselves, they need to change syllabus of PMA which make them think a BA pass Captain is superior than PhD civilian.

          You forgot to mention improvement in energy crisis situation, you forgot to mention CPEC, law & order improvement ….let me not write more, you can’t digest.

          You can call me patwari but at least I don’t use cocaine before speaking in public or don’t have a DNA (Daddy ki N…. Aulad) People you can patwari have actually have changed patwari system and have made land records in Punjab computerized..guy who was making big claims hasn’t done that in his province, feel sorry for that retard.

        • H0ly Cow + Y0uthya. My full comment is on hold sadly but 19 billion $ in Zardari, 23$ in Mushrraf regime and 5 billion $ in Nawaz’s regime. M!litary has its ex-chiefs as a big shame and its history of toppling government, 1958-2007, Dhaka and a long list, change PMA syllabus.

        • یہی عمران نے کیا ہوتا تو ایک عظیم کارنامہ ہوتا … ل ع ن ت

      • Yar mujhe samjh nahi arahi, Nawaz ki baaton pe tu kyuin itna khush horaha hai? Tujhe councilor ka aasra diya gaya hai kiya? Ja apna kaam kar yar. Nawaz Sharif koi apnay panama k paison se projects nahi bana raha, quom k paison se bana raha hai aur luta raha hai jaisay laptop, mechanical tandoor, youth loan, metro etc pe. Yeh kisi k baaap ka paisa nahi poori quom ka hai.

      • This Ali Salman sounds like a “PM Media Cell Brigade”. His first point is “End Monopoly in Telecom Sector”. I dont know what you have been smoking but the credit for this goes to the one who kicked Nawaz out of government in 1999 i.e. Pervaiz Musharraf.
        Going to your second point? Can you give example of the hydrel projects which have been completed by Nawaz? And lastly, Chasma Power 3 was initiated and started by PPP back in 2009 and it has just been completed. Google it before you speak BS on a public platform.

  • Obligatory “In your face! You dumb PTI supporters! Nawaz shariff is leading the country towards prosperity and CPEC is going to be a game changer for the country, while you keep crying with your baseless allegations and your stupid leadership!” comment. ??

  • So it will contribute to minimize load shedding

    Happy today to hear a good news that Pakistan has completed another Nuclear power plant

    Its more pleasing that other Nuclear plant are being also built

    These Nuclear plants will provide clean and cheap power

      • No politics please, learn to think out of politics

        I know it may be your sarcastic remark though!

      • Nah, imran khan didn’t force him they are already in progress China is the main power building these, there will be 6 plants to be accurate and fourth is already being built

  • Umm Nawaz shareef did nothing in these projects he’s just making the masses idiots by inaugurating it, the poor masses will think that Nawaz made these plants and btw fourth is already being constructed and there will be six of them

  • close