Leveling Blasphemy Charges Against Innocent is Crime: High Court

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday remarked that leveling blasphemy charges against innocent people was also a crime and directed to ensure that an innocent person must not be wrongly accused of it.

IHC was hearing a case relating to blasphemous content on social media.

Secretary Interior Mohammad Arif Khan, PTA Chairman Syed Ismail Shah, IG Islamabad Tariq Masood Yasin, and senior officials from the information technology (IT) ministry appraised the court on Monday about the progress they have made so far in connection with the case.

Justice Shaukat Siddiqui, who is hearing the case, said those guilty of blasphemy would not escape. Director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and IG Islamabad were directed to exercise extreme precaution while identifying blasphemers.

“Falsely accusing someone of blasphemy is an offense as serious as blasphemy itself. Anyone who committed blasphemy will not be able to dodge the law. We will pass an order so that no one will dare to do it in the future,” he said.

During the hearing, Ministry of Interior Secretary remarked that 70 controversial pages on social networking sites have been blocked so far.

The Director FIA told the court that intelligence agencies have information regarding such content, however, the matter is in inquiry stages and no FIR has been lodged yet.

The official further said that they were also pondering drafting a petition as per international laws and take the matter to an international court. In response to this statement, the court directed him to ensure that any innocent is not falsely accused of blasphemy.

It also advised the Ministry of Information to specify in electronic and print media the restrictions on freedom of speech under the Article 19 of the Constitution and the punishment in case of any violation.

Article 19 relates to the right of information for all citizens. The article states, “Every citizen shall have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law.”

The hearing was adjourned till March 17.

  • why not government direct talk to the FB or other social companies.?? If a single person can request to block somebody’s account why not the Government. Does they feel any fear or what?. Quran Said..
    LANAT ULLAH E ALAL KAZEBEEN.. (ALLAH KI LAANAT HO JHOOTON PER).. so this is all that lanat we/pakistanis are being cursed. accusing people for the same deed you do, is not gonna make thing go on the right way.

  • This whole issue is overblown. We Pakistanis, and Muslim Ummah as a whole, have become a nation that does not contribute anything to the modern society but is in the first row when it’s time to complain. We’re generations behind in science and technology, medicine, diversity, religious and cultural acceptance, gender equality, human rights, governance and other pressing issues but our egos only get hurt when our religion is criticized.

    What have we really given to the world that we’re complaining so much? Facebook wasn’t made in Pakistan. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t ask us to use it. If there’s something you don’t like, just block the page and if you’re overzealous quit using the service altogether. Trying to bring something to your terms that you didn’t create or own isn’t going to make any difference. This ban, if implemented, would end up like the YT ban.

      • I’m sure he earns less than you, mate.

        I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you might not get your 72 virgins by asking such questions…

        Perhaps we should wait and see.. xD

          • I assume if your sis does the job, doesn’t mean anyone else’s would. Some people have respectable families and sisters, mind you.

            P.S. Next time try to be civil, as you have to die some day and answer to Allah SWT for what YOU said. And don’t point your finger towards me as I would answer for myself, and you wouldn’t be able to justify your words in front of our Creator.

          • Dunno. Used to like Robert Shea and his trilogy books, was a part of a few forums for discussion. Set it a long time back, never bothered to change it. I used to like Looney Tunes, might set it’s picture soon…

            P.S. Mr. Technical, you don’t really need to start every single word with CAPS. xD It looks great even without caps and can be easily read and understood :D

        • Neither do you.
          Insulting prophets and the creator (Allah SWT) is a serious offense and Aholes (who are doing it) and people like you (supporters) will face the consequences (by the law) soon.

          Posting anti-Islam comments doesn’t make you cool or ‘burger’ or ‘any other type of sh*t’.

          • I ain’t cool. Nor someone gave you a right to call anyone’s comments anti-Islam. You are yourself not following the Quran which prohibits anyone from saying so.

            • Making fun of Islam is considered Anti-Islam.
              Go live in your dream land where no religion is being followed.

    • SSSHHHHH.. itna Such wo bhi ek time pe na bolo bhai. #4thMostintelligentNation naraaz hojayegi or Cyber Law enact kardegi is comment per bhi.

      • So sad that you are Disrespecting the Nation of your Origin, the same Nation that gives you your identity, feeds you and shelter you
        yet you badmouth about it.

        • Having’ clarity isn’t disrespecting bro. Sheeshay main apni badsurati dekhne wali Qomen hi taraqi karti hain. Self praise hasn’t yielded good results for us so far!

    • Your logic is illogical.
      If a nation doesn’t have ‘ABC’ that doesn’t mean they they don’t have the right to (ask) ‘XYZ’.

      If you guys don’t believe in prophets and the creator (Allah SWT) then why you guys have an issue with Muslims? Why you guys want every other Ahole to roam freely?

      • My logic is perfectly logical. And you are comparing a social media platform to religious beliefs. Apples and oranges. I think you’re smarter than that.

        • You gave example of ‘certain’ things and I quoted them in ‘ABC’ example above.

          I really believe that you’re smarter too :)

          If you guys don’t believe in prophets and the creator (Allah SWT) then
          why you guys have an issue with Muslims? Why you guys want every other Ahole to roam freely?

  • this issue is a mixed bag of stupidity, love, ignorance and truth.

    1 the law it self is correct, implementation is haywire!
    2 you can’t inforce an islamic law on others land.
    3 sometimes ignoress indeed is bliss, ignore tne fool’s not in your land, and check the fools in your land and punish accordingly, non direct insult is not equals to a direct insult, thus you can’t give a Max sentence to someone not done the maximum, or else be aware God’s just will not be in favor of you when time comes.
    4 learn! every non tech, illiterate had to be thought how internet works….

    you ban YouTube, you open YouTube after years and what our people did search and played the already dead, old video and make it the top searched and watched video and it started populating everyone from that region.

    same goes for Facebook, you go search for it, you spread it, and do all the work for them and than come crying of love, not realizing you’re the one to blame for all that.

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