Pakistani Universities Urged to Prepare Workers for CPEC

Last Sunday, Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, instructed teachers of educational institutions to change the curriculum of schools to be able to prepare students for skilled jobs in CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). This generation of workers would have to be market-oriented and would be well-versed in the importance of CPEC.

Dr. Mukhar Ahmed also instructed universities to come up with new methods of education while also providing their students with ample fieldwork so as to equip them with the ability to work efficiently when in the real world while also meeting the specific requirements of CPEC.

CPEC is obviously going to be a game changer for the Pakistan and the government wants to cater to all the future expected needs and demands of the economy that would arise out of CPEC.

HEC has also started a number of initiatives for higher education, encouraging research and development activities, and also increase the accessibility of higher education to people in remote areas. And this has increased dramatically since 2002 when the HEC was created. The number of PhDs in Pakistan have also shot up pointing to the positive impact that the commission has had on the state of education in the country.

However, this is nowhere near the number of PhDs and other qualified degrees that the country is desperately in need of to cater to the growing demand. Right now Pakistan faces a shortfall of 30,000 PhD scholars.

via PakObserver

  • CPEC Pe Job : Good Efforts !

  • This is a step ahead. What we really need is to convert every single public institution in Pakistan at every corner of the country should be teaching a liberal art program.

  • What are the specific requirements of CPEC ?

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Yes ..Lots of Drivers ,shovel , Cranes ,excavator Operator jobs

    • Uzair Asim

      Whats wrong with drivers, shovel, cranes, excavator, operator jobs? Every one starts at some point. And don’t forget managers will definitely be needed for all these employees. We should at least learn the value of hard work from the strongest economic country of the world, the one we are so happy to have signed CPEC with.

      • Yasir Mahmood

        Can you quote the number of Pakistani Engineers currently working on CPEC project?
        And there is nothing wrong with “Drivers ,shovel , Cranes ,excavator Operator” unless it is done by a bachelors degree holder .

        • Uzair Asim

          Well that’s the thing, there is a reason they brought their own engineers which I think is understandable. Skills are as much important as the degrees which is the biggest problem with our education system. When more than 9000 graduates(2000 Masters holders) apply for Gardeners job in Government Schools, you cannot help but wonder something is actually messed up. Our system has been real slow in adapting the latest needs when it comes to Occupations but recent developments are a proof that it is going to change now.

  • zaheer abbas

    HEC should have to improve education standard in the country. The education sector is all about money whether it is at school,college or university level. Mindset of the students are limited and they need to be changed.