Spellflix Streaming Service Debuts in Pakistan, Will Support Operator Billing

Spellfix, a digital movie, songs and TV show streaming service, is set to debut in Pakistan. And the good news is that they support operator billing, i.e. customers will be able to pay for the service through their prepaid or postpaid mobile balance instead of credit cards.

For consumers in Pakistan, Spellflix has partnered with Fortumo, a carrier billing solution.

Spellflix currently supports Telenor, Jazz and Zong.

You can access Spellflix by clicking: https://www.spellflix.com/

Spellflix is said to be the only streaming service in Pakistan offering pay-per-view latest blockbuster Hollywood movies.

This essentially means that consumers can now watch movies, music and TV shows by charging payments to their mobile phone balance, and that too for a single movie or TV show, instead of monthly subscriptions.

Pakistan is the first market where Spellflix has launched carrier billing, where more than 64 million subscribers of Telenor, Zong and Jazz can now access the digital content without the need for a credit card.

In Pakistan, only 0.1% of people own a credit card while smartphone penetration is already above 30%. This means more than 44 million smartphone owners can access online content but are unable to pay for it through traditional payment channels.

Carrier billing solves this problem by allowing any mobile phone user to charge payments to their mobile account, regardless of whether they are a prepaid SIM card user or have a contract (postpaid) with their mobile operator.

To collect payments from users without bank cards, Spellflix integrated Fortumo’s Cross-Platform Mobile Payments onto their streaming platform. This allows Spellflix to reach users across Pakistan with one integration.

At the same time, Fortumo manages the full compliance (local legislation) and provides a platform-adaptive solution which increases payment conversion and revenue.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • So by paying using Phone balance, you’ll also be paying 19.5% FED and 15% WHT on your spellflix bill….no thanks!

  • Paid watching platforms would never work unless pirated content and torrents are not curbed in Pakistan. Even if the bring to PKR 5 from 50 per movie, still it does not make sense to spend money over something that you can download from torrent for free.

    • Not everyone download from torrent. Think in terms of a general non tech user.

    • Actually the more paid platforms exist and more frequent / early releases of TV shows or movies on paid platforms is the main reason that video piracy has GONE DOWN in the West.

      For examples, google these articles:

      “Netflix isn’t just hurting pay TV, it’s also slowly killing online piracy”
      “BitTorrent traffic falling dramatically as Netflix rises, says new report”
      “BitTorrent Traffic Share Drops to New Low”

      Estimates range from a drop of 18% of peak hour traffic was Bittorrent in 2013 to now just less than 5%.

    • Ever since I got a netflix account after it came to Pakistan. The number of torrents I download have reduced. Sometimes i even just wait for the show to end up on netflix, if im being lazy. This is also true among the small circle I have. So i believe that people will shift if the cost is low

  • I would rather pay Rs. 300 to 500 per month on iflix or Netflix and get unlimited access to movies and seasons rather than pay Rs. 50 per movie :/

    • Netflix or iFlix do not have latest movies. All monthly subscription services have 6-9 years old movies. That is why Netflix has started its own production. Spellflix offers new releases not available on Netflix or iFlix.

  • This service is kind of stupid. Why would anybody pay Rs.50 per movie and also with 2 days rental access only. I might only for a movie if they offer a good print for latest movies where only CAM prints are available in torrent.

    • You are wrong. Here’s why: they offer BEST prints.

      Example: go to amazon web site and look at a recent movie like Arrival or Passengers. Note that you can pay a little money and stream it TODAY instead of waiting 4-6 months for it to show up on Amazon Prime (if at all). And it is the same high quality video that you can get on Prime (720p or even 4k in some cases).

      This is a service that is provided by Amazon and Netflix and Hulu and others for years and years but NOT in Pakistan.

      • Like I said, I might use this service if they only offer good print for latest movies..

        But so far at their website I do not see any latest movie in the catalog. Lets see!!!

  • Just blocked this idiot and the comment section is peaceful now. Thank God!

  • Isn’t it the same spellmovies service from ptcl smart TV, where they charge you Rs50 for every movie through your Ptcl bill?

  • So can it only be useful on unmetered connection like DSL? Or would it not deduct from the monthly data we get on MBB devices?

  • its mirroring all the movies that a serial torrent-er would find on YTS . AG ….. !!! WTZardari is this?

    • spellflix is a licensed service. sony pictures has entered pakistan through spellflix..

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