Turn Your Wired Headphones Wireless With This Tool

As Apple also moves towards a “jack-less headphone” future with the introduction of the iPhone 7, more and more users are concerned about the way they will keep track of their headphones. Furthermore, even before Apple’s iPhone started this, popular Android phone makers Like Motorola had already started ditching the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth and USB Type-C headphones.

Now come every phone announcement, users are worried whether their beloved headphone jack would still be there or not.

However, consumers need not be concerned about this anymore since the company, Podo Labs, has made a new device that connects your headphones to it with wires and to your phones via Bluetooth. Thus a wireless connection is created with your phones.

The “Jack” For Your Phone

The device, “Jack,” is very simple to use and smaller than a credit card but packed with plenty of features. Any type of headphones can be plugged into this device and paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The device is clip-on so its quite easy to just attach it to your shirt, bags, or even to just put it in the pocket.

There are some other pretty nifty features the Jack brings to the table:

  • It can also act as a Bluetooth adapter for speakers, turning them into wireless ones so you can share music to your speakers without connecting your devices to your speakers.
  • If your car only has an auxiliary 3.5mm port, this gadget can help your car music go wireless.
  • An even more interesting use-case is that you can connect Jack to your TV’s audio jack and stream audio over your Bluetooth headphones without disturbing anyone else in the room. And if you have two of these, you can use standard headphones as well.
  • You can share music wirelessly with your friends who Jack. Its as simple as pressing the share button and you can let your friends stream your music without any delay.
  • Jack can be connected to two devices simultaneously and audio can be switched from one of those two to the other one on the go.

Podo Labs says the Jack supports Bluetooth’s “aptX” technology, which can “CD quality” music over Bluetooth. The battery life for this device is pretty good too, it can last 12 hours on average on a full charge.

Backed by Funded Today and Kickstarter

Podo Labs is currently trying to raise money for “Jack” by partnering up with Funded Today for more backers than they will receive at only Kickstarter, which is also where they are trying to get funding from.

The introduction of the device into this market has been met with great enthusiasm and the Kickstarter campaign has already managed to gather more money than the goal the company had set out.

“Jack” is a great device for all those people who want to keep using their wired headphones rather than shift to the alternative headphones that Apple introduced with the iPhone 7.


Price is currently set at $29 for a single pre-order of Jack. If you are willing to pay $49, you can get two Jacks or one Jack with a set of premium headphones and a carrying case. Similarly, the more you’re willing to pay the more gadgets you get. When the gadget goes on retail after the campaign, the price is set at $40.

You can get more info on the price and Jack at its kickstarter page here.

Shipping to all countries including Pakistan is available.

Via Business Insider

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    • Ali Salman

      Very old concept. Got a device from gearbest for dual bluetooth transmission from my TV to connect two B/T headsets.

  • Leo

    I am using a similar device which can transmit and receive audio via Bluetooth. It can be attached with LCD etc to transmit audio and can also be reversed by flipping the switch to receive audio as well.

    Connect it with your regular speakers to make them wireless Bluetooth speaker. I bought it from Aliexpress at US$ 13.99 – dual function and lesser price.

    • Leo
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      Don’t break the heart of PROPK.
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      which people are using already from years.

    • Arsalan Shah

      Name? Link for device? How’s the audio quality, either way? I purchased a bluetooth device, and it seriously deteriorated the audio quality of songs and other media. How do you find the device you own?

      • Leo

        Open the aliexpress site and search for Bluetooth audio receiver or transmitter and you can get the details. Similar item is available at amazon at around US$ 28

        • Arsalan Shah

          Thanks, how is the audio quality? Please share some feedback!

  • Muzammil Dani

    There are multiple devices already avaliable at the moment like there if you want quality there is jabra tag which i have been used for past 2 years so i dont get why people are backing such project when things are already avaliable

  • http://api.sonymobile.com/files/SBH20-gallery-image-01-0e3f1f7f241265efd90f0fcb0bbcb24e.jpg

    Sony SBH-20; I’ve been using it for 3 years and it’s awesome!

    What I didn’t understand is this:

    “An even more interesting use-case is that you can connect Jack to your TV’s audio jack and stream audio over your Bluetooth headphones without disturbing anyone else in the room. And if you have two of these, you can use standard headphones as well.”

    Is that mean it can transmit the audio as well unlike other Bluetooth adapters which only receive.
    Can anyone explain a bit on this use-case

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    What a pathetic post… I’ve been using sony’s SBH20 bluetooth earphones since long.

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