Cybernet’s New Lahore Facility Makes It Stand Out From the Crowd

Cybernet has built a new state-of-the-art facility in Lahore. The new office designed by the renowned architect Arif Belgaumi has been purpose built for Cybernet’s Enterprise Business Unit and its cloud computing division RapidCompute.

New space also houses a Network Operations Center (NOC) for monitoring services across the Northern half of the country – and also serves as backup NOC for the South.

This facility follows the company’s immense investment in optical network infrastructure and human capital over the last 9 years in main cities of Punjab. The company has always focused on improving its internal performance so that clients can be better served and any issues reacted to rapidly.

Cybernet told ProPakistani that it strongly believes in recruiting the top human capital – and such workplace improvements no matter how small reinforce employee motivation and performance.

Based on the fact that numerous high quality technology universities are based in Lahore as well as the city’s critical location, the company’s emphasis on Lahore is more than strategic: it marks a paradigm shift of the company’s previous centralization of operations in Karachi – with Lahore now given equal if not greater importance as a hub for decision making, operations, infrastructure investment and human capital across Pakistan.

After building the Lahore EBU office, the company has also been expanding its other facilities across Punjab for different divisions as well –these facilities are nearing completion – and the company aims to provide quality employment opportunities to graduates from Lahore and other cities in Punjab.

The Lahore Data Centre

Other than connectivity and its data division, Cybernet has also launched its first data centre based on APCs modular data center design in Lahore which marks a major milestone in Cybernet and Pakistan’s history. Cybernet was the pioneer cloud computing service provider in Pakistan with the introduction of its RapidCompute service and it has continued to maintain the lead over the years.

The new data centre is another mark in the cloud computing landscape in Pakistan.
After successfully operating in the financial capital, i.e. Karachi, Cybernet aims to offer similarly unparalleled services in Punjab.

With the new data centre, Cybernet is now more capable to power its products for its clients in the Punjab region and as a disaster recovery for clients across Pakistan. Cybernet has always highlighted the fact that local data centres provide a user experience comparable to any international service provider with much lower latency.

Local clients get peak-hour performance based on local times unlike global vendors, crucial and time-sensitive tasks can be handled even during peaks hours. Of course, having a local support team round-the-clock is another benefit which makes it a rather unique offering when compared with international brands.

The fact that local data – of and that which belongs to – Pakistani citizens remains in Pakistan by being hosted on Cybernet’s cloud is a strategic advantage that Cybernet cloud computing service RapidCompute brings over foreign cloud services.

The Lahore data centre will also help in improving ping times, real-time application performance and improve support services. Cybernet is now much more capable of empowering the industry close to Pakistan’s largest population centres.

The New Office

Cybernet, as an organisation, has always believed in innovation and efficient performance. For the very same reason, its new office, with minimalistic design and decor, speaks of the company’s efforts in the direction.

The office is clean, open and sleek. It has been built to emphasize the company’s culture of open communication where information travels fast and can be reacted to rapidly as there are no hierarchical barriers amongst different teams. The purpose-built office is living proof of how such intentions can be put into a materialistic form. The comfortable office is loaded with unique features while a cozy environment makes work a much more pleasant experience.

Take a look at the new office setup below:

There is a comfortable coffee bar within the office along with a television lounge for employees to spend their free time and socialise with their colleagues be it over a cup of coffee or playing video games on the PlayStation 4.

Cybernet’s Network Operations Center is working around the clock. It intelligently maps all active optical infrastructure and enterprise connective which is visible on the always on screens.

This ensures that customers get the best performance 24×7, 365 days a year. The NOC monitors services across the Northern half of Pakistan and serves as backup of the southern NOC based in Karachi.

Keeping with its tradition of innovation, performance and efficiency for the betterment of the clients, Cybernet plans to keep improving while launching new and more targeted products for its local clients.

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