KPK Police is Fast Becoming the Most High Tech Crime Fighting Unit in Pakistan

Police in the KP province has achieved a lot in recent years. It has demonstrated that law enforcement agencies in Pakistan can be brought up to 21st century methods and be purged of political influences that hinder its day-to-day workings.

Head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, summed up the KP police achievements in his post on Facebook.

There were several points where the KP police improved on the IT front. These include:

  • Digitization of FIRs
  • Tenant Information System
  • Identity Verification System
  • Vehicle Verification System
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Geo-Tagging
  • SOS Alert Service

Take the SOS Alert Service as an example. It started about 2 years ago as an alert system for educational institutions at their time of need.

IGP KP Mr Nasir Khan Durrani directed the KP police to hold training workshops at educational institutes, both private and government owned. The participants were given a live demonstration of how the SOS alert system works and how to register for it.

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Police IT School and Upgraded Infrastructure

To train the KP police for using these new systems effectively, a Police IT school was established in September 2015. To be eligible for promotion to a higher rank, it was made mandatory for every police recruit to undergo training at the IT school.

Since its establishment, the IT school has trained more than 2000 police officers and officials in different computer courses. The courses are:

  • Basic Computer Course
  • Advanced Computer Course
  • Professional Computer Course
  • E-Learning Course
  • Computer Programming
  • Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting Course

The police in the province have been provided upgraded infrastructure as well. The newly constructed Police Lines in several districts in the province are evidence of that.

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First Woman to Join Bomb Disposal Unit

About 3 weeks ago, a policewoman from KP made history. Rafia Qaseem Baig became the first female member of the Bomb Disposal Unit. This unit is typically considered a man’s domain due to having a higher risk in case of failure.

She denied several job offers to enlist in the police. She said she wasn’t afraid to sacrifice her self while tackling explosives.

Other provinces in Pakistan need to step up to compete with the KP police force. They are the representatives of what the police force can become, given enough commitment from their respective provincial government.

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  • When you have intentions to do something for the country definitely you will do.. But if your focus only to loot the people then results will be the same as we have seen in our so called Shrafis n zardaris tenure. May Allah help those who really think to serve this nation.

    • Don’t be very optimistic as I am from KPK and know 95% of policemen in KPK are patwaris, crime rate in KPK is naturally less than in Punjab and Sindh. Such initiatives are already been taken in Punjab, I watched this on one Pakistani news channel broadcasting interview with IG Punjab.

      • Salman I don’t know from which area you belong, My neutral opinion is things specially law & Order situation has been improved very much,yes there is always space for improvement but as compare to past,now you can move freely in Peshawar at day & night.

      • There is nothing like this is Punjab. So let me correct you.

        I am resident of Lahore, nothing is digital. For example recently i went to get my tenant agreement registered by my relevant police station, they are still using the old copy/pen system.

        So i am not sure on what basis you made the statement. I will be very glad if you prove me wrong by some proof in your reply instead of just bashing me like most of N-League supporters do.

      • I am afraid you belong to the party which never says that yes something good has happened in kpk. ?

      • What is meant by ‘naturally’? If you leave to the nature of the society of KP and FATA, then crime rate can’t be low and why crime rate and terrorism was not ‘naturally’ low before 2013? If you remove the glasses of your Potwari or Surkheye, then you would realise that many things have been changed since 2013.

    • I personally know SHOs daily coming to office of PTI MNA and getting directions. What kind of depoliticized this police force is ?

      Article needs some proof reading, also it looks like some y0uthya posted, was no need to post Imran’s tweet, was it?

      • Take it easy,whoever posted it,is just trying to show how can we improve our system with the help of IT.

      • after looking at your comment history, I can’t trust any of your “personal experiences”. For all we know, you could be lying.

  • If this is true very nice, but looks like a puff piece to me. If institutions are non political then why is pti flag inside the institution? Tht screams bias to me frankly.

  • Agr Imran Khan dharno ke chakkar me parne ke bajae isi tarha KPK ki betterment pr focus karte to PTI ka itna bara vote bank zaya na hota :( Alass….even I left PTI too

    • multitasking, ever heard of it? Also, Imran Khan is a national leader. National and leader are both keywords. His job is not to make but direct and lead.

    • @GirlPakistani:disqus agar Imran khan Dharon py na jata to Aj PML(N) k sath jo horaha woh kabi na hota..!! :) Woh dharno py tab gya jb woh adaron se thak gya tha..!! Jesy hum log thak jaty hain zalalat se..!! Dharno py na jata to Pakistan me itna Shaoer na ata.. :) or Tabdeeli just KPK tak hi rehti..!! Khair Apny PTI chori to apki choice.. lekin kabi apny dill se pochiay ga k PML or IK me se kon best hai or hubbe watan lgta apko..!! Baki Jealousy or Ego hum Pakistanio me bohat hai..!!

    • No wonder. I am a patriot so i will not go in to a hate speech creating divisions between provinces.

      But you know the reality, k kon sbse zida funds harap karra ha. N-League ka bas ni chal ra CPEC ki her cheez he Punjab(Lahore) ko mil jaye. Phir b agar Punjab high tech na ho to phir……

  • Hathi k daant dekhane k or khane k or… Not impressed from pti… Nothing doing special.. Same crap in kp… Fooling the pashtuns as usual… Leaving pti. Social drama pti.

  • C’mon guys , lets give the people credit for the good they have been doing for the society regardless of the political party affiliations. There is always a room for improvement but at least IK has taken some good initiative to improve the law and order situation and upgrade the system with high tech technologies.

    We need to start thinking and appreciation from a layman point of view.


  • PTI has taken the Police of KPK to the next level. Sadly for the rest of Pakistan we are still having thana kachahree in our surroundings. We all have collaborated with the police men under these thana’s for whatsoever reason and we do know their standards and the way they work. Its not their fault coz in the end they do assist us and guide us within their boundaries. Its the system and these boundaries they are bound to work with. And only the Govt is responsible for this coz the policemen themselves could not upgrade oe change the system. In my view and apart from politics the most basic step of upgrading a nation initiates with the enforcement of law and order and fortunately KPK has been upgraded and will continue to prosper exponentially InshaAllah..!

    Its a gift for the people of KPK for choosing the right leadership to serve them better.

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