Speed Up Your PC & Save Storage Space With These Tools [Guide]

If you have been using your laptop or personal computer for a while now, every now and then you might have come across issues such as overheating or slow performance.

Regardless of how it may seem, an operating system always leaves residual files, also known as junk files, which hinder the performance of the system in the longer run. Junk can clutter your hard disk making it difficult for the OS to find the appropriate data to launch programs.

Old cache and other large redundant files can also be deemed as another reason due to which it takes longer for certain tasks to complete, eventually heating up the system due to the extra processing required. Not to mention, the precious gigabytes of space that gets eaten up.

These are the concerns faced by most of the people. Hence, we have come up with a short compilation of free software which can improve the performance of your personal computer, whether its a laptop, desktop or a convertible.

1) The PC Decrapifier

This tool is developed especially for PCs which face problems such as slow performance. The PC Decrapifier allows users to remove programs along with their junk files and cache. It also lets you manage the startup programs which helps in reducing long boot times.

It is a simple program to use with a very clean wizard-powered interface which makes it usable for even non-technical people. Available on Windows 7, 8 and 10, this tool is one of the best.

The working of the software can be broken down into four simple steps (description is given below the images):


Launch the application to analyze your system.


Select the application/programs by checking the boxes.


Review your selection.


You are done! Add feedback and press submit to end.

It is to be noted that while downloading the software, it will prompt you to upgrade your Internet Explorer if it is not updated already. This can be seen as an inconvenience for some but hardly takes any time.

Download Link: Click Here

2) CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most renowned programs when it comes to cleaning up your hard disk. It is packed with loads of features for which you often need different dedicated software i.e. registry cleaning, registry backup and so on.

The interface of CCleaner is also very simple and appealing but huge number of options might be a bit overwhelming for someone who hasn’t done anything like this before. Here is how you can use the software to its full potential:


Under the Windows tab, you can remove junk files for Windows applications. Select the type of data you want the app to remove for each of the listed application.


Similar to Windows junk files, move towards the adjacent Applications tab which lets you clean junk files and residual data of third party applications. You can check mark the applications whose junk you want to clear away. Once Done, Click Run Cleaner and that’s it.


CCleaner can help you with whitelisting certain data types. Go to Options , right-click in the Cookies pane and select Intelligent Scan. CCleaner will automatically add Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail cookies to your whitelist so you don’t have to readjust you email settings. If you want to whitelist any other application, you can.


If you do run the registry cleaner, ensure you back up any changes you make. You can restore the deleted registry entries from the backup file if you encounter any problems. You can fix issues scanned by CCleaner by pressing “Fix Selected Issues…”. However, you don’t necessarily need to use this feature at all unless there are some strange issues with your PC.

zxcCCleaner also provides the feature of managing the startup programs, which can help improve the boot-up time of your PC. Right clicking on the program and disabling them will ensure that they will not load when your PC starts.

CCleaner can be downloaded for free from Piriform’s own website here. There’s an online version, dubbed CCleaner Cloud, for businesses and personal use but its not free. It can be accessed here.

3) AVG Tuneup

AVG PC TuneUp is a paid program (Don’t worry we have got a free solution which is not illegal). It has been designed to identify and resolve issues on machines running the Windows operating system. The program is the successor of TuneUp Utilities, a popular application that was available until 2014 before AVG bought and renamed it to AVG PC TuneUp. It maybe paid but it is by far the best PC maintenance software on the market.

Its features range from maintenance, speeding up device, instant boost, freeing space, saving power or battery and fixing additional problems found in the system. The best features is that the software can keep cleaning your PC regularly on schedule and you don’t have to do it manually.


Here we can see a list of categories to choose from.


Maintenance contains various subcategories which include the usual registry issues, system cache, browser data and so on. Number of problems will be highlighted on the right side and clicking on Fix & Clean will eliminate them.


Speeding up the PC is one essential category which needs special attention and AVG TuneUp has definitely found the right magic for it. You can run different checks to sort out the issues and fix them. It also includes  different types of optimizations.


Disk clean up is another feature of AVG TuneUp. It offers uninstallation of programs along with user defined files, which can be deleted along with their junk files.


Using Fix Problems can help resolve uncategorized issues such as display errors, disk check for errors or problems such as “recycle bin is not displayed” and “the font folder is not working.” It can also be used to restore some of the data.

You can download the TuneUp Utilities 2014 for free from here. It is still very good and the new version only has a few new features and a better interface. If you want to buy the new version, click here.

Honorable Mention – Should I Remove It

This is another application which can be used to get rid of malware, suspicious toolbars and other programs which you do not need. The application is a tiny, lightweight tool designed to show you what programs you have installed on your computer and quickly determine what programs you can safely remove in order to improve your PC’s performance.

All you need to do is download the program from this link. Follow the instructions and you will have yourself, a functional and junk free PC.


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    • Also these application are head ache itself. Do you know how many registry entries they disturb for you. and how much process it start by itself. Its better to manage it manually. You need to know some basic techniques, also move to windows 10 (asli wali).

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