Pakistan to Get A Communications Satellite from China With 20Gbps Data Speeds

Pakistan will be getting a new high end communication satellite from China. The Academy of Space Technology of China will be providing the satellite under a bilateral exchange agreement to help Pakistan build a large and effective telecommunications network.

Reports indicate that the Space Technology Academy has built 7 of these communication satellites, one of which was built for Pakistan.

Zhou Zhicheng, Head of the Institute of Telecommunication Satellites said that they will be re-executing export contracts for around 10 more of these satellites.

Pakistan Needs To Catch up With The World

He was quick to add however, that Pakistan still has a lot of catching up to do on this front and needs to catch up with satellite developers in US and Europe when it comes to high end technology.

China is also going to launch its own high end communications satellite in April, the best one yet. The country is trying to build a massive network that would allow travelers on aircrafts and high speed trains (bullet trains) to use internet.

Shijian 13

The Chinese satellite named Shijian 13 will be launched into space with a Long March 3b carrier rocket from the Xichange Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province.

Shijian 13 features a Ka-band broadband system which is capable of sending 20 GB of data per second, this makes it the most powerful satellite ever made by China. It will be launched in a geo stationary orbit and will stay there for 15 years.

It will be used to conduct space-to-ground laser communications experiments once it reaches its destination.

Another Satellite to Monitor CPEC

Earlier, Pakistan and China reached an agreement for building a satellite to monitor the CPEC routes across Pakistan. It was announced at the National Conference on Space Science and Technology at Arts Auditorium in Karachi University.

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