New Toyota Hilux Revo Launched in Pakistan, Starts at Rs. 3.75 Million

Indus Motor launched its Toyota Hilux Revo, 8th Gen in Pakistan recently. Introduced with eight different variants, the Toyota Revo is a perfect match for those looking for trustworthy, comfortable, classy and solid vehicle for all sorts of terrains.

Designed with an aim to exceed expectations, Revo packs the power to combat any situation or terrain that is thrown at it. While the latest version has advanced in all aspects – including the toughness that it is renowned for – the Hilux Revo offers perfect value for the money.

Before we get into details, below are some of the variants that Hilux comes in:

  • 4X2 Deckless
  • 4×2 Single cabin standard
  • 4×2 single cabin up-spec
  • 4×4 Single cabin
  • 4×4 Double cabin standard
  • 4×4 Double cabin REVO G –MT
  • 4X4 Double cabin REVO G-AT
  • 4×4 Double cabin REVO V -up-spec

‘Bigger and Tougher Hilux’

According to Mr. Hiroki Nakajima, Chief Engineer for Hilux, the company conducted a survey before the production of the Hilux Revo and Revo was largely planned designed based on what customers wanted.

In the survey, the roads and traffic conditions were assessed. Moreover, the input from customers and dealers was also taken.

“The bigger and tougher Hilux started from a new frame, an improved engine, new six speed transmission and a longer leaf suspension that offers more efficiency and stress-free and comfortable drive.”

If the present optimism persists, Toyota expects the market to touch 350,000 units of demand by 2025, and if new entrants step in, the demand may go up to 500,000 units.


The survey played a vital role in the design phase. From the outside, the vehicle looks much more aggressive than its predecessor. Compared to the previous models, this Hilux Revo is more masculine, stylish and has a lavish look.

The modern appearance is mainly down to the added features which include 18-inch allow rims, which complement the chrome door handles.

8th generation Revo introduced a high-level brakelight position on the tailgate. The rear also includes chrome exhaust tip, which gives it a sportier look.

The survey helped the company to introduce additional features such as rear bumper with easy step and sliding rear window. In isolation, all these minute changes may seem insignificant but put together, they give the Hilux Revo a new and dynamic look.


The inside of the Revo has also been modified to keep up with the new trends. The vehicle comes with a luxurious interior that is designed to wow.

The vehicle packs a contemporary interior design and dynamic cabin layout, designed especially for comfort and friendly feel. The driver seat is 6-way powered, it can be adjusted with the touch of a button.

It has a dual-glovebox and a dedicated hot and cool box to keep your drinks fresh whether it’s tea or soda.

The Revo is fitted with driver seat, which exhibits a tough appearance while offering 6-way power adjustment all at the nudge of a knob.

On top of a climate control air conditioning system, it is also equipped with a switch-type transfer selector and differential lock mechanism. Owners can also charge their devices while on the go with 12V DC and 220V AC connectors.

Although the dashboard is well-managed, the limelight is the simplistic and user-friendly 7-inch Information System. The system is capable of having multiple input options, include DVD, USB, HDMI, memory card and bluetooth technology. The 3D maps are equipped with voice navigation, audio-visual prompts and multi-route navigation to make the journey more fun.

Engine and Performance

The main emphasis of the latest Hilux Revo has been on reducing the wind and engine noises. In comparison to its predecessor and models such as Vigo, the rattling noise and knockings have been reduced, if not completely eliminated.

The Hilux Revo has been equipped with a new 1KD 2982cc, VN turbo with DOHC 16 valve engine to enhance the performance. The intercooler delivers higher engine power and it also improves the efficiency.

On top of that, a new suspension has been introduced which adopts a 6-speed Manual Transmission and 5-speed Sequential and Automatic Transmission which gives:

  • Smoother shifting
  • Lower friction measures
  • Reduced gear noise
  • Wider gear ranges for improved fuel efficiency and power

Suspension in all-terrain performance has also been improved. It is now equipped with a switch-type transfer selector and differential lock mechanism to provide smoother journey on all terrains.

Toyota Revo Comes with a Warranty

When bought from Indus Motor Company, the Toyota Hilux Revo will come with a 2 year or 50,000 KM mileage warranty to give you parallel protection.


  • Dimensions
    • Exterior: 5335 x 1855 x 1815 (mm)
    • Seating Capacity: 5
    • Deck Inside: 1525 x 1540 x 480 (mm)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 80 (Liters)
  • Engine Specification
  • Performance
    • Transmission: 5-Speed Sequential, A750F
    • Brake Type: Ventilated Disc/LT Drum (Front and Rear)
    • Tire & Wheel: 265/60R/18C Alloy
    • Suspension Type: Double Wishbone/Rigid Leaf
  • Safety
    • Light Reminder: Yes
    • Key Reminder: Yes
    • Shift-Lock System: Yes
    • Clutch-Start System: No
    • Vehicle Security System: Alarm
    • Immobilizer: Yes
    • Anti-Lock Braking System: Yes
    • Seatbelts
      • Front Seats:Yes
      • Back Seats: Yes
    • SRS & Knee Airbag: The knee airbag is for driver. However, the SRS airbag is for both driver and passenger.

More information can be obtained from here:

NoteThe specifications mentioned above are of the Revo V A/T.

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