Damaging PTCL Cables Could Get you 7 Years Jail Term and Rs. 10 Million in Fine

PTCL today published a public notice in print newspapers to highlight that its infrastructure is damaged by variety of entities including individuals, private and government construction firms, municipal, district or provincial contractors, real estate developers, road builders and so on.

Company said that such development work and other construction activities result in cable cuts (both fiber and copper media) that disrupt services.

PTCL, in its notice, said that such infrastructure damage causes service disruption to businesses and home users that ultimately leads to loss of business for many.

Company said that during this [infrastructure damage], its customers are lead to believe that it’s PTCL’s fault. To deal with such misconceptions and service disruptions, PTCL has said that it will now deal with companies and individuals causing infrastructure damage — either intentionally or accidentally — with all possible legal options, which include:

  • As per Telegraph Act 1885, any effort to disrupt PTCL’s infrastructure can get an individual a sentence of up to three years and fine to cover the infrastructure damage.
  • As per Pakistan Telecommunication Act (1996), any attempt to disrupt telecom infrastructure is dealt with a prison term of up to three years and fine of up to Rs. 10 million or both.
  • As per Electronic Transactions Ordinance (2002), anyone causing damage to telecom infrastructure can be put in jail for up to seven years and a fine of up to Rs. 10 million.

Not to mention, PTCL is yet to issue a report on its country wide outage from December 2016. During the incident, PTCL’s landline and DSL services were disrupted across the country. Along side Ufone and all depending operators were also impacted.

PTCL had said that an investigation was launched, however, no report has been released to public so far.

Instead we have this notice which says that any intentional or accidental cable cuts will get you behind the bars or up to Rs. 10 million in fines.

The notice is provided below for your reading:


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  • PTCL mein khud sary choor bethay hein.

    Apne ander ki kali behron k oper bhi nazr e sani ki jaye.

    • sahi kaha apna corrupt log betha ha management main.. jasa ka 4g 3g ka ana sa ptcl to jhatka laga ha kion ka ptcl koi nai lagana chahta…. lakin ab fiber optic aur copper lines improve kar raha hain….

      • Mere bhai management mein aisay banday bethay hein, Jo 10 se 15 hazar lete hein aur 3g wingle aur 4g cloud pori life free detay hein, ye to haal hai. Aur cable cut karne walon k liye notice laga diya. Jo roots kaat rahay hein onka kya kia?

  • Utter joke. PTCL is no longer a state monopoly and is now threatened that other companies are deploying fiber in their areas. PTCL itself is damaging others cables and they and their CEO and Board Members can also be put in jail under the same laws. The other telecom companies now have the same PTA licenses as does PTCL so there is no special protection to PTCL.

  • In some cases, This is true that mostly local cable provider are guilty of broken the fiber. so that they can create their own monopoly in their area and earn well without any hindrance. Secondly PTCL Employees are involved in corruption specially in lower class areas. we appreciate if PTCL take action against all these gangsters with proof.

  • PTCL has dug up my entire town in Lahore to lay optical fiber cable. They have cut roads, footpaths, pavements of houses and left them by just filling excavation with rubble and dirt. Who will fine PTCL for this? Or at least who will pay to fix all that?

    • The city is responsible for that. They are putting in cables for the “safe city” traffic cameras.

      • They are internet cables to provide faster fiber internet to Lahore not “safe city” camera cables. Several inch thick “camera” cables do not pass through every street.

        • In my area they have not dug up all the streets, and I guess it must be a complete coincidence that there is a camera spot in two places right next to cut streets.

      • They are laying fiber optic cable to provide 20 mbps connection (source: ptcl lineman) . They have dug up all the streets , roads in Johar Town lahore for this purpose.

    • Yes all of Lahore is being converted into Fiber Optic. The digging is done to lay down Fiber cables for MSAGs

  • Haha utter frustration shown by ptcl due to all the criticism that it basically sucks and instead of rectifying itself ptcl blaming others. Same as what our politicians do sure they are learning through the speeches that our politicians make and get a clean chit.

  • Hahahahahah that’s really funny
    This is called put the blame on others. Apni topi kisi aur Kay sir.
    Trust me If you just removed or changed the CHRO, CCO, new science daan mr JT then all these issue will be resolved.
    These people ruined this prestigious company.
    They even don’t know how to handle the situation. Specially there PR depts performed the worst at this countrywide shut down.
    As mentioned in above news the report of CUT still awaited, I think it’s PTA responsibility to ask them. But how dare PTA can? All the govt ministers have business and millions $ properties in UAE.
    Who dare to ask? $800millions still pending , it’s been 10 years now. Stock rate destroyed, customer services drained, company profit dipped and nosed down, curroption stories in marketing, procurement is circulated and published in Media BUT BUT there is no one to ask and PTCL management is so beghairat that they don’t ashamed even.
    God bless PTCL and it’s poor employees.

  • Aray bhaiyoun…!!! jitna bi net use hota.hay usmen 75 percent ptcl ka hay, yeh woh rotay hen jinko sastay walay packages chahyen, jab ke business packages men ptcl ki koe complain nahi, or ptcl k ilawa kis ki bi net ap use karogay unka link ptcl se zarur hoga,, par business packages y400% percent mehenge hain jo aam user nahi le sakta… Mind it my fellows :)

  • I remembered (and loved) a company destroyed by PTCL.

    They ignore all their request to fix ‘issues’ in their system.

  • Well done PTCL, PTCL ne bohat improve kiya hai apni services ko. Aaj kal best chal raha hai PTCL ka net. Thanks PTCL.

  • Khisiani Billi Khamba Nochey……..
    Naach Na Jany Aangan Terha…….

    Tunnnn Hee To Hooooo…….
    Peeee Teeee Ceeee Ellllll

  • Question here is whether PTCL has followed all the rules while building infrastructure. Is their fiber laid at allocated depth? Has they put proper markers? Do they have updated maps of their outside plant to share with public on demand?

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