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Ever since the advent of online stores in Pakistan, small retailers have suffered by the hands of big pocketed brands. Only the stores that gain reputation over the course of time start to bag good sales. Brands and other stores then use old school tactics of offering discounts, while the crossed price is the raised price, and the new sale price is same as the normal (old) price.

To break this common trend, Paklap joined the race, who primarily focuses on offering tech products at a low cost. The company started its journey from being a wholesaler, and since then, it has launched its own website and provides tech related products on both their website & physical store. Shopping Online at Paklap may be your one stop solution to all your tech needs.

Inception of

Paklap initially only supplied laptops however, the organization expanded its supply to a wide array of products. Their supply spreads from small sized retailers to Pakistan’s biggest shopping websites.

Realizing that it could provide much better value for customers by selling directly to them, was launched in 2007 and promised the lowest prices and zero compromise on quality. Instead of selling its products through other online stores, Paklap now sells to customers directly.

How Is Different?

The online stores take orders, purchase the products and then deliver them., on the other hand, operates in a different manner. Since the organization itself is a wholesaler, they always have products in their inventory.

Although not that different but also offers discounts on regular basis to keep the customers interested. At present, the company is offering Weekly Dealswhere customers can get 50% discount on specific products.

Apart from the discounts, the online store of Paklap also offers:

Offline Store for Customers

The foundation of the company was laid with a clear mindset; provide ease to the customers. None of the online stores has an offline outlet, from where customers can visit and pick up their order if they wish to. Which is why Paklap introduced the concept of an offline outlet for an online store.

Currently, the company only has one outlet, which is located at Technocity Mall in Karachi. Paklap is planning on opening two more offline stores; one in Lahore and another in Islamabad.

Prompt Customer Service

Customer service is one of the areas where Paklap truly excels. The company has integrated technology in their work processes to ensure that the orders are timely delivered and proper records are maintained. It also improves the standard of the organization itself.

Their online support team provides guidance and never misses a call. Offline support is also provided at the display center, which is located in Karachi.

Customers can call, email, use online chat options on their website or leave their questions on the company’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

Delivery, Return & Cash Policy

Since the company has its own warehouse, the products ordered in Karachi are delivered on the same day. Orders from other cities are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Moreover, the company is also responsible for handling and delivering the products and customers get 7 days’ replacement policy after they have received the product for full security.

The payment method is easy and secure as customers pay cash on delivery. Contact information is as below:


  • Good but must be add Mobiles Phones, Used & New & his accessories.

    • KaKa

      “His” accessories? Hahahaha

      Yar ap itnay wailay ho kia? Har post per comment krnay aa jatay ho :D

      • Practice Makes a Man Perfect :

      • Tam Oor

        Qasmay! :D

  • Muhammad Umer Naseer

    I visited many shops in technocity mall but they really provided me with the lowest price all over their market.

  • Mohammad Sharif

    میں نے بھی اس ویب سائٹ سے لیپ ٹاپ لیا دوسری ویب سائٹ سے 4 ہزار کم میں ملا

  • Bishart

    When ProPAK;s Top story section is Sponsored then with regrets its a downfall of PRopak..what a shame

  • Steve Johnson

    paklap is the most expensive ever! Let me give you a very current example. Conside Hp Spectre X360 15 inch 15-bl075nr here is priced at : 2,20,000Rs (02 Lakh 20 Thousand Rupees). While I got the same from model same specs new from for 1 Lakh 90 Thousand. Please note that i am talking about the 15 inch model 15-bl075nr with the following specs:
    1. 7th Generation Core i7 7500U
    2. 16GB RAM
    3. 512GB NvMe SSD
    4. Dual Graphics NVidia 2GB Dedicated graphics + Intel On-CHip graphics card
    5. 15 inch 4K screen
    Full Specs:

    Paklap Price: 2,20,000 Rs

    Shophive Price:

    This is my first purchase from shophive. I have not made any purchase from shophibve before. So I dont know or cant say if their customer service has always been amazing. But they were quick, responsive and they did a discount of 3,000 Rs with FREE SHIPPING.

    When i talked to Paklap, they were very reluctant to lower the price. The Lenovo Yoga 910 with core i7, 16GB RAM, they are offering for 2.45 lakh, they lowered it only to 2.38 which is 60-80 thousand expensive than the US price which is insane.

    In short, I think PROPK are making a claim that is not correct. Paklap is not offering the cheapest prices. I suggest that instead of blind advertisement, please do some research first. Dont misguide your readers.

    • Fareed

      Of course if they are spending so much money on advertising, obviously that money has to be recovered from customers in the form of higher prices.

    • Steve Johnson

      Just after this comment went live, paklap has reduced prices for both Yoga 910 as well HP Spectre x360 15-075blnr. :P

  • Stop posting sponsored stuff. I bought Asus X555LA 5th Gen Ci3 04GB 500GB 15.6″ @ PKR 35k and they are selling @ PKR 36.5k.

  • Johnathan Smith

    I was satisfied with their delivery service and prices. Got apple macbook 3 to 4k lower than other online stores, and they delivered it the same day.

  • Syed Talha Shamim

    Really good approach ..

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    Where can i buy a decent SSD in Pakistan?preferably Samsung EVO 850?

  • I’ve never faced disappointment with them.. Their prices are absolutely the best

  • Engr Atif

    Dear readers, please share your experience , which online store should be used to buy laptop ?

    • I would prefer iShopping and Telemart. I’ve bought laptop from Telemart, and I love their after-sales service.

      • Engr Atif

        iShopping is quite expensive, telemart seems good

    • Pak Boy

      I have observed that stores usually sell some items on low price and advertise such products. Due to this, customers feels that this store offers items at low price. However, they charge more on many other items.
      So its always good to check prices from multiple stores instead of relying on one store.

  • Mohammad Shayan Admani

    I have know paklap personally from around 4 to 6 years and their after sales service is the thing which attracts me. The good thing about them is that they do care about their customers even after selling the products.

  • Ali Asghar Shah

    I was in search of a dell xps laptop. I researched alot about it because it was a costly thing. Paklap was offering it for the low price compared to all the other online shops in pakistan so i contacted them. I was hesitating because i have never heard about them before but their sales team satisfied me. Though the delivery was a bit late then their committed time, product was genuine and i got it at the lowest price. Will recommend this store to everyone

  • Arsalan Shah

    I’ve never really heard of used paklap (despite of using almost MANY reputable brands, A LOT), so have no idea of their prices or services, but it’s really disgusting to see a brand (if it actually is) to send fake people to praise them in the comments section for fake publicity and to present a good image. Makes me think if it actually is a reputable company.

  • Still Expensive then .
    On Daraz You can buy PS4 Slim 500GB in just 27K
    on Paklap its expensive

  • Ibrahim Raza

    excellent customer service! quality product. It was my first-time internet buy and I was a little shy to the whole concept , because of the apparent uncertainty. But needless to say, it has been more than a month that I have been using my XPS15 ordered via and I am fully satisfied. Not only would I consider buying again from them but I would also recommend them to everyone on account of their excellent service specially by fahad for bearing down with me over all my concerns. A solid 10 out of 10. No complaints at all.

  • Shanezzar Sharon

    I recently bought macbook pro 2017 from them about 2 weeks ago. Their service is superb and product was absolutely genuine and sealed as I checked the product and it’s warranty on the official apple website. Along with the product and service their support was really really really the best. During and update I think my internet disconnected and after installing the update the system crashed. They helped me recover it and assisted support everytime I asked and fixed my macbook os without any changes and then also delivered it to me without any charges.
    I would highly recommend them to everyone :) #happyShopping

    Note: Please read terms and conditions carefully before buying.