SOT – Let’s Reimagine the Future of Humanity!

In a world where doubts overshadow the obvious & multiple problems stand in front of us to tackle, the best approach is to be proactive about the future. SOT Events is taking the right step in this regard by putting an effort into reimagining the future of humanity. SOT 2017- A World of Tomorrow, an initiative by Beaconhouse School System aims to explore the different directions we can take up in order to change the future of humanity.

Over the years, the conference has featured hundreds of activists, cultural leaders, educators, futurists & thinkers from across the world at a single platform. It is an excellent opportunity the public to interact with leading thinkers from Pakistan & around the world to discuss the prevalent issues in modern societies & building a narrative to resolve them.

A World of Tomorrow is set to “Reimagine the Future of Humanity” through five broad dimensions. Each dimension will be explored through a series of panel discussions, debates, presentations, interactive workshops, Gymboree Talks, exhibits and displays. The five dimensions of the conference are:

  • A Digital Future
  • A Balanced Future
  • A Safer Future
  • An Expressive Future
  • An Inclusive Future

The conference aims to start discussion about understanding our future with the help of these dimensions. It will try to seek answers about questions ranging from “How can we harness technology more fully to create a safer world?” to “Can we feed the growing population on the planet without destroying it?” This effort will result in understanding the future in a better manner that will eventually lead to making our future world a better place.

The conference will host more than a 140 speakers in 42 different sessions during the course of 2 days. They will be speaking on topics that will cover the theme of the conference. Ms. Jehan Ara, President [email protected], an expert on information technology will be sharing her views on “The Good, Bad & Ugly of Social Media” to explore “A Digital Future”.

Ms. Maryam Aurangzeb, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting will be sharing the panel discussing “Global Media in a Post-truth Era”. Dr. Atta ur Rehman, Chairman of UN Committee on Science Technology and Innovation and former Minister of Science and Technology/Higher Education will be discussing his views on “The Exciting World of Innovation” under the dimension of expressive future to encourage the process of creative thinking. This & many more prominent national & international experts will be speaking on the event as well.

The event will also include “FULL STEAM INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS”. Students will be displaying project that incorporates the Arts within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It aims to explore different range of learning styles, interests and capabilities and naturally differentiating styles of instruction. This exhibition will also help the students as well as teachers to think beyond boundaries & explore the course that future of humanity will take place.

The event is set to happen at 11th and 12th March at the Pak-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad & we are excited to witness an event of this scale in the capital. The event is free & open for public in order to expand the narrative that it is trying to build.

For registration, you can visit the official website:

You can also register on the venue at our registration booth. Or through the app “SOT Events” available for download at App Store (iOS) & Play Store (Android). You can also get yourself register on the venue at the registration booth.

For information about the proceedings of the event, visit their website,

  • You don’t say! I thought they were going to discuss the colonization of mars. Much disappointed.

  • I hope they discuss the change in teaching styles. We need schools to shift from auditory learning to kinesthetic or hands-on learning.

  • “All of these topics will fall under 5 broad categories which include:

    A Digital Future
    A Balanced Future
    A Safer Future
    An Expressive Future
    An Inclusive Future”
    Summarize this paragraph in one word : Future ?
    Yea yea i know, its a bad one ?

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