Telenor is Shutting Down Its Service Centers, Will Layoff Employees

Telenor has announced that it is closing down its sales and service centers across Pakistan. All the employees working in those centers are going to lose their jobs, we have checked.

According to details available with ProPakistani, 17 company owned service centers are being shut down and customers will be left with 289 franchises in various parts of the country to get after sale and support services.

Telenor said that it was equipping its (third-party) franchises with additional features to ensure that there’s no vacuum created in absence of service centers.

Moreover, Telenor thinks that customers are now more self-reliant and are able to resolve a lot of their support related queries through self-care apps and paid help lines.

During this whole process, some 200 employees are going to get impacted and will lose their jobs.

Telenor said that it will be offering a payout as compensation (gross salaries x number of years in service x 0.5) plus other benefits that include medical allowances, in addition to annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees under the company policy.

Telenor said that it is committed to providing all necessary support to the impacted employees to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

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  • And this is just the start. Telenor plans to lay off around 50% of its workforce and this was the first round only. They will move on to other departments soon and will be done with this exercise by March. Customer services department which was the largest in the company was the first to be hit.

      • This is all bullshit as and what they are telling their employees is totally different…….”it will be offering a payout as compensation (gross salaries x number of years in service x 0.5) plus other benefits that include medical allowances, in addition to annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees under the company policy”………I guess they are playing around just as a DIRTY BITCH……

        • Wonder why you are frustrated? And the compensation they are giving is Salaryx2.5×7 + gratuity+provident(Where applicable) fund. Even if someone earns 50k a month, that turns out to be around 900k for the salaries only.

          Not defending what they are doing, but it is business and they are providing fair compensation. For someone Earning 50k a month, that is equal to over a years salary.

          • Not Correct, If someone works 5 years and earns 50K, they will get 50,000*5*0.5=125,000 only (the others are anyways what you have earned, or is part of your contract. Quite less….But seems the Teleco Operators will die a slow death or will be become small players to the big software companies.

            • Its actually all of these:

              1. salary x Years x 2
              2. Bonus 2.25 salaries
              3. Notice period salary
              4. Handset allowance
              5. Company Laptop without having to buy it
              6. Any commission earned
              7. Medical allowance

              Also gratuity and provident fund are unaffected. So for someone earning 50k and working for 3 years will have an approximate payout of (in addition to their provident fund) 550k plus laptop and commission.

        • I remember you being very pro-Telenor? What are your views about the company now, since you are no longer a part of it? Still in the telecom industry or have you left for good?

          • I was pro Telenor for good reasons. The company was growing and in its growth phase it made excellent decisions for consumers and employees. However, since the Telecom industry as a whole has not reached a plateau, I expect things like this to happen more often. Regarding this particular decision, I honestly believe they should have given more of a notice. It was a sudden decision and even if the compensation is good, it will hurt them in the long run.

            I have left the Telecom industry and now in to project management.

  • wrong information provided to media, Employees are not getting above mentioned facilities.
    jo asal Bheek dy rhe hain wo show krwaen na.

  • RIP Telenor
    All that a franchise personnel can do for you is a sim replacement. Issues like billing, complaints and other things are not their cup of tea. Mostly staff at franchises are highly graduated and rude in most cases.
    I am safe to say here that Telenor is rapidly putting final nails on its coffin.
    Telenor, it was nice meeting you.

  • telenor was once a top employer but the nit happens to be handed over to black management and rest every thing got flushed…

        • KMQ itni asani se man’nay wala nahi, mainey usko kitni dafa request ki hai k yahan se gayab mat ho jaya karo per phir bhi woh baat nahi manta. Ab dekhetey hain tumhari baaton ka kitna asar hota hai us pe. ☺️

    • yeah Warid is best. Abhi jazz ne warid liya to first time experience kiya 4G to pta laga sub se best 4g warid/jazz ka hi hai. aur jazz kay 3G ki sp[eed to achiui hai but packet loss bohat hai aur slow response hai

    • A proud customer of warid for the past 11 years there is truly no match to it… Nowadays warid customers are facing some service black out especially at night.. I hope its temporary and will resolve once merger is complete

      • Warid might be a good service provider, but it was a very bad employer. I am an ex-employee who gave a lot to the company and got nothing in return. Well, I am in a far better career now… and thats what I learned from Warid. Do not stick around for too long with a bad employer and never get too comfortable. Also be willing to take risks.

        Also, I am again a Warid customer since my employer has Warid connections and everyone I know complains about coverage, though the package that I am getting is far better than the official connection with Warid that I enjoyed previously.

  • beautiful, classical example of biased blogging, the way Mobilink downsizing was reported compared with this one clearly shows double standards due to obvious reasons. and than propakistani has courage to comment on ethics and professionalism.
    PS: most likely this comment will be deleted

  • even comments on this post are most interesting, seems like propk staff themselves are commenting lolzzzz

  • This is all bullshit as and what they are telling their employees is totally different…….”it will be offering a payout as compensation (gross salaries x number of years in service x 0.5) plus other benefits that include medical allowances, in addition to annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees under the company policy”………I guess they are playing around just as a DIRTY BITCH….

    • are you an existing employee with first hand information? or you are on aamir’s payroll as he has a thing against Telenor. btw why didn’t you see these issues on apparently even worse payout package by mobilink?

  • Layoffs may look good on paper because they have an immediate effect on costs. Yet in reality there are a lot of costs that layoffs impose on firms………..

  • ٹیلی نار 4 جی کے نا چلنے کا غم دل پر ہی لے لیا ہے اور غصہ اپنے ورکرز پر نکال رہے ہیں

  • Where is KMQ? Anyone knows? Shut this website down if KMQ is not here, it’s all useless. Bring KMQ or shut this site forever please. Aamir Atta jawab dou.

  • This Is Totally Bhunt, What is the meaning of Permanent Employee then, Telenor lost his employee trust which he had built in years,

  • This is completely a business related decision and all companies have the right to take such decisions. Telenor from day one has been an outstanding employer and still is. All employees have enjoyed the best possible facilities in Telenor. No company is obligated to keep employees till retirement. The package which Telenor is offering to all its layoff employees will give them 4 to 12 months cushion to get new jobs and move forward.

    Below are actual package information of lay off employees

    – Employees with 5 or more years with Telenor will get gratuity+provident (if opted by employee) + 5 to 7 salaries + 55k (half year medical) + laptop if they have any

    – Employees with less than 5 years with Telenor will get 4 salaries + 55k (half year medical) + laptop if they have any

  • You yourself was forced out because of poor performance my friend………. but yes you are right that people are in their comfort zone…. and they need to get out of it

  • We Pakistani are used to Government Department Permanent Employees status, where you can’t even remove employee on biggest corruption, there is no such thing in Private sector. Corporations all across the world from time to time opted for such moves to maintain their profitability and KPIs e.g. Revenue/Sales per employee, Profit per employees, productivity per employee etc.
    In case of MNCs like Telenor such moves drive from Head Quarter HQ and all Business units like TP have given targets in the form of number of employees to be retrenched inline with corporate direction. It has nothing to do with new management at TP. As GOP is sucking the Telecom sector in the form of high Tax regime the profitability of Pakistani Telcos is already on the decrease and after Mobilink and Telenor, one can expect more layoffs in other Telcos or even in Mobilink and Telenor.
    People working in Pakistan’s Private sector especially in MNCs need to understand that there is no thing permanent, they need to learn new skills to qualify for their job every day, they should come out from their comfort zone, ready to learn new skills and face new challenges and be flexible in their career moves. Wishing them all the best.

  • Dear all, Telenor has been best Telco company in Pakistan in the recent years. They were growing at a continuous pace and suddenly 3G phenomena started and they couldn’t meet the 3G quality standards which ruined their loyal customers and problem persisted so long that they had to leave Telenor. Also they became worse in voice quality and coverage too. And last nail in the coffin was the Warid Mobilink Merger. And the result is in front of you. Perhaps they know that they couldn’t beat Mobilink’s best move. Mobilink has knocked out all other competitors.

    • Interesting belief. Yes, this can only be a belief. Otherwise, a quick look at the monthly port-in vs port-out numbers for all OPCOs reveal something else with Telenor having lowest port-out numbers every month :)

      • Yes I agree with u because telenor has the most illiterate customer base (Majority, not all) who are mostly attracted to 10 Rs. easyload phenomena! Just visit some day any telenor sales and service center and you’ll come to know that why they decided to close all of them :-P

      • Just try to have quality experience in rural areas, hope you realize that belief converted into fact. Quality services of Telenor is symbol of past. Pathetic 2G services + 4G. For quick look, just review that loyal customers i.e who were with Telenor since years are ported out and new comers (Media promo of 4G) are ported in to Telenor.

  • Here I want to mention one thing that if u r a voice focused user then Mobilink or Warid may be your better choice, but if u r an internet focused user, then ZONG is the ultimate option. Thanks Zong for being here in Pakistan for high quality and high speed internet.

  • I think if Telenor have to do this, then suggest, handed over network to ZONG for better coverage and speed.Pathetic Franchises, with slow browsing is the major issue as well.
    Every company wants to cut jobs to save profits, no labor law. cuz Govt is industrialist whose own industries grown successfully, but Govt Institution runs badly.

    • merey bhai, kabhi facebook ke bahir bhi kuchh paRh lia karo Something like the history & politics of Pakistan (no, not the one in text books only).

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