Rs. 40,000 Bonds with a Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million Launched

The Government of Pakistan has launched first ever registered Premium Prize Bond of Rs 40,000 denominations, we have checked.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar inaugurated the bond at a ceremony in Islamabad. Earlier, unregistered bonds of Rs25,000 and Rs40,000 denominations were available in the market.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said Pakistan is treading on the path of progress at a fast pace. He said Rs.80 million is the first prize for this premium bond of Rs.40,000, whereas after six months, profit on the bond will also be paid to the holders.

He said that a printed receipt will be given to the buyer of the bond and there was no limit and period of the investment, adding every person except banks, could buy the bonds.

He said a bond of one hundred thousand rupees will also be launched soon.

Ishaq Dar said bonds will be available for individuals as well as public and private companies however banks cannot buy it.

He said the bond prize will be directly transferred in the account of the winner instead of publishing his name in the newspaper.

Ishaq Dar said with comprehensive reforms in economy, the government is fulfilling its promises to the people.

He said the country’s economic progress is being internationally acclaimed and all economic indicators are showing an upward trend. International economic experts see Pakistan among the top twenty economies of the world by 2030.

He said Pakistan will soon sign bilateral treaty with Switzerland for Bank Information Sharing to detect tax evaders.

  • Yes I Got 40k Bond

    • Wasique

      Draw kab kab hogi? Har 3 months ke baad? Or profit kitna hoga?

      • Huh

        People, he is just bragging!! Don’t believe me?

        Check each and every post by Pro Pakistani, you’ll find his useless comment everywhere!!!!

        • Wasique

          Thank you.

    • AB

      can u share profit rates of this bond?

    • Jew_Muslim

      Takleef kiaa haay bhai aap ko

    • Kashan

      Dear Wahab, can u please guide me from where i got this bond in karachi? and please one more thing, is this bond encashable at any moment after purchase?

  • Multiplex

    What will the profit rate for these bonds?

    • Single Screen

      Its 3% per annum

  • KMQ

    علمائے اہل سنت پرائز بانڈ اور اس کے انعام کو جائز قرار دیتے رہے ہیں ۔
    اب یہ خبر آئی ہے کہ کل سے 40 ہزار کا کوئی پریئمیم بانڈ جاری ہونے والا ہے جس پر شش ماہی نفع بھی دیا جائے گا
    یہ پرائز بانڈ جاری کرنا قابل مذمت ہے ۔
    ہر ہر پرائز بانڈ پر فکس نفع مقرر کرنا خالصتا سودی معاملہ ہے۔
    جس جس پرائز بانڈ کے ساتھ اس طرح کی اسکیم ہو گی اور نفع مشروط ہوگا وہ سودی ہو جائے گااس کا لین دین جائز نہیں ہوگا اور جس کے ساتھ صرف بذریعہ قرعہ اندازی کے انعام ہوگا وہ پرائز بانڈ جائز ہوں گے ۔ مفتی محمد اصغر صاحب دارالفتاء اهلسنت

    Got this message yesterday

    • Muhammad Ashraf

      Indeed markup is haram

    • Muzzammil Hussain

      Hilarious Mufti Sb, Prize Bond par Jo inam hota hai wo bhi tu sood say hi datay hain.

      • KMQ
      • KMQ
      • KMQ
        • Muzzammil Hussain

          Mufti Sb, prize bond kharidtay wakat jo paisay aap govt. Ko detay hain govt us paisay ko istamal karnay par sood calculate karti hai aur wo sood har aik kharidar ko danay ki bajai inam ki shakal mein dia jata hai ta ka kharidaroon ko inam ka lalach ho aur wo prize bond kharidain.

          Plz try to understand that govt is using your monday and payback interest in the form of prize. Its so simple to understand.

          • KMQ

            Janab main Mufti nahi hon, maine aapko jo fatwa share kia hai woh Jaimia Amjadia ke bade mane hue mufti sahab ka hai. But aap mufti sahab se ziyada zaheen lagte hain, Allah aapke ilm main mazeed izafa kare.

            • Muzzammil Hussain

              Thank you KMQ Sb

              • KMQ

                Waise agar mind na karain tu batana pasand karainge, aapne mufti ki degree kahan se hasil ki hai?

                • Muzzammil Hussain

                  Waise agar mind na karain to koi Mufti jo ya kehta hai k prize bond mein sood nahin hota wo ya bata sakta hai k “prize bond baich kar govt ko paisay akathay karnain ke zarorat kiun hai aur in paisoon say govt kia karti hai aur inam ki soorat mein jo paisay diae jatay hain wo kahan say aatay hain”. Jis din aap in sawaloon kay jawab hasil karlain gay us din aap ko pata chal jaiy ga k mein nay mufi ke degree kahan say hasil ke hai. Lol…….

                  • KMQ

                    MashaAllah, maine tu pehle hi kaha tha bhai aap buhat zaheen aadmi hain. Bekar main log mufti ki degree lene main 8-10 saal lagate hain, aapke pas hi ajate advice ke liye tu itne saal tu bach jate.

                    • Muzzammil Hussain

                      KMQ Sb, zaroori nahin jis k pas 8-10 saal zaia karnay k baad Mufi ke degree ho wohi ziada ilam/akal rakhta ho. Prize bond khalastan economics ka mamla hai aur aik mahir e mashiat hi is baray mein behtar bata sakta hai. Waisay aap state bank k governor say hi poch lain k wo prize bonds say hasil hone Walay paisoon say kia kartay hain to aap ko authentic jawab mil jai ga bajai ya k aap muftiun k taiwoon/andazoon par apnay ilam/akal ke bunyaad rakhain.

    • Fahad J

      prize bond bilkul jaiz hai, per us pe profit lena jaiz nahi ….

      • Muzzammil Hussain

        Profit ya sood inam ki shakal mein dia jata hai.

        • Abid

          You all are wrong.. Let me explain. If you lend money to an individual / private company and they give you fixed profit than it is Haraam simply because if they face losses than still you get your profit, this is haram. On the other hand if you lend to Government (Riyasat) and they give you fixed profit than it is not Haram because Riyasat is not an Individual or private company. Riyasat is the owner of Currency which it can print any time in any quantity. The currency is owned by Riyasat not Individual.

        • Fahad J

          Sood loan pe hota hai Investment pe nahi mere bhai…. lekin sood ke zumray mai ager prize bond ko shamil karain tau in pe profit lena Na jaiz hai per Inam ke raqam lena jaiz, because prize bond is a secured investment.

  • Great opportunity for affluent to invest and get trapped in the documented economy, no problem with that.. its exempted from Zakat but not from govt taxes.. This is such a shame.

  • Kashif Bashir

    Koi iss BC dar sy pochay k kuch din pehlay to keh rha tha k baray prize bond sy log black money ko white money bana rhay hai. ab khud BC 40000 ka bond lay aya. thook bhe awam ke ga*d bhe awam ke.

    • qazibasit

      Actually these are registered bonds unlike the bearer bonds issued previously. Is main bank account details aur personal name pay issue ho ga. So no one can hide their money. Its declared. For tax payer there is hald withholding tax on prize money whereas non filers have to pay full amount. So i think its a more transparent bond than the previous one. Aur agar aap sai misplace ho jaye tu bhi its no issue. Also prize money and profit will be deposited to ur bank account directly

  • Abdul mannan

    Sir profit rate b bta dain please

  • Umz

    If the people of Pakistan have some memory left after eating donkeys, then the “Inami scheme” launched in 90s may be remembered. No common man ever saw a penny out of the draws.This is just another scheme to lure the middle class into emptying their pockets.
    Due to tax on cash transactions through banks, business people have stopped using banks. Due to this, the cash circulation is reducing in the banks, and hence their profit margins from cash accounts are also diminishing. The cash accumulated from these prize bonds will be injected into the banks to increase liquidity. However, all this liquidity is eventually going to vanish, thanks to corruption and money laundering.
    If Mr. Dar was doing this with the intention of benefiting the people, then the existing National Savings Certificates were enough to be included as a prize bond. These NSCs are also registered certificates and uniquely numbered.

  • Fahad J

    in bonds pe profit lena Sood hai.

    • Asad mahmood

      تمام احباب سے عرض ہے کہ بیماری کی صورت میں اچھے ڈاکٹر،گھر بنانے کی صورت میں اچھا انجینئر اور کیس کو ڈیل کروانے کے لئے اچھا وکیل تلا ش کیا جاتا ہے،لیکن دین ہی کیا ایسا یتیم رہ گیا ہے کہ معاشیات کے ماہر اس بارے میں اپنا فیصلہ کرنا شروع کردیں،،ذرا انصاف سے کام لیا جائے اور یہ مت سمجھا جائے کہ مفتیان کرام معاشیات کو نہیں جانتے،بلکہ اگر میں یہ کہوں کہ اچھئ اور بہتر معاشیات مفتیان کرام جانتے ہیں تو مبالغہ نہیں ہو گا۔لیکن ٹھیک ہے سب نہ جانتے ہوں لیکن ایک کثیر تعداد اور خاص طور پر مفتیان کرام تو جانتے ہیں ہیں۔۔۔۔۔

      • Asad mahmood

        جہاں تک بات ہے زیر گور مسئلہ کی تو یہ بات بہت واضح ہے کہ یہ بانڈز قرض کی دستاویز ہیں اور قرض کے بدلے نفع لینا سود کہلاتا ہے اور گورنمٹ کی سکیم میں ایسا ہی ہے کہ قرض کے بدلے نفع دیا جا رہا ہے،۔۔۔باقی اگر یہ کہا جائے کہ قرعہ اندازی کے ذریعے کسی ایک کو دیا جا رہا ہے تو سود کو قمار (جوے) کے ذڑیعے تقسیم کرنے کا عمل کیا جا رہا ہے،جو کہ اور اس معاملے کو ناجائز بنا دیتا ہے۔۔۔واللہ اعلم بالصواب

  • EconomicTerrorism

    Another Scandal In its Infancy….
    Sure, the elite of Demooo-Crazy is preparing for looting whatever has been left….
    But the bonds and fill their pockets before they run away…..

  • EconomicTerrorism

    Kafan Chor Chala Gya,,,,,
    Kafan Chor Ka Beta A Gya….
    Trust on a Certified Money Laundring Expert……

  • Ahmed Khan

    how will the amount be given in parts of full amount how will it be distributed for 40 000 bonds

  • Jhangir

    The Tax rate for filer is 15% and non-filer is 20%

  • منیر بلوچ

    ابے چھوڑیں یے سود نہیں ہیں حق ہیں حقوق ہیں زندگی کو بدل دیں گے
    خدا مولویوں کو ھدایت دے جو ہر جگہ مسکینوں پر سوار ہیں
    اللہ کرے میرا بھی 25000000 کا بانﮈ نکل جائے
    ریاست وقت حاکم کی بدولت سسٹم سے کوئی امیر بنے گا تو کوئی گناہ نہیں ہے
    منافع بھی حرام نہیں ہیں کیوں کہ قرض کی بدولت ہر روز پیسے کا ویلیوں کم ہورہا ہے اس لیے سب جائز ہیں صرف بانﮈ کی شکل میں