With Nvidia’s Geforce Now Service, You No Longer Need a Gaming PC

Ever wondered how PC gamers can spend several thousands of Rupees on a single PC just to play games?

You can join the fray too, without spending those thousands yourself. How can you do that you might be wondering? Nvidia has got you covered with its new service.

Nvidia’s Geforce Now service is coming to Windows PCs and Macs in March this year. It will be akin to games being streamed over the cloud.

Earlier version of Nvidia Geforce Now (on Nvidia Shield tablets) used your PC to stream games. The newer Nvidia Geforce Now uses cloud streaming and can work on Windows PCs and Macs as well.

During Nvidia’s keynote at CES 2017, the company showed Rise of The Tomb Raider running on an iMac using the Nvidia Geforce Now service.

Nvidia Geforce Now Links With Steam and Origin

The service lets you stream games from the cloud and can work with most gaming platforms like Steam, Battle.net and Origin.

It works like a virtual desktop. Once you login the Windows boots and you can login to your Steam, Origin or Battle.net account.

From there you can download the games from your library. Geforce Now features cloud saves as well so you can access your save games from any PC you play on as long as you have access to the internet and Nvidia Geforce Now.

Pricing Options

The overall idea behind this service does seem very interesting but its not cheap. It comes in two options:

  • GTX 1060 PC, $20 an hour for 20 hours
  • GTX 1080 PC, $25 an hour for 10 hours

The 1060 PC option lets you access a virtual PC powered by a GTX 1060, the games will perform like they do on a real PC running the same graphics card. Same goes for the GTX 1080 PC.

If you play for 2 hours a day, everyday, using the $25 option it would cost you a total of $150 for one month. Though, if you choose the GTX 1060 option, you can finish a game for $20 only.

If you’re not willing to spend lots of money on a gaming PC, and still want to play that much, this service is made for you.

The service will become available to the US gamers in March with the rest of the world to follow. You can sign up for early access here and get to try out the service for free.

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  • My concern is how would that perform on ptcl connections. I am assuming a handsome bandwidth for HD frame rates.

  • Seeing the rates, I think it is still a much better option to build a custom PC. 150$ per month? Pff.

    • The GTX 1060 option is viable though. $20 for 20 hours.
      Play for 2 hours daily and you can keep playing for 10 days.
      $60 for a month

      • Around 6500rs per month? I’d rather save money for a few months and get a new/used build. Secondly, one would need a good internet for this service I bet which majority of the people here in Pakistan don’t have or the costs are too high. But it’s a personal choice.

        My playtime is easily above 2 hours anyway :P

          • Lol I’m just being realistic, I ll have to pay Rs12000 per month to play. That is if I only play 4 hours daily. This service is good only in some cases but not in the long term. Personal choices, kher.

  • So, for 750 USD a Month, I can either play on a gtx 1080 pc for one hour a day.(Free input lag included in package) or wait for 2 months and have my own GTX 1080 build.
    I think i’ll pass.

  • Na, not going to work on any of the ISPs in Pakistan , due to high latency rate (AKA Ping) , i have tried few services like Paperspace but due to high ping its just useless for gaming.

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