Rescue 1122 Launches Bike Service For Emergencies in Punjab

Emergency services in Pakistan, particularly Punjab are synonymous with “Rescue 1122”.

People in Punjab have relied on the service when either man-made disasters or natural calamities or any other emergency situation develops in the province.

In order to serve its citizens better, the 1122 Rescue service has now introduced motorbikes, which will be joining their fleet of mobile emergency units.

New Motorcycle Service Launched

A new motorcycle rescue service is being launched by Rescue 1122. The service is being launched in Lahore only for now and will expand to other cities later on.

They will be able to get to the affected party sooner in crowded cities like in Lahore, Faisalabad and more. Some areas are inaccessible via rescue vans and thus motorcycles will be the go-to choice for sending rescue parties to these regions.

Moreover the motorcycle service will also allow the rescue workers to save on resources through the bikes. They will use less fuel when getting to the affected area. Judging by priority levels and emergency cases, going via motorcycle can also prove to be the preferable choice rather than mobilizing a van with emergency kit which will be using more time and resources to get there.

Rescue Mohafiz Program

Earlier this month, Rescue Mohafiz program was launched by the Rescue 1122 deparment. The program will have them establish Community Emergency Response Teams in various cities across Punjab.

These teams will mobilize faster in response to time sensitive emergencies and will enhance emergency preparedness, response and prevention for healthy, safe and prosperous communities in all union councils of Punjab.

The Rescue Mohafiz program was launched in accordance to the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006.

Any citizen can join the Rescue Mohafiz program to become a Rescue Mohafiz himself/herself. For that matter you can register yourself as a Rescue Mohafiz using the Mohafiz Mobile Application mobile app provided on Google Playstore or on Apple iTunes App store.

Download Mohafiz on Google Playstore.
Download Mohafiz on iTunes App store.

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  • Good work. They should expand the 1122 service to whole Pakistan and Air Ambulance Service is also needed because we have to rely on Army after any accident. Army is not for ordinary rescue tasks.

  • 1122 EMT interview list totally bogus ha. Zaid Mehmood sindhu 55 NTS marks lakin name list ma ni. Waseem 72 marks lakin name shamil ni. Rizwan 66 marks lakin name list ma ni. or bi bohat sa hai jin ka name interview list ma ni. merit ko check ni kia gaya. sab fraud interview list ha. i request to all seniors and specially Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef CM punjab to take action against 1122 officers for making wrong list. my contact number 03217080825. rizwan 03204843589

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