JazzCash Records Over 100 Million Transactions in 2016

JazzCash has announced that during the year 2016 a record 100 million plus financial transactions were performed through its mobile accounts – almost four-times more than 2015. In addition to this, with more than 1.5 million monthly active mobile account users, JazzCash is now the leading mobile financial services provider in the mobile account category.

Commenting on this milestone, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, VP Digital & Financial Services Jazz, said, “This is a very special moment for all of us. Back in 2013, when we were still in the initial stages of setting up this division, we had an ambition to become the market leader by 2016. With great team work and trust of our customers, we have achieved this milestone. Now more money transfer transactions are performed through Mobile Accounts than Over-the-Counter services, which shows how successful we have been in not just acquiring, but also educating customers.”

“I also want to take this opportunity to welcome our Warid customers to JazzCash. We will continue to strive hard in providing the best possible financial solutions to all our customers,” she further added.

JazzCash Mobile Account can now also be accessed by Warid’s 10 million plus subscribers, who can register free of cost by dialing *786#. Warid subscribers will be able to take advantage of all Mobile Account services through a USSD interface as well, in addition to the Mobile App.

JazzCash Mobile Account is increasingly becoming popular in providing digital financial services to Pakistanis from all walks of life. With a newly redesigned USSD interface and an Android Mobile App, the account can be accessed anytime, anywhere by customers across the country who can deposit and withdraw cash from over 65,000 JazzCash Agents. The product fulfills all basic financial services needs of customers including deposits, money transfer, bill payments, mobile top-ups, savings, insurance, ATM cards and payments for a variety of services.

  • how is it possible to do 100 million financial transactions on mobile account, that’s not reflecting or consistent with the state bank quarterly newsletter. what is the nature of these transactions and respective amounts? if jazzcash has 1.5mn active accounts (definition of active is still unknown for jazzcash) you can easily calculate how many transactions a customer need to do to be able to reach 100 million transactions landmark.

    • state bank Q2 2016 newsletter gives total 44 M transactions for m-wallets in April-Jun (three months) only and also gives jazzcash 36% m-wallet market share. Last two quarters report is still not published by state bank, there is a lot of growth in market on m-wallets. its possible

      • 36% of 44 million is roughly 20 million, even if you extrapolate you won’t reach 100 million by year end.

        • you are ignoring the growth in last two quarters. when this 44 million was reported they had half million users which was also reported by propakistani and now as per this report they have more than 1.5 million users.. m-wallets have fast growth in market soon we will buy everything from it like kenya

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