CCP Fines Bahria Town for Not Allowing Nayatel to Operate in It

Competition Commission of Pakistan has imposed a fine of Rs. 2 million on Bahria Town (Islamabad) for not allowing Nayatel to offer its services in Phase 1 to 6, we have checked with sources.

According to a CCP order — a copy of which was made available to ProPakistani — a resident of Bahria Town filed a complaint with CCP and pleaded that Bahria Town is involved in anti-competitive practices by allowing only one operator (PTCL) in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

After hearing the case, CCP found that exclusive contract of PTCL with Bahria Town is abuse of its dominant position and imposed a fine of Rs. 2 million on Bahria Town.

CCP also directed Bahria Town to work with Nayatel in laying down the fiber optic in phase 1 to 6.

CCP also asked Nayatel to ensure that while laying down and installing its fiber-optic cable, it should use the best technology and reinstate footpaths and all infrastructures to the satisfaction of Bahria Town.

CCP also asked Bahria Town to work with any other potential telecom player that wants to offer services in its locality.

CCP order is a going to set a precedent for other housing societies and localities that used to sign exclusive contracts with single telecom operator and blocked all other ICT infrastructure providers from offering services to the consumers.

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  • Geo Malik Riyaz
    Geo PTCL :

  • CCP should get proactive and take action against DHAI Phase 1 as well who isn’t letting Nayatel operate there.

  • Atif

    Same goes for phase 8 as phase 7 has been allowed for nayatel but phase 8 is ptcl exclusive.

    • Danish Saifullah

      Someone from phase 8 should file a complaint too .

  • Inam

    Awesome. Nayatel!

  • sheryar

    CCP needs to fine DHA Lahore
    only PTCL and Worldcall are allowed to operate
    Stormfiber etc all are banned

    • They aren’t banned. DHA charges exorbitant amount of fees and infrastructure expenses that most operators simply can’t afford. That’s why PTCL doesn’t upgrade it’s decades old infrastructure in the older phases as well.

      • Ali Salman

        Which means they didn’t foresee these technologies and infrastructure coming in future.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    F.U Ptcl :D

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Any progress? It’s been almost two months and there has been radio silence from both ends.

  • Shafiq Ur Rahman

    Proud to ba a NayaTelian :)