Supreme Court Seeks a Detailed Report on Milk & Water Sold in Pakistan

In response to a petition against the sale of substandard milk and water in Pakistan, the Punjab Food Authority has sent samples from 30 dairy companies and 313 bottled water companies to a laboratory for analysis, the Supreme Court was told yesterday.

Director PFA, Director General Noorul Amin Mengal, told the court that strict actions will be undertaken if any of the samples are found not up to par with the required standards.

The court consisting of a two-judge bench, was listening to a petition against the sale of substandard milk and drinking water. The petition was moved by Barrister Zafarullah Khan of the Watan Party.

Milk is a huge business in Pakistan. With a 40 billion liters per year production capacity, Pakistan is the third largest milk producer in the world. Overall, the industry contributes to 11% of the country’s GDP.

Only 6% of the milk sold in the country is packaged.

Substandard Milk is Being Sold in Pakistan

PFA released the names of the companies that were penalized and fined.

Dalda Dairies was sealed due to it selling second grade liquid whiteners (called Cup Shup). Al Fajar Dairy and Foods Ltd. was also sealed while Acha Dairies received a fine due to not meeting the criteria required by Punjab Pure Food Rules 2011.

Al Fazal Foods’ license was also revoked because of repeated violations of the standards and rules set by the PFA for running a food business. Doce Foods’ milk production was halted as well and the company was given a notice to resolve their issues. Doce Foods also received a fine of Rs. 500,000.

Gourmet Foods had successfully removed their shortcomings according to the PFA report. They had issues in the microbiological content of the milk they sold. The two-judge bench wasn’t happy with the report so they ordered the PFA DG to again submit a comprehensive report on them.

UHT Milk and Pasteurized Milk Companies

Earlier a report filed by Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) mentioned that Haleeb Milk was the only milk brand unfit for use. The report analyzed samples of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated packaged milk from different companies.

This means that Olpers, MilkPak and other UHT treated milk brands are safe for consumption while Haleeb, a renowned brand is unsafe.

In pasteurized milk brands, only Prema Milk was found fit for drinking.

Barrister Zafarullah said that contaminated and substandard milk had been the cause of several fatal diseases like Hepatitis-C and cancer. He called on the court to ban the sale of low-quality and contaminated milk.

Via Dawn

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  • judges ko paisay nhn milay olpers walo ki traf se . abhi mil jain gay to khamosh ho jain gay ! jis trha se Ghee waloney day diyey

  • what about tea whiteners ?????????
    (engro foods , tarang), (fauji foods , nur pur), (shakarganj foods, qudrat) , (nestle , everyday), (dalda foods , cupshup) , (haleeb foods , Tea mix) etcc
    all tea whiteners are injuries for health specially (engro foods, tarang) and we also now engro foods already banned by punjab food authority for dairy omang milk

  • Food adulteration can be known for debasing the quality of food by adding or substituting admixture of inferior quality or by removing the valuable nutrients from the food products. The substandard items which are added to food items for commercial benefits are food adulterants. In the light of the Supreme Court report it is now an obligation on all of us to equip ourselves regarding knowledge of food adulteration and how to spot it.

  • Milk being a vital portion of our food intake, its use is necessary even after awareness of its impurity. It is hoped that the authorities act now instead of letting the market play havoc with people’s health. Regrettably, we as a consumer don’t have much of a choice except to own a cow!

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