Get Wholesale Prices on Tech Products & Accessories with PakLap.Pk

Ever since the advent of online stores in Pakistan, small retailers have suffered by the hands of big pocketed brands. Only the stores that gain reputation over the course of time start to bag good sales. Brands and other stores then use old school tactics of offering discounts, while the crossed price is the raised price, and the new sale price is same as the normal (old) price.

To break this common trend, Paklap joined the race, who primarily focuses on offering tech products at a low cost. The company started its journey from being a wholesaler, and since then, it has launched its own website and provides tech related products on both their website & physical store. Shopping Online at Paklap may be your one stop solution to all your tech needs.

Inception of

Paklap initially only supplied laptops however, the organization expanded its supply to a wide array of products. Their supply spreads from small sized retailers to Pakistan’s biggest shopping websites.

Realizing that it could provide much better value for customers by selling directly to them, was launched in 2007 and promised the lowest prices and zero compromise on quality. Instead of selling its products through other online stores, Paklap now sells to customers directly.

How Is Different?

The online stores take orders, purchase the products and then deliver them., on the other hand, operates in a different manner. Since the organization itself is a wholesaler, they always have products in their inventory.

Although not that different but also offers discounts on regular basis to keep the customers interested. At present, the company is offering Weekly Dealswhere customers can get 50% discount on specific products.

Apart from the discounts, the online store of Paklap also offers:

Offline Store for Customers

The foundation of the company was laid with a clear mindset; provide ease to the customers. None of the online stores has an offline outlet, from where customers can visit and pick up their order if they wish to. Which is why Paklap introduced the concept of an offline outlet for an online store.

Currently, the company only has one outlet, which is located at Technocity Mall in Karachi. Paklap is planning on opening two more offline stores; one in Lahore and another in Islamabad.

Prompt Customer Service

Customer service is one of the areas where Paklap truly excels. The company has integrated technology in their work processes to ensure that the orders are timely delivered and proper records are maintained. It also improves the standard of the organization itself.

Their online support team provides guidance and never misses a call. Offline support is also provided at the display center, which is located in Karachi.

Customers can call, email, use online chat options on their website or leave their questions on the company’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

Delivery, Return & Cash Policy

Since the company has its own warehouse, the products ordered in Karachi are delivered on the same day. Orders from other cities are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Moreover, the company is also responsible for handling and delivering the products and customers get 7 days’ replacement policy after they have received the product for full security.

The payment method is easy and secure as customers pay cash on delivery. Contact information is as below: