Official: Xiaomi is Launching in Pakistan on Feb 20th

After some delays, due to some distribution challenges, Xiaomi will finally launch in Pakistan on February 20th, 2017, we have checked.

Launch news came after the Chinese phone-maker partnered with Smart Link for its distribution, management and other functions in Pakistan.

Launch event will be held in Islamabad and is likely to be attended by Xiomi officials from China as well. Zong and Daraz are also mentioned as launch partners.

According to information made available to ProPakistani, Xiaomi phones will be made available in stores across Pakistan immediately after launch. Alongside, Xiaomi phones will also be available at online stores including Daraz.

We know that at least four Xiaomi phones had been given type approval from PTA, and it is likely that more phones will be retailed in Pakistan very soon.

Currently type approved phones include:

We don’t have any words on prices of these phones as of yet but, as you may expect, we will bring you the details as soon as it would be possible for us.

Not to mention, Xiaomi phones will be retailed in Pakistan with official warranty and after support services.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • check the specs and features mate you will be amazed what xiaomi is offering in these price range,,

    • Your statement required a lot of user’s power to generate explanation to make a shread of sense to it…

      • the phone will only make our current account deficit go up since it is manufactured overseas. it could be a good news if the phone was manufactured in pakistan but sadly ot isnt.
        hope u get it now.

        • Ok so basically you are saying it is less good news? Or it is not good news at all?

          Bhai Kehna kiya chahty ho?

          Less or not but still it is good news.

        • The phone will actually reduce it… It’s better technology for cheaper prices.. The actual cost (like every other mobile phone in existence) is packed with the made in Q mobile wala ChyeeNa.. So a $100 shitty phone from kyun Mobile.. Vs.. $300 Budget Flagship from Xiaomi.. The $300 Will cost you less.. As it would probably be a replacement for a $600 iPhone with a made in India tag.. So please let me know when you are available to discuss this further… My dear friend.

        • Specs and price wise Xiaomi Mobile are the world’s best mobiles. We are waiting for the welcome the Xiaomi. So for some of us it is very good news saad malik sahib

  • Can anyone tell me that if I order the xiaomi phones via ali express then where I can receive my order

    • No, its the case with every phone. You will need some paper work or something along with high fee. Basically Now you can buy the phone with paper work because its legal here. Before you couldn’t even do that. Its not worth it. Unless you know someone in customs. Its usually more expensive then buying it locally.

      • So it means I couldn’t buy the phone or anything from aliexpress in Pakistan. But I think I can purchase the mobile where I put the details of any other country except Pakistan like I have my relatives in other countries .

        • Yes you can buy the phone. It will reach pakistan customs. Problem starts from there. Some people were lucky enough to get older phones like samsung s2, s3 without going through customs. But for newer model. You will need to get noc for your phone. I don’t remember the complete procedure but it does take 2-4 weeks. You will need to send a letter to them with phone imei and your personal details e.t.c. Its not worth it in the end. Not to mention the custom high price that you will need to pay. Even though its listed as only 1.5k pkr in offical documents.

  • Totally fake mobile model

    oper mention mobile launch nhi hoon ge balke


    jaise mobile double price pr launch hoon ge

  • AFTER SALES* services !

    also … pricing will be the ONLY denominator in deciding how successful Xiaomi will be in Pakistan !

  • where is smartlink? prices are not mentioned means prices are high as compare to retailers…am i right smartlink?

        • Attiq bhai hamesha invest us mein karni chahiye jis ki resale value ho, 8-9 maah ya 1 saal se zyada Majority phone use nhn karti isi liye jab sale karen to zyada nuqsaan na ho. Value for money bohat ache ache phones available hain but unfortunately un ki resale value zero hai

          • Jsko features dhk kr lena h wo resale value ni dhekyga. Hoskta h usne wo bechna hi na ho or bad me new ya used alg s le. Hr trh k log hain and buying phone while keeping resale value in mind and not the features is not so great an option.

              • Kya kehna chah rhay ho Bhai? Bat resale value ki hrhi h and you are talking about elaborating features for you. Jisko js set ka shok h wo resale value ni dhkyga, lelyga chup krke. This is the point.

              • The real difference comes with the SOC.. So let’s say that the Mi Max with SD 652 is for 300$ whereas Samsung offers the same chipset in its A9 pro for $600 and the the same goes for the Asus Zenfone3 Ultra… So.. Even though they offer the same specs to the user but can result in different resale values due to the demographic being targeted here…

                • Bravo….. But Farooq bhai SoC k elawa bhi bohat factors hote jo seedha phone ki price pe effect karte hain and the main thing is how durable the phone are, agar phone he durable na ho to System on Chip ka kya karna

          • bhai aik had tu theek hy but jo achay phones hay yahaan koi janta nhi yahaan sirf samsung. apple . ya phir qmobile k pechay paray huay hain lekin jo best cheez use krna chahtay hy woh re sale velue k chakar main nhi partay jaisay oneplus 3t 2016 ka best killer phone rha hy pakistan main 6gb ram 64 rom ka 55k or 128 ka 65k main available hy or log buy kr rhy hain tu bhai best mobile buy krna hy tu yeh soch rakhna bekar hy phir tu qmobile hy use krain ya samsung ka 37000/- ka mobile lain jo sirf 2 gb ram or sirf 16 rom day rha hy had hy bhai.

  • I have been using Mi 5, 32gb variant since august 2016, i had it shipped from it is indeed an amazing phone. Can’t wait to have Xiaomi officially been selling their smartphones in Pakistan. Really happy.

  • Qmobile killer! has finally come! with regular software updates,gyroscope,latest os,support,and better latest apps

      • excuse me i know how to convert the currencies! But i meant price is definitely going to be above normal price as compared to its original price converted in PKR.

    • Itni kia tention hy mery bhai… Koi munasib sa , purana hi sahi, lakin acha phone khareed lo….

      • hahahha bhai mera dil jis phone pr hy is ki price abhi bohat hi hy yeh phone apnay betay k lie lena hy or tenstion nhi yaar khushi hy k koi achi cheez market main aarhi hy warna yahaan tu hum logoon k pass options hi nhi hy wohy samsung qmobile etc main aik saal say ASUS ZENFONE SELFEE use kr rha hoon its ammazing phone log lakeer k faqeer hy dosray brand ko na dekhtay hain na try krtay hain meray ghar main oppo fi plus or f1s bhi hy dono superb hy price k hisaab say samsung say bhi behtar hy tu bhai meray achi cheez aaye gi sub ka faida hoga samjhay bhai.

        • I totally agree with you. “we are begger of line” :P sirf advertisement kay followers hein.. same here. i’m using nexus 4 (it’s LG) phone, I bought 4 years back.. still faster than the most latest Kyon Mobile. upgraded to 6.0.. privacy under control. or rahi baat samsung ki.. us k pass kuch or naya hay hi nahi bas.. “rung mein bhung” dalty raho.. or NOT 5, NOT 6, and NOT 7 (i deliberately wrote NOT instead of note). Asus is one of the most mature electronics production line, along with other computer parts. i know MI is a good piece of technology, finest pixel and beautiful mobile.. Hope we see them in echonomial range.

  • Wow.. Timebomb, or Fruit phoneS, OR interogation phones k baad ab hazir hay.. Mission Impossible Phones ..!!!

  • I have been using Huawei Mate S and i don’t see any reason why I should leave it for next 2-3 years. I wonder why people get so much crazy for new models and brands.

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